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Comment: Re:Gentoo (Score 1) 627

by disi (#44543821) Attached to: Your preferred Linux distribution for 2013?
Count me in, one of the very first distributions with zfsonlinux support. Guess what, it is still running after ~1 years updating with the original installation but top versions. Stable and never had a problem, which wasn't hardware related. Even migrated the pools from FreeBSD, which was running before on that box, without data loss.

Comment: Re:I read /. the same way I read a newspaper (Score 1) 157

by disi (#44410583) Attached to: When it comes to Slashdot, I normally:
It really depends... Example Java 8 release is going to be postponed:
  • read the title (good)
  • read the summery (well written)
  • read the article (worth reading about the new classes)
  • read a few comments (comments were trolling about Java being a language for real men?!?)

Example Signs Point To XKCD's Time Ending:

  • read title (misleading)
  • read the summery (still misleading)
  • read the comments (very helpful and I never realized about this special comic series, thanks)
  • read/watch the actual article on xkcd

Comment: Re:And Windows 8 almost edges out 7 (Score 1) 372

by disi (#42449137) Attached to: Chromebook Takes Top Place In Laptop Sales On Amazon
Your list is not accurate, e.g. 5 is Windows 7 Home Premium and not Win8, this one is also increasing in sales. Maybe the list got updated in the meantime?
There is no mention if they implement the feature to disable secure boot, as I understand to get the sticker from MS they have to. Also they said, the devices are only locked up on ARM processors to run Win8 and it can be disabled for x86 CPUs.
This would be a no go for me, I am sometimes willing to pay the MS tax but not if it renders the hardware unuseable with other software.

Comment: Re:Germany... (Score 3, Interesting) 278

by disi (#42357911) Attached to: UK Government To Spy On Computers of the Jobless
I meant that more related to the government knowing how many searches one did, which is a joke compared to other countries. I was once unemployed for three weeks in Ireland, went to the office, filled in a form and got a check end of each week. No questions asked to a maximum of six months, I think. This is a model I would support, no stress and within six months people should be able to find another job.

The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent. -- Sagan