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Comment Re:Waaaahhhhh!! (Score 4, Insightful) 688

The project leader insults people a lot and is too distracted by a name to give my code a fair evaluation, so I'm going to stop trying to work with him in my free time and instead work on my own, where I can get things done without a ton of useless fighting.

There's plenty of puerileness here, but not from Garrett.

Comment Re:Can't take the heat? (Score 5, Insightful) 688

Why should a person face a gauntlet of incivility and vitriol, one that you liken to a frying pan, to contribute to an open source project?

Code reviews, design reviews, that makes sense. Being referred to someone at a lower paygrade rather than the top tier of kernel devs, sure. These things are stressful but essential. I'd stand to lose considerable self-esteem from them, but there's nothing I can do about that but get better.

But if I went into a code or design review at work and got a Torvalds-style response, I'd be reporting the person to HR and finding a more civil person to work with. If I couldn't work around them and nobody was making them change, I'd find another job. I could try to modify the problematic person's behavior, but that would be stressful and unlikely to work, and I shouldn't have to act as my coworkers' parent.

Garrett found that there was no HR to appeal to, no way to work around Torvalds, and no way to change him. So he did in fact get out of the frying pan. He doesn't deserve to be seared whenever he gets anything done, so he's not tolerating it. Now he's getting the same things done in a way that normal people will be happier with.

This isn't a deficiency on his part. He merely doesn't want to deal with something that normal people shouldn't have to deal with.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 928

The individual variation on this metric dwarfs any trends along gender lines.

You're also missing the "will shout in your face with invective and insults" versus "will act professionally toward you" axis, which is what we're concerned with here. Shouting in people's faces is much more gendered.

Comment Re:Time to Stop with Political Correctness (Score 1) 244

Privatized prisons demand the same payment regardless of the number of inmates. It's based on the number of beds instead, or it's per facility. So the incremental cost of incarcerating one more person is negligible. Over the long term, in aggregate, it can get expensive, but the cost of prisoner N+1 tends to be pretty small.

Prison labor programs offer large companies the opportunity to get labor at negligible cost and workers who are not legally able to leave or unionize. Whole Foods uses prisoners to grow tilapia, for instance. So there's a strong incentive to keep prisons full. Of course, whatever pittance they earn is spent in the commissary, so it's not like they can save up any money to make a better life for themselves afterwards.

If we could instate a living wage and extend it to prisoners, that would remove a good chunk of the motivation to keep prisons full while also providing prisoners a way to save up money for later. If we also forbade privatized prisons, we'd have our incentives aligned to keep people out of prisons and to address the problems that motivate crime. But that's a long ways away.

Comment Re:"popular forum" (Score 1, Troll) 370

She posted on a board on which people called out others' bad behavior online. Doxxing was against that board's rules. Calling for online-only raids on other sites was against their rules, as I recall. That was around 2004, so it's hardly representative of her current behavior.

Do at least a modicum of research before repeating lies, please.

Comment Re:She lost her appeal, after all. (Score 0) 173

But nowhere near equally.

Our standards of attractiveness are largely shaped by the media. Or at least, they're popularized by the media, and the media is typically much more constrained than the population they reach. American media is largely shaped by affluent men in Hollywood and New York. And these men have deemed that women are attractive from about twelve to their late twenties, while men are attractive from about twenty to the start of baldness.

Comment Re:Who gives a fuck (Score -1, Troll) 504

In other words, you're a white cis het male, and you don't see a problem with how people like you are represented in media, so everyone else should shut up, right? I mean, there was a minor black character in one Star Wars movie, and maybe five women with speaking roles in the whole series, but who gives a fuck about them? They should be damn grateful to have that much representation!

For fuck's sake, think of someone besides yourself for one second.

Comment Re:How do we know we've only discovered 1% of NEAs (Score 1) 54

If I were doing this, I'd have a probe go through the asteroid belt and catalogue the number of asteroids it identifies. Then I'd compare that to the number I'd catalogued previously. That misses rogue asteroids, of course, and assumes that asteroid distribution is uniform throughout the belt.

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