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Comment Johnny can't encrypt (Score 3, Interesting) 127

Security is hard and companies have to make their video surveillance products easy enough for a socker mom to install. Frankly I'm not surprised. Nor do I have a solution. As someone who has to provide tech support to family and friends I realize how hard it is to "just make it work" for those who couldn't care less about the technical details.

Comment also a case for "Design in China" (Score 5, Insightful) 329

There are lots of Chinese tools that are the best in the world.

I’ve worked as an engineer in industry. The one common thread between a quality product and a bad product has always been this, ”Is the person who designed the product involved in making the product?”

This is not an argument for "Made in the USA". This is an argument for the design and manufacture should be in the same place. Therefore, this also makes the case for "Don't just export the manufacturing phase. Also export the designing phase."

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