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Comment: Re:Black box data streaming (Score 2, Insightful) 503

by dfn5 (#47481775) Attached to: Russia Prepares For Internet War Over Malaysian Jet
Because the pilot union doesn't want that data to be available for anyone to look at outside of an accident situation. Consider if your car had a black box, which it should. But in addition to collecting the data was transmitting that information continuously to the government for them to peruse any time they wanted. One already gets speeding tickets automatically when your fast lane toll pass records you traveling between toll plazas faster than you should be. Imagine if that was all the time.

Comment: Re:It's not really a myth anymore (Score 1) 222

by dfn5 (#47182679) Attached to: The Sci-Fi Myth of Killer Machines

That's what I was just coming here to say: robots and AI doesn't have to be evil as long as the people controlling the string are.

I think the point is that if AI is involved then the machine is stringless. It doesn't sound like Hawking is saying don't do it. He says understand the risks beforehand. i.e. instead of after it is a problem. That sounds prudent, not fear mongering.

In addition, I don't see what transcendence has to do with AI. A human consciousness in a computer is still a human consciousness. It seems that we are mostly worried about AI because it lacks humanity. So in transcendence we are just dealing with more sophisticated humans against less sophisticated. This is a problem humanity has faced since the invention of tools. People being dominated by other people.

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2. replace all time zones with UTC so that the current time is expressed exactly the same regardless of geographic location, therefore no further need for the International Date Line (take that you smug Kiwis and Aussies!)

I completely agree. As a pilot I have to convert from local time to UTC to do any kind of planning. As an IT admin in a global corporation I have servers in lots of different time zones making scheduling jobs non-trivial. When choosing a datatype for my db columns do I choose a regular datetime or a datetime with timezone. Timezones, let alone DST, make things overly complicated. I am ready to get rid of them.

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