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Comment: Re:elinks (Score 1) 237

by dfsmith (#49305381) Attached to: Every Browser Hacked At Pwn2own 2015, HP Pays Out $557,500 In Awards
Well, the rendering engine for these browsers is tty; a known ugly hack of a beast. While there are unlikely to be OS level exploits easily available, there are plenty of user-based exploits available in the vt code (redefining character sets, occasional graphical terminals, goodness knows how many keyboard insertion sequences...).

Comment: Network switches (Score 1) 307

I've had two network switches that gave me problems. (I don't necessarily count a component "breaking" as a problem—just normal long term system operation.)

  • A $17k switch kind of stopped forwarding packets. In fact, it would drop the first 6 data bytes from each packet, but send the rest fine. Took a little while to figure out what was happening as it would helpfully recalculate the CRC for me.
  • A $40 switch developed a bad capacitor.* It dropped packets at 0% to 90% depending on its mood swings, but it looked like my network provider was just getting slower; which often happens anyway.

* I opened the box, and an electrolytic cap looked like it was pregnant, maybe about to have a baby ceramic. B-)

Comment: Re:Fee waiver (Score 1) 50

by dfsmith (#49278547) Attached to: ICE Tells Reporter Its Secretive Drone Program Isn't Newsworthy

Your point is taken, but that's not actually the case.

Fees are $0.10/page, search is $16 to $28/hour depending on the type. You are notified in advance if the fees will be over $25.[1]

Also, the request has to be "not primarily in the commercial interest of the requester" [1], which may or may not be the case here.


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