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Comment: Re:Missing Option: I, umm... don't know? (Score 1) 496

by dionarapthevicious (#31671488) Attached to: In the last 24 hours, I've consumed ...
Michael Phelps did 5-6 hours of intensive training a day, and he topped off at 12,000. I can't see any form of workout where 20,000 would be necessary, but that might just be ignorance on my part.
Data Storage

+ - Comparison of MP3 players

Submitted by dionarapthevicious
dionarapthevicious (1729238) writes "I'm looking to buy an mp3 player. Right now I have an ipod, but it's time to get an upgrade. I was hoping to move away from apple, but so far as I know they have the highest storage capacity mp3 players out right now (160 gigs). Is there another MP3 player with just as much/more storage capacity that is better?"

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