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Comment: Developing countries, not US (Score 0) 620

by divxio (#35495462) Attached to: Cutting Prices Is the Only Way To Stop Piracy
Note that this study is about developing economies like Russia, Mexico and Africa, not US or Europe. They obviously need to lower prices in developing countries first, US and Europe has everything too good anyway.

But even if they would lower prices in US and Europe, with games that pretty much leaves us with "crappy" games like Angry Birds, Farmville and indie games. You just cant have the same story, graphics quality and everything else involved with the big good games. I rather spend $50 and have a great game than small little games for a few dollars.

Comment: Re:Unfortuantly... (Score 0) 145

by divxio (#35492878) Attached to: GNU Free Call Announced, SIP-based VoIP

And just an announcement for development plan? Why not announce when something has been actually done?

'm not sure how they plan to get it as widespread as Skype. I'm sure you can't call to it using Skype, and do they plan to give out numbers and really cheap Skype2Phone calls for mobiles and landlines? Do they plan to get Facebook and all other services to use it? It's not only some client or server software that you need, you also need Skype's services and those landline phone calls and integration, and userbase.

iPhone and Windows Phone 7 don't even allow GPL'd software, so good luck with that.

Comment: Re:Open source vs proprietary (Score 3, Insightful) 792

by divxio (#35489754) Attached to: Richard Stallman: Cell Phones Are 'Stalin's Dream'
There's also nothing wrong with proprietary executables, expect maybe for OSS geeks. We can have them both. Instead of attacking proprietary software and companies like Microsoft by saying they're the root of evil, MAKE BETTER SOFTWARE. Let the quality show how good choice OSS is.

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