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Comment Re:No Teaching Experience? (Score 1) 63

Hiring great teachers from one district and putting them in an underperforming district doesn't necessarily work. Because teachers who are great at teaching subject matter may be completely unprepared to deal with the classroom management issues in a poor school. Teachers who can hang tough at a poor school would likely really enjoy moving to a good district and getting a chance to enjoy teaching subject matter. The reverse move would likely result in worse results all around.

Comment Seriously? (Score 3, Insightful) 154

If you can't have a rational discussion between your architects (who are most likely just really senior guys slinging code) and your product managers (who are most likely just sales and account reps without a market vision) you are already screwed.

Shit. I just described my own company.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 4, Insightful) 692

Yes. Further, the point of the 2nd amendment was to equip the population to throw off tyranny. Any and all arms effective for that purpose seem covered by intent. Even ordnance, which was provided by private owners to fight the British. The intent being, specifically, to be able to fight a government.

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