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Comment Re:Fingerprint database, anyone? (Score 0) 773

Some datacenters that I've worked in used finger print biometrics. Two fingers were enrolled, one for regular access, and one for duress access. Using the duress finger would trigger a silent alarm and call security.... Apple should trigger a phone wipe with a duress finger, just like they do with too many incorrect PIN entries...

Comment I foresee (Score 0) 342

Star Wars - Yoda's Revenge. Coming to theaters in 2015. and then: Star Wars - Yoda's Revenge. Digitally enhanced! Coming to theaters in 2016. Star Wars - Yoda's Revenge. A bit more digitally enhanced! Coming to theaters in 2017. Star Wars - Yoda's Revenge. A bit more digitally enhanced and in 3D! Coming to theaters in 2018. Star Wars - Yoda's Revenge. A bit more digitally enhanced and in 3D with smell-o-vision! Coming to theaters in 2019.

Comment Re:The really disturbing part of the story. (Score 1) 284

Have you ever observed the level of flaming done by arrogant fan boy's on Apple's support forums? Deleting the post's was at the discretion of the moderators, and I don't blame them one bit. The forums is for support, not conspiracy theories and bitching. With that being said, people pay a premium for Apple hardware because it is a CONTROLLED platform. I'm very disappointed to see this fall through the cracks of their QC department.

Submission California swaps math textbooks for iPads->

MexiCali59 writes: Four of California's largest school districts will be trying something new on eighth-grade algebra students this year: giving them iPads instead of textbooks. The devices come pre-loaded with a digital version of the text, allowing students to view teaching videos, receive homework assistance and input assignment all without picking up a pen or paper. If the students with iPads turn out to do improve at a faster pace than their peers as expected, the program could soon spread throughout the Golden State.
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