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Comment Re: GOOD GRIEF! (Score 2, Interesting) 468

There are fringe groups of Environmentalists and Health Nuts, who seem to forget or not realize the advancements we have made over the last couple thousand years in providing clean and much more healthy drinking water. There is a reason why our forefathers drank a lot of beer and hard cider, it was healthier then drinking water. The alcohol which damaged their livers and took decades off their lifespan, was a better option of drinking fresh water which could have microbes that could kill you the next week. Now we had great improvement in water purification technologies so clean drinking water is possible and better for you then alcohol. Which then leads us to the 1920's prohibition, where many people who were employed to serve alcohol either had to work black market, go to a different career, or adapt. Those who adapted, help make things as Malted Milk Shakes, and Soda-Pop and other "Soft" drinks. Where they could use their now clean water to make new drinks which is what they were good at. Now these soft drinks were speciality drinks, were candy not meant for constant consumption, so they were not targeted towards to being part of your daily diet. Then we get to those silly Baby Boomers who never wanted to grow up. So their culture rejected all the stuffy restrictions of their parents and tried to be young and hip. Thus causing them to drink more soda, and avoiding classifying it as kids stuff, then we get to their kids, where they felt it was OK to feed their children this as part of their normal grocery items. So the Gen X got hooked on the taste.

Now, Soda isn't like tobacco where it is an addictive substance, it is much easier to quit the soda habit/substitute it with something else. We Americans have a problem of overdoing things that we like. When we smoke we smoke packs of cigarettes a day not one every few days. When we drink soda it is part of our diet not just a random treat. If we don't like meat then we go full vegan, if we like meat, then we reject all vegetarian meals. When our excess goes out of control, it is easier to blame the product maker, then ourselves for going in excess.

Comment Brave polling, but in real life? (Score 5, Insightful) 115

It is interesting to see the current results with over 40% in "Sorry I can't help, but I just can't recall any ..." but I expect most of these people will not realize how much pressure you may get from legal authorities to release your password. Chances are most of you would crack after you have legal authorities pressing you. Why? because you don't need to be criminally prosecuted for your life to be made miserable. Especially if you don't have anything incriminating, it will be easier to give the password show that you don't have anything and just go on and change your password. Now this isn't fair and we should have legal protection against officials for even asking the question, but real life, if you are going to stand up for your rights, there will be consequences you will have to face. If you have the bravery to do this, good for you. But in reality most of us do not have the bravery that we think we do in such a poll.

Comment Re:weakly disguised hit-piece (Score 1) 299

You really have no idea on what you are talking about do you.
Jobs, Gates, Ellidon while extreamly successful with the lack of business school, they are blips. The 1% in the US of 300 million people is well 3 million people.

Jobs and Gates took a risk and got lucky that the market was hungry for something.
Many engineers do have an MBA you go to these MBA classes and they are full of computer scientist and engineers. They often take the MBA as to give them more leverage dealing with higher management and make them more sellable as outside consultants.

Comment Re:well, of course (Score 1) 29

That is true, but hospitals like hiring yes men to manage their IT.
So Doctor will abuse the "Medically necessary" excuse for the quickest and easiest setup so they get to play with there new toys faster.
If the hospital hired more competent staff the doctors have fits and may leave the organization because we will not give them access to install Dropbox or allow there PC to use USB sticks.
Also MD for some reason feel like they are qualified to make such decisions as somehow there degree makes them qualified for all levels of work. Not realizing that other people who may not have the Dr. Title in their name may still be a specialist in their field and knows what needs to be done far more then they do.

Comment Re:Acceptable ads? (Score 1) 254

So you just want to steal from people who operate and maintain your favorite sites.
Or do you make a list of sites that you regulatory visit and send them a check for thanks for running?

For me ad blocking is about computing safety as a bad add posed as a legit link can lead to a system security or performance problem that eats up my battery life.

Good ads I don't have issues. I know it is an ad it isn't slowing my system, advertising a legit product or service. And the money from these ads pay for the site information which I value.

Comment Gatekeeper (Score 4, Interesting) 66

If a user doesn't know how and can't figure out or google how to bypass Gatekeeper, they shouldn't be bypassing Gatekeeper. I'm a Mac developer and I work on a commercial application that uses a privileged helper tool which the app loads using SMJobBless and that tool is managed by launchd and executed as root. We are an identified developer and we sign our app as such. We don't distribute via the App Store and we are about to ship a new version that adds a kernel extension that I wrote. In recent versions of MacOS X, kernel extensions must be signed and they have to at least by signed by an identified developer who has applied for a kernel extension signing certificate. One of the scenarios that I pay attention to as far as security goes is that our daemon (aka "privileged helper tool") executes other processes and also controls the loading and unloading of our kernel extension. Most of those processes, and our kernel extension, are located in our application bundle. I wanted to avoid making dumb assumptions like that our application is running from a particular path, so the app communicates to the daemon via XPC and tells the daemon where the app bundle is located. The daemon doesn't just trust the app. It verifies that the app is code signed and that it is our app and that it hasn't been modified before it starts executing things or loading kernel extensions from inside the app bundle. I can easily imagine a scenario where an app could call our daemon and tell it some other location and cause us to execute malware if we didn't do this. Since I'm not a security expert, I constantly worry that someone will find a way to do this and I just hope we never become an attack vector. I do not want my product on Slashdot because of a security problem.

Comment Re:Oh God (Score 1) 268

But we as humans have the ability to go past our natural instinct and will fight them for will or for woe.
4:30 am the alarm wakes me up. I sense no danger, I am not starving, I do not have to go to the bathroom, I am still tired and could sleep. But I don't I get out of bed put on garments that will not keep me warm or cool or protect me from harm, heck that top button is sometimes a little uncomfortable.
I will then eat eat even though I am not starving. Then I will go to a place where I lift heavy weights and run until I am physically exhausted, making me more vulnerable to predators. Then I go to a place where I tinker with a bunch of other objects that don't appear in nature and make them do unnatural things. Without directly looking for food.
Unlike the cat who will sleep as long as it is tired and feels safe, then do actions that it feels as hunting.

Comment Re:The algorithm isn't clever, but scales well. (Score 0) 81

No not really. It is easily parallelized yes. But you really don't improve big O speed like you do with sort algorithms.
String compare will always be O(n)
Now based of of the data you may be able to speed it up say your string of data contains particular patterns where you can group as a one letter such as compressing the string and compare the two compressed data, or say with DNA you just compress the data to 4 bit for value so you are searching more optimally. However you are still going in linear speed.

That said linear speed isn't that bad, but compared to log speed it gets poky

Comment Re:Soon! (Score 1) 26

I am not stating that you legally can't but the fact you probably shouldn't.
It would be difficult for a company to make a profit of designing luxury items, that will require major trauma for installation. So it may be hard for you to get such a system. It may go in the realm of extreme body manipulation, split tongue, horn implants... However requiring brain surgery is kida hardcore for most people.

Comment Re:See (Score 4, Insightful) 106

Exactly, Adblocking for the most part isn't about trying to stop advertising that helps pay for the operation of the website, but to stop abusive add companies that attempt to turn your full device into an advertising media. Especially when it gets past the site you are viewing, then the add revenue doesn't go to the web-site but only to the advertising company, thus creating a no benefit business model.

Comment Re:Soon! (Score 2) 26

Upgrades are a real pain.
It is one thing to get these technology to help replace natural skills that you have loss or normally need, to function in society. However volunteer cybernetics to super enhance your ability for vanity reasons, really shouldn't be allowed, because say that wireless implant has a security glitch, or becomes outdated in 5 years, then you will need to have it surgically removed and a new one added. That is a lot of Trama for vanity technology.

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