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Comment Re:They found a compromise... (Score 1) 35 35

Well, another thing they could potentially do is replace the public root certs hosted on the web site with their own... Then anyone who goes looking for that CA's root cert on the site will get the malicious one, opening them up to MITM attacks. Secure key distribution can be difficult.

Comment Re:Factions within the party (Score 1) 113 113

Prezi is a different story. The awesome thing about it is that it tends to force you to make better presentations, ones that are organized hierarchically and have much better flow generally. It also really lends itself to presentations with lots of pictures and visual aids and fewer walls of text like you often see in power point. I love Prezi, and I've been using it for pretty much all the presentations I have to give nowadays.

I'm not saying that Prezi is enough to save a bad presenter, but in my opinion it helps good presenters make WAY better presentations.

Comment Re:WHy are you majoring in CS... (Score 1) 606 606

This is true. It's amazing what can happen in this field in just 4 years.

I think what a lot of the good CS programs do is teach a fair amount of theory, the basic concepts of programming languages - control structures, functional programming, etc., and then basically try to teach you how to *learn* a programming language. This is much more useful than just "here's VB.NET, we have no idea if it'll still be in use when you graduate."

Comment Re:Today, the complexity of numbering continues... (Score 2) 207 207

I believe the stand-in numbers were originally used to compensate for differences in efficiency. If a chip was clocked slower but more efficient, such that it was essentially on the same level as its competitors, they made up these numbers so that they didn't have to put a lower clock rate than everyone else on the box. Take for example the Athlon 2800s from back in 2003, which ran at about 2 GHz but were supposedly comparable to the 2.8 GHz Pentium chips.

I think it basically just got out of hand and now nobody uses the actual clock rate any more and the numbers don't mean anything.

Comment just a thought (Score 1) 118 118

I wonder if there's any way to do this with structured light or one of the other 3D scanning methods. I don't know if it would be possible to do with the iPhone screen, but aren't there phones hitting the market soon with those pico projectors built-in? It's my (limited) understanding that there are a lot of different ways it may be possible to improve the accuracy. Man, the future looks awesome.

Comment Re:can you hack the iphone / ipad to run windows 8 (Score 1) 348 348

Adobe? Why Adobe? Don't they introduce more exploits to a Windows machine than even Microsoft?

AC probably only mentioned Adobe because of the prevalence of Flash... the end users certainly don't care that all the code Adobe writes is full of holes. If they did, they wouldn't keep using it. Obviously the risk is worth the reward of getting to watch youtube videos and play flash games...

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