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Comment: From you? (Score 2) 171

by dimer0 (#40555199) Attached to: First iOS Malware Discovered In Apple's App Store
Was curious how these guys could send text messages to people looking like they came from you (because there's no way for an app to get its hands on your phone number) - but realized from TFA that the user was prompted to enter their mobile phone number into a text box (and no validation was done on that). So, for idiots, it might look like it was coming from you. But there's no F'in way I'm entering my phone number into an app I download from the app store.

Comment: The flaw in the "system" (Score 3, Insightful) 374

by dimer0 (#35087028) Attached to: Statistician Cracks Code For Lottery Tickets
After playing quite a few of these games, I have seen this pattern too. I can look at a ticket (I'm a fan of the crossword game), and look for the less-common letters, and know basically whether or not I stand a good chance of winning. The problem here though - let's say I buy 5 tickets and don't scratch them because they all appear to be losers. What gas station have you been to that will take them back, or exchange for other tickets? None. You're buying the next 5 tickets off the roll. So what if you know that 1 out of the 5 has a really good shot at winning - you already paid for the other 4 and lost.

Comment: Whorehouse (Score 3, Funny) 86

by dimer0 (#34922170) Attached to: Auto Incorrect
Funniest autocorrect that happened to me (on iPhone 4, but I just checked and it's fixed in most currently release)... I was getting ready to go on a trip to Washington DC and my local representative is pretty active on twitter, so while I quickly posted a tweet:

"Hey I'm heading to DC tomorrow, any chance for VIP tickets to the Whitehouse"?

The problem was, Whitehouse autocorrected to 'Whorehouse'. I didn't realize this until the next day. My rep had a sense of humor when I deleted that tweet and sent another the next day (apologizing for the first)... Something like "Very peculiar typo"..

Portables (Apple)

+ - iPod Touch screen problems - defect or design? 2

Submitted by The Blue Meanie
The Blue Meanie (223473) writes "As reported by a friend of mine, and confirmed with a thread or two elsewhere, people are noticing that a number of the new iPod Touch screens are producing really BAD video, especially in darker areas. Is this just a case of Apple picking a lousy screen for this model, or is this a manufacturing defect? They obviously didn't use the screen from the iPhone — are Touch users destined to suffer with sub-par video?"

+ - Ten Years of Steve Jobs

Submitted by Gammu
Gammu (1004474) writes "Apple is nearing its tenth anniversary of Steve Jobs-leadership. On December 20, 1996, Apple's acquisition of NeXT went public and a mere seven months later, on July 9, 1997, Steve Jobs had ousted Amelio and most of the board of directors. What followed was an aggressive reorganization that cut thousands of jobs and most of the projects in R&D. The product matrix and Apple's strategy for targeting two markets (consumer and pro) emerged and Apple began its road to recovery."

Journal: The math behind "beer goggles" 2

Journal by tomhudson

Researchers at Manchester University, among others, have discovered a mathematical formula for calculating the "beer goggles effect" (where people look more attractive after a few beers).

The factors are: how drunk you are, how dark the room is, your eye-sight, the amount of smoke in the air, and how far you are from your "target" (which also explains all those "good from far but far from good" sightings).

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