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Comment: Re:First?? (Score 4, Informative) 306

by dittbub (#46414987) Attached to: Mozilla Is Investigating Why Dell Is Charging To Install Firefox
Is this really on the consumer side of dells sales? I've definitely seen it on the corporate side of their "premier" website. They also charge 6$ for a bunch of individual bios changes. If you're a big company getting a fleet of PCs and IT labour is at a premium then yeah it might be worth having Dell configure them instead.

Comment: Re:there's lots of them (Score 1) 426

by dittbub (#46071003) Attached to: Kentucky: Programming Language = Foreign Language
Grade 13 was not optional if you wanted to go to university. Grade 13 was eliminated by the Mike Harris government to save on education spending. It had nothing to do with giving Ontarians an unfair advantage (lol). In fact it was a disadvantage to be a year behind everyone else in the country. They didn't just scrap grade 13. They planned way ahead. They changed the curriculum at grade 6 (I was in grade 7 when the new curriculum hit the grade 6ers). When I graduated 13, my grade 12 cohorts were just as educated.

Comment: Re:headline fix (Score 1) 426

by dittbub (#46070961) Attached to: Kentucky: Programming Language = Foreign Language
Can you really study another culture without knowing some of their language? You're argument isn't incorrect but it works the same way for programming language. You won't get anything valuable from it if you take the class just to get the credit. The point of high school is to get your toe wet in a variety of fields. You don't know you have an aptitude for something until you try it. Take a foreign language, and take programming. I grew up in english Canadian and it always baffles me how English speakers (especially in Canada) are so phobic about foreign languages. "Two languages in one head!? No one can think at that speed!" ~ Eddie Izzard

Comment: Re:The crux of the problem: Science is compression (Score 1) 426

by dittbub (#46070893) Attached to: Kentucky: Programming Language = Foreign Language
At what age do we decide who takes what route in specialized education? At what age should general education turn into specialized education? I think grade 12 is a good end point for general education, what about you? If the previous generation could get both a foreign language credit and a mathematics/logic credit why can't todays generation? They managed to become engineers in a specific field. Yes there are more specialized fields to chose from but why does it matter? Its scalable. Or are you suggesting too much general knowledge is being crammed into the k-12 curriculum?

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