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Comment Re:Isn't there a quote/corollary about reinventing (Score 1) 75

Well, I'm not so sure I agree with that. Here's my take. I've taken a recent interest in Rust and Go. I've done C programming on and off for about 20 years along with quite a few other languages. I think C++ is just a big screw-up, and I appreciate what Rust is trying to accomplish. But, I don't think Rust is ready for prime-time yet and the development process seems really slow. I like the ideas they are coming up with. I think the trouble with it is that it doesn't seem to have a strong enough backing and I'm afraid it'll just fall into abandonware. I hope that's not the case.

Go takes a different approach from Rust, but I also like the direction it has taken. What Go has going for it is that it has strong backing. Of course, Google has the habit of dropping things too, so there's that...

Both of these languages I think are an improvement over C/C++. Of course everybody has their own opinions, but I'm right ;)

Comment Re:What's Out There For Poor Vision? (Score 4, Informative) 197

It really just makes everything on the screen smaller.

Sorry, not quite true. My mac with Retina display shows things at the same size as a non-retina display (if I leave the system settings alone). However, the clarity of the display is nothing less than amazing and it's immediately apparent to me the difference between the two, even without my reading glasses. It does occasionally have issues with programs that don't know how to handle high DPI, but I find those issues are pretty rare, and it's still usable though sometimes it looks a bit funny.

Comment Re:20 hours? That's nothing. (Score 1) 278

1.3% of their time is spent on test. So what?

While you might be technically correct, let me tell you from first-hand experience that most of the time the students spend is learning what to answer on the test. They don't learn to think for themselves or do anything fun. The teachers just "teach to the test" in order to get the best scores for the district. Do you remember that group of teachers that got indicted for altering test scores in Atlanta? It's that important. It's a disaster for the kids because they are just learning to regurgitate what is shoved down their throat and not learning any kind of critical thinking.

Comment Gun Control... (Score 4, Insightful) 822

So, I find that there are generally two arguments:

--You can't take my guns

--Ban all the guns

My thoughts are that, the "Ban all the guns" group is wishful thinking. That ship has sailed, and if you try to ban guns, then only outlaws will have guns, and I don't think that's any good.

For those folks that want guns, I think that's all fine and well and good, but the owner of the gun must be held criminally responsible if the gun kills anybody. If your toddler picks up the gun and kills grandma, you are on the hook for murder. If a gun is available to a toddler (or anybody, really), you can count on the toddler to kill somebody. Period.

I don't have a gun in my house, but if I want one, I still want to be able to have one. But if my kid shoots somebody with it, I need to be put in jail because of it.

It boggles the mind, however, that somebody would be dumb enough to think a toddler wouldn't pick up a gun and explore their world - like the woman that was killed when her toddler pulled the gun out of her purse while shopping at Wal Mart. That's just stupid, and she paid the price.

Comment Re:Back in July - of 2013! (Score 1) 928

You know what? Guys insult each other. It's how we communicate, it's how we bond.

Bullshit. In all my professional career (which has been decades now), I've never been the one to give, nor been on the receiving end of such communication. Some personal relationships have been more lax, but never in a professional setting. Maybe I've been lucky.

Comment Or the obvious choice... (Score 5, Interesting) 205

This isn't meant to be a troll. Last year I bought a laptop with Windows 8 from Staples as a [cheap-ish] backup computer for my Mac. The *very first* update after turning it on rendered it a brick. Of course it didn't come with a recovery disk, so I decided that I would try Linux Mint on it before taking it back to the store. That was one of the wisest things I've done recently. It works perfectly, and since I don't play games on it (just regular development) it does everything I want/need it to. There are no stability issues at all (though I do shutdown/startup when I close the lid, but I think every Linux has that problem).

And I don't have to deal with the abomination that is Windows

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