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Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 254

I'll go you one further - a lot of people just don't want change, period. My sister is one of those. I've tried to convince her to move to Mac because with what she does it would be an easier system to use. Yet, she "can't be bothered to learn something new". Even though she consistently is asking me why her computer doesn't work - because of some borked update or something. It's crazy. She's learned not to ask me any more :)

Comment Re:1.5V alkaline vs 1.2v NiMH (Score 1) 243

And yet I can't recall any device that didn't work happily with the 1.2v supplied by a rechargeable NiMH.

To add to this good statement: Alkaline batteries have high internal resistance, so when they are highly loaded, their voltage drops dramatically (and therefore become useless to the device they are powering). NiMH have low internal resistance and can delivery drastically more amperage before their voltage drops. Many devices completely work with 1.2v just fine, but alkaline batteries drop below that too easily.

Comment I've done this very thing... (Score 1) 353

I built a generic piece of a larger system that I thought would be a good thing as open source. I convinced my boss that since we were using open source software as part of our big system, we should give back to the community, and he agreed. I organized the source with proper licensing into a package and my boss handed it off to the lawyers - explaining the above - for review. A few days later, they came back and said "no problem, post it". And I did. That was the end.

I suppose some of this depends on how prick-ish your company/boss is, but mine, thankfully, is pretty laid back about this sort of thing.

Comment Re:Wow total distopia (Score 1) 352

<rant>Here in Seattle they keep raising taxes and adding tolls in high traffic areas. Yet, the money just disappears into the void. I haven't studied where it goes but I *know* they make more than enough money to fund schools and teachers. And still, my kid who goes to Redmond high school has class sizes that are too big, has a couple of classes in temporary structures that have been there for a few years, and a science teacher that can't answer questions to the stuff she teaches because she's not even remotely a scientist. This same science teacher also has a workload far higher than normal teachers; She has no planning period and therefore is never prepared for class. As a result, my kid hates science when I think she would otherwise enjoy it. I do my best to re-teach what she should have been taught in the first place. It doesn't help that her science book is an incomprehensible piece of shit. </rant>

Comment Re:Honestly ... (Score 1) 342

Legitimate question: Does seem to be a good place to get *really* random numbers? I'm curious if it's suitable for reliable random number generation. Based on the site it seems so, but I was wondering if somebody smarter than me could answer that with some degree of confidence.

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