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No, dumbass, you can't use the google toolbar with google chorme. Its redundant.

Too bad you called the OP a dork, for obvious reasons. If I had mod points I would have given your post a boost. Obviously the same goes for the bing things and all the other crapware from AOL and the like. Google is running into the same image problem that Microsoft did with activeX. Damned if you do, loose user eyeballs if you don't. Java that is another whole kettle of muck. Here is hoping that html5 does not turn out to be as insidious with add on off browser capable apps that just highjack the engine and fool the user into thinking the add on is a real computer program that they absolutely must have.

The mind of the user is the first target of add on malware, the second target is usually their wallet.

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she snagged the thing backhanded as it fell off the shelf. Apparently, ninja's work at PetSmart.

Either that or she was a really hungry. Working stocking the shelves at PetSmart cat food is most likely all she can afford to eat. I am a pensioner and sometimes my cat eats better than I do, Friskies starts looking better and better all the time, wonder if their chicken and giblets pate would taste ok with mustard on a cracker? Might need a little salt but honestly some high end cat food is starting look better than what I have to eat most of the time.

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The point was specifically that the guys who highjack e-mail accounts to send viagra offer e-mails all over the net are known to reside on phoney porn sites sitting there like fishermen waiting for some sucker to click their targets which are usually phoney links in the first place. They are the ones who were quick to exploit the Openssl hole and do man in the middle interception of encrypted passwords.

Believe it or not there are still phone calls being made by people claiming to be from Microsoft telling you that you have a problem with your Windows. These guys come from the same places that pull all these scams. They have been at it for years and are starting to worry about the down fall of the Windows operating system on the home desktop. Many are out looking for jobs and some even apply for unemployment insurance, others are trying to find easy ways to target other devices.

As long as phoney certs can happen these guys will find ways to redirect or intercept data from unsuspecting users and create havoc on the net. It does not matter if you are using a VM if your instance is hacked and your password to a site is stolen you are cooked because it has nothing to do with being "infected" with a virus it has to do with being hacked while on the net and your network stack being temporarily hosed to expose your sensitive data.

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That said, on an XP system you should install EMET 4.1 ( for Windows XP. It will mitigate this and many other issues. You should not be running Windows XP without it, now that XP is EOL. Also, use a third party Antivirus solution like Kaspersky or NO32. And for the love of Dog, do not use Java, flash, or Adobe %products%.

You are forgetting the simple fact that no matter how good emet gets at doing the job of stopping remote exploits the problem is the person behind the keyboard. Do you really think that the majority of people who use XP are capable of understanding what heap execution prevention is? Or understanding what a freaking .dll is? Considering the fact that any OS that can arbitrarily run executable binary code directly off the internet is broken by design. It was ridiculous for Microsoft to release a remote controlled OS for granny and grandpa to use in the first place. The very concept of data execution prevention should not even need to exist and it was never needed in the first place. Internut Exploiter is broken and needs to be shot once and for all!

PS Having read about the specs for emet on WinXP I notice it does not run as a service and must be launched for the set policies to protect the stack, so unless grandma and grandpa can figure out how to set it up, get it to make exceptions for drm software like silverblight and other common DIGITAL RIGHTS SOFTWARE like Digital Editions, which is used by just about everybody who reads books from libraries on loan and a swack of other DRM stuff like the code that runs cds, dvd, bluerays and a whole host of other devices that use drm data execution blocking locks.

I can set up emet and configure it to work with all the individual programs without a problem but you can bet that most users will install it, boot it up once and go OH SHIT WTF and just never use it or set it up correctly. That is why the trusted computing nerds at Microsoft do not wave it around and say "here you go we have a way to finally fix XP so that it is secure!"

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Why would either Apple or Microsoft want it?

Have you looked at sales of Win8 lately? Whoever re-invents the wheel and comes up with something trendy in terms of how things work as a windowing gui will either make a tonne of cash, or in the case of MS cloning the interface become the replacement for "Windows" which Microsoft is desperate to find.

The difficulty is that finding a new paradigm other than a "windowing" gui that catches on with J Q Public is not that easy. Tiles and touchy feely screen win8 just ain't making it the customer is not getting gizz on their pants over the "Windows" OS any more, in fact the customer has become jaded and finds that using Windows is akin to jerking off.. you do it but it is not really satisfying unless you are someone like Steve Ballmer.

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*BSD - Diesel truck, for industrial work.

I agree as a simple and robust internet and file server nothing out there compares to BSD for multicasting. If BSD devs and hackers could help develope a decent and stable a/v studio recording/ server that could be pared down to just the essential setup then I would jump ship in an instant. I would love to be able to serve up realtime high bit rate pod casts with 24 48000 flac in ogg container sound and lower bit rate video at something like good old pal 480 p in on demand realtime webm multicast streams. A pipe dream but a beautiful one if you want to run an internet open stage coffee house for musicians.

Given the support of a major ISP to do it and some major sponsors like Gibson Guitars and the like. Wouldn't it be nice if the high tech industry started to pay back to the world of the arts for a change instead of sucking on its teats like a little infant.

What does all this have to do with the 3.14 Linux Kernel? Well, considering the fact that Linux has taken over the RT embeded device industry and the days of pirate music are over the net is going silent. I can watch YOUTUBE ON MY FREAKING TV WITHOUT A 'PUTER because of an RT embeded version of the Linux Kernel. BUT YOU CANNOT TAKE A VID CAM AND MIC AND PUT YOURSELF OR ANYONE ELSO ON THE NEIGHBOURS TV IN REALTIME. And this is where the future lies, you see Microsoft advertising the hell out of someone using SKYPE but you do not see them SKYPING TO THE NEIGHBOURS TVs. And multicast is completely the domain of the broadcast industry, WELL this is where both BSD AND LINUX can shine with setups for little local subscription based multicasts from places like old school coffee houses. Music schools, public schools, private schools, neighbourhood pubs with stages, local small concert halls, old tv studios that once did OTA broadcasting of local talent. AND THE LIST IS ENDLESS. We could see a real renaissance and it would be wonderfull.

Bach and his wives would be delighted, as they absolutely loved hosting their coffee house and show casing local musicians in a friendly social environment.
Yes You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one" RIP John L

BSD AND LINUX could help undo the harm that DRM, SONY, MICROSOFT, RIAA, APPLE USA, (not Lennon's real original one) and the greed of the recording industry in general has done to the arts and our shared culture.

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I'm currently doing my daily emerge (update \in Gentoo) on a Powerbook, so obviously my testicles are larger.

I don't complain an old 14 incher is plenty even if it is non pae! Obviously your wallet is thicker than mine though. This little romance only cost 75 bucks. A roll in the hay with a good serviceable IBM CHIPPY powerbook from the same time frame in computing history is usually 3 to four times that much. With or without hdd jobs.

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And here we have the crux of the Mac v. Linux argument.

Well not really. I'm not the kind of person who believes that CPU speed is the only spec that matters,

A 7 year old machine is getting quite long in the tooth. At 7 years old, compared to a new machine, it will be slow, limited RAM, heavy, have a completely usless spinning optical drive, a slow, spinning hard disk near the end of its servicable life on the end of a slow SATA link almost certainly an ageing battery and by modern standards a rather anemic sceen resolution and the backlight will be faded out considerably. And it will be heavy too.

At 7 years on it won't be a good machine in any regards, unless the author has spent a good deal on upgrades in which case it's hardly a 7 year old machine and substantially more expensive too.

Also, I frankly don't believe the author that it "looks like new" unless he's never used it as a laptop (i.e. carried it around). Cases (even metal ones) get scratched. Keys get dirty because even clean fingers have grease on. Things get worn if they're exposed to the environment. And if it hasn't been, well, my that's a pointless statement since anything untouched will look like new in 7 years except food.

Further to your points about the stylish mac users comments right now I am running Mint 16 DEBIAN on an IBM T42 from 2005. It has 1.5 meg of ram a long in the tooth 48 meg onboard radion 7500 vid. The processor is not even pae for crying out loud and I can still run GOOGLE EARTH 6 .386 AND SPIN THE GLOBE ON LINUX WHILE I POST THIS DITTY RUNNING SPINNING GLOBE ON A SECOND DISPLAY FROM THE VGA PORT.

The nine cell aftermarket battery still gets me 4-6 hours depending on air time with the agb wireless. MIND you I only do this at a maximum 1024x768 as I write music notation or whatever on this little gem of a computer with Open Source Software or do whatever kind of correspondence in any file format you want. PDFs, XLS, .DOCX it does not matter I can create it all effectively with several different pieces of software, heck I can even transcode short .MOV vids in 720p on this little gem without taxing the proc too much

EAT YOUR HART out Windows and MAC users. I am not kidding... LINUX IS GETTING THAT FAR AHEAD OF YOU. And with the addition of stable 3.14 RT kernel out of the box it will only get better.

And that is the beauty of Linux in general the more you keep up with the Jones' Apple and Windows users sell off your old 'puters dirt cheap the better Linux gets! OUT OF THE BOX with Linux this little laptop (tm)Linux Just Works with a well done nonpae capable distro. Of course if you do not understand what I just posted take off your glasses and read it carefully for it is the truth. Linux users can do stuff with older hardware that you can without paying a frigging fortune to do it!! And that is why helping out the people who build OSS like Linux is a great thing. PERIOD EOF

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Out of the box rt YAHOO. Let the games begin...OR more to the point for those who could care less about gaming but record music, stream transcoded AV and do serious studio work LINUX will knock it out of the park! Provided ALSA, THE PULSE MONSTER, Rosegarden, Audacity, Ardour retool to use the rt headers correctly so the linux install does not have to have a hacked up security_limits.conf and a patched kernel. HALLELUJAH I say. Mind you one still might have to increase the frequency from stock 250 to 1000 for their install. Modern systems with higher bus speeds should handle this change but it might not sit to well on slower older hardware like a year 2000 P111 or older.

I have been running rt since the early days and have always felt like having to tweak a kernel just to obtain low latency was a road block for the future of Linux.

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PS MR MOD MANIAC the Edgar Cacye and reference to being transported to tralfamdor for the purpose of reproduction of the human species elsewhere other than on EARTH OR IN earth quake prone Californica, was humor, something which seems to go woosh over your head LOL. Call me back when the big one hits the west coast, but I suspect the net will be down and you might have to access my g-mail routed through the Google backup servers on TRALFAMADOR.

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That rock in WA State wasn't stable, and hasn't been for quite a LONG time (at least 100+ years). It's not a good example of stable rock getting wet - it's an example of thick soil and lots of trees (roots breaking up rock) on steep bedrock in very wet conditions - continual slides. Saw it happen an awful lot when hiking in the back country off of Stevens Pass (I was born and raised in Seattle).

Up here in BC we have an unstable hill that could in theory slide into a lake and cause a huge disaster the likes of which would make the slide in Washington state look like a minor event! There is a whole huge hill that could slip into Harrison Lake, the result would be a major flash flood of a huge portion of Chilliwack BC and a backup of the Fraser river all the way up to Yale and major flooding of lowlands in Richmond.

The volume of Harrison Lake has no where to go but straight down a short river to the Fraser. There is one study that claims that an earth quake over 5 in the lower mainland of BC could cause the hill to slide, it is very close to a critical slope angle and is huge. The area that would slide is as large as the historic Frank slide that wiped out an entire community in the East Kootneys. So like Naples with Vesuvius the lower mainland of BC could have a major natural disaster that cannot be prevented.

The only solution is to move to somewhere like Saskatchewan if you are scared of earth quakes and even there DON'T by the dirt cheap land that has a potash mine under it if you are afraid of earth quakes and other natural disasters.

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How's the weather on Tralfamador?

As long as I get a room with a playboy bunny I could care less what happens to mankind.

If our existence is to have any consequence and purpose then we must look beyond the earth.

Every time I have been in an earth quake I wonder when the tenth prediction of Edger Cacye is going to occur, as soon as the sky clears at night I feel like going out and looking at the stars after a quake. Or listening to the sounds of the Northern Lights like I did when I was a child. Many intelligent people do hear them Scroll down to a question posed by someone,,,Not me, but there is much that we do not know about ourselves as a species fearing the future when an earth quake occurs is a natural response and seeing a post about an inconsequential event like a 5.1 event in California only goes to show how the human brain works.

Curiosity is a good thing and those who dissuade others from speculating in why things occur are a curse and usually wind up in positions of authority! It is disheartening to see the parade of nihilists dumping on slashdot lately.

The numbers and nature of the anon coward posts lately on this web site is getting stupid. I have given up trying to help mod!! Seeing that I have Karma to burn I might just change my rating prefs to plus one and keep it there. However even though my KARMA ALLOWS ME TO SHUT OFF ADVERTISING I WILL LEAVE IT ON UNTIL IT STARTS TRYING TO SELL ME VIAGRA ONLINE AGAIN AT A DISCOUNT FROM SOMEONE IN CALIFORNIA.

NA maybe I will just register here and troll around this forum UNTIL THE TENTH PREDICTION OF EDGAR CACYE HAPPENS. By the time California slips beneath the waves and his tenth prediction happens the NIHILISTS here on ./ might just as well stick their collective heads between between their legs and kiss.......

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