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Comment: Uncharted (Score 5, Informative) 195

by dj015 (#26438749) Attached to: Why the Mediterranean Is the Net's Achilles' Heel
Though there is abviously no excuse for the cables that have been there for a while with newer cables you often find that they have been layed straight through what was once an anchorage as they get closer to shore and nobody has "gotten around" to updating any of the charts yet. I had this situation in the Azores a while back when we anchored in what was shown in all charts and publications to be the only anchorage available only to be met on the dock by a not so friendly police man shouting something in Portuguese along the lines of we just laid a load of fiber optic cables through there and your anchor is on top of them... of course we moved immediately into the port which was what we planed to do in the afternoon but when we asked the Harbour Master why there had been no notice to mariners about the new cabled a shrug of the shoulders was the most informative answer we could get.

Comment: Re:At sea has to be cheaper than Iraq!? (Score 1) 504

by dj015 (#26438249) Attached to: Internet Communications While At Sea?
I took part in a trial using the BGan on board a vessel to see if the technology was worth putting into a dome and selling to boats (as opposed to what we did and held on to the rail for dear life trying not to get anything wet or lose the satellite connection). I was very impressed with it and Journalists in the field use it a lot I have heard and though a pain in the arse to use on a small boat, on a stable platform it was pretty good. Especially as once you have charged the thing up the battery lasted longer than my laptop battery. The line rental was pretty cheap as well if you set aside the inital cost of 2 or 3 thousand dollars if I remember rightly

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