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Comment: Hover events and usability (Score 1) 116

by dewexdewex (#35066452) Attached to: Researchers Track Mouse Movements and Hesitations
I've been working in usability for several years and have noticed that gaze and pointer movement are usually aligned. This has helped me limit the way hover is used as an event in interfaces to let users get to deeper levels of information in web applications. To illustrate: When Google implemented hover on their image searches to reveal intermediately larger thumbs in search listings, I thought they'd made a mistake; it's largely irritating to have larger images appearing and covering other things one is still viewing as potential targets, as one may not want that information at that point. Users may be simply browsing with their eye and pointer together and pre-empting a click on any one of a number of potential targets.

Anti-Product Placement For Negative Branding 130

Posted by samzenpus
from the touch-of-death dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Product placement to promote your brand just isn't enough any more. These days, apparently, some companies are resorting to anti-product placement in order to get competitors' products in the hands of 'anti-stars.' The key example being Snooki from Jersey Shore, who supposedly is being sent handbags by companies... but the bags being sent are of competitors' handbags as a way to avoid Snooki carrying their own handbag, and thus potentially damaging their brand."

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