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Comment: Obligatory Einstein (Score 1) 601

by dirkstoop (#13641047) Attached to: Computer Jargon Too Difficult for Office Workers
you just got me started.. actually read the article because of your comment

they forgot the golden rule of education, dictated by Einstein:
'Make it as simple as you can, but not simpler'

well, these asshats have made it a lot simpler than possible with their stupid little list of 'what' 'it' 'all' 'means'.

come on:
PDF - portable document format, which means the file is in a format that can be read on any PC
that's simply not true. a simple matter of oversimplification turning fact into manure..

and this one:
Megabytes - the amount of disc space on your computer and the amount of memory
Gigabytes - also refers to disc space, but measures it in larger quantities

now is it so effing hard to actually write down the factor in which those gigathingies actually are larger than the megadingbats them computer nurds keep talking bout all the time?

these uninformed, poorly written articles filled with useless 'knowledge' to inform people that shouldn't need to truly understand the matter at hand totally completely piss me off!

@icWales and all the other 'popular' magazines:
either explain it right or stfu!


A committee is a group that keeps the minutes and loses hours. -- Milton Berle