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Comment Re:Oh this is easy .... (Score 1) 394

Do you need a Google account if you buy an Android phone? Seriously asking. I swear when I set mine up I skipped the setup for the account. I added one only for the Play Store I thought.

As in added one after the fact of the phone being setup... IE, I could have gone without it if I didn't want the Play Store.

Comment Re:Bigger options button is the main one (Score 1) 59

The complaint I have is in Madden and a few other games, is I've been screwed trying to hit the options button but missing it and hitting the touch-pad button. I've called multiple timeouts (touch-pad) in Madden when I was just trying to pause the game (options). Granted, that's maybe more of an issue with controller button mapping in the game (which I could change), but I still feel it's not the perfect layout. I do prefer it over the X360 controller I had. Haven't tried a Xbox One controller yet though.

Comment Re:Couldn't Agree More (Score 1) 544

even webOS was significantly underrated. multitasking on my old Pre was wayyy better than on any of the crappy android or windows 8 phones i've had since :(

the card-view or whatever it was called as spot on... the current Android tries a similar approach but still doesn't feel quite the same...

Comment Another butt-ugly electric car... yawn (Score 1) 164

Yet another electric / hybrid car that looks like crap IMHO. Why not make it look more in line with your other models?

One thing I wish Ford or one of the companies that built muscle cars, was take that body style, almost copy it exactly, and convert it into a hybrid or electric vehicle. Obviously, they'd have to change alot of stuff for structural integrity, make it carbon fiber, etc, but keep the body shape and curves.

Imagine a car that looked like a 70's Mach 1 that was hybrid or electric... Of course, then people can't be smug driving these cars. Saying... Thanks!!

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