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Comment: Re:Google+ failed becuase it's GOOGLE (Score 1) 317

by deviated_prevert (#49558683) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

I don't understand why Microsoft wants to go down that path. Their big money comes from businesses. They should be trumpeting private clouds (buy Windows server, install on a rack, run all of the cloudy stuff that you want under control of your company) and privacy to actively differentiate themselves from Google.

Correct if they pull it off but the fly in the ointment is the crappy workstation os situation because of legacy ActiveX based software being used on the servers. The problems all started with Danny Drop Tables and Ms Access SQL IE6 and Excel data base hooks into web pages. For instance this abomination that is a legacy of the province of British Columbia where they sell PCs dirt cheap and still put garbage ware with web dlls on their servers. IF it wasn't for governments like BC and other places where they actively lobby and scmooze their way into the hog trough of public money, Microsoft would be in a world of hurt!

Comment: Re:Google+ failed becuase it's GOOGLE (Score 1) 317

by deviated_prevert (#49558643) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

You just wait until Win 10 launches and practically insists on MSN and THE CLOUD, Xbox for media integration, your mic as a default on device with cortana and sparton, ten tentacles hooked into your nuts and brains for every web service that defaults to bing,

Ok, yes, that's a problem. But its also not a problem.

I accept Microsoft might develop all that crap.
I accept Microsoft might turn all that crap on, or make the default rout. Note I don't necessarily LIKE it.

I also know it all going to be something I can turn off because: enterprise and government.

Those customers aren't going to put up with xbox integration, or MSN cloud signin, or always on microphones, or desktop search talking to bing. Or any of that crap... so I know that not only will I be able to turn it all off, but that it will be pretty easy too. No hacking, probably even GUI tools for it, with preset policy's I can just flip, save, and apply to any computer I buy, easily.

So while I know Microsoft might WANT 'my brainz' I also know they'll ensure they fully support not giving them 'my brainz' in a way that Google never will.

Sure google has apps for enterprise but its a bastard stepchild that is peanuts compared to their search and advertising division.

Microsoft will provide for what the enterprise wants. So when I read about horrible Microsoft feature X... I ask myself "would an enterprise put up with that?" and if the answer is no, I don't worry about it. And so far that's never let me down.

I do worry about Windows as a subsription service. -- Enterprises by and large are already on one. And I figure the 4k drm garbage will be real... enterprises by and large won't give a shit whether the pc's will play hollywood 4k movies or not.

But requiring an MSN account to sign into windows? Yeah I'm not worried about that. Requiring xbox integration? Nope. Not worried. Requiring always on Mic? Nope.

Yes you are correct it will be up to the user to chose as it is with all google services. The way the google search engine works I can turn on anon browsing in both FF and Chrome and google does not give a shit sideways it still does the same job SO I CALL BULLSHIT. Slashdot is starting to become a haven for Microsoft shills. GMAIL does not plaster my ass with adds or track the shit out of me and all this bullshit that has been spread by the SCROOGLE crowd here and elsewhere will eventually come to light when Google gets mad and strikes back by telling consumers the truth about the FUD campaign that Microsoft launched, financed, lobbied in Government and in general started a culture of MUD SLINGING bullshit because they really want to gain traction in web services and advertising revenue.

I am running ten tech preview and even the so called PRO is completely web centric and essentially a PITA to run for purposes like a DAW or workstation. The OS is a bloated mess of integrated web apps that constantly get in the way of everything you try to do with the system and don't work worth shit unless you have connection to the web. Every PC service interface is a royal pain in the ass. BUT I will give them this you can still access control panel but you have to make it work old school to do anything useful and the system configuration utilities are buried so deep that it makes VISTA LOOK GOOD! It can be customized but you have to go at it with a sledge hammer to make into a real operating system. And do follow the links that I posted as that tells the real tale and if it wasn't for Android revenues Microsoft would not even be in the cell phone business because to tell the truth the real dead boat anchor with baggage that they are trying to integrate into the Windows experience is their cell phones. This is what is really going on they are turning into a bitter second class software company and soon they will become the IBM of digital communication their days are numbered because of their loss of focus and the way they are screwing over their business customers by making them buy new work station PCs instead of releasing a decent scaled down work station OS that will run on less resources.
Here in Canada OUR TAX dollars subsidize Microsoft because we buy all new workstations for all government offices and then auction off PCs without the HDDs every 4-5 years. On the flip side places like the Bank of Nova Scotia is still runny XP work stations and refuses to budge because of the bullshit coming out of Redmond. The infected PC virus scam nonsense is disgusting and one of the biggest frauds ever foisted upon the public. There is absolutely no reason to ditch good hardware every OS release cycle and this is going to bite Microsoft in the ass big time this time around! Unless they release a work station OS that can run on 5-10 year old hardware.

Someone is going to start to muscle in on enterprise and it will serve the idiots and shills of the Ballmer era right they will get what they deserve, OUTSOURCING

Comment: Re:Google+ failed becuase it's GOOGLE (Score 4, Funny) 317

by deviated_prevert (#49558331) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

They already have too much of my online attention. Sharing anything except my searches with them is a non-starter. It doesn't matter how well implemented the service is. Because it's Google, there's just absolutely no way I'm using it.

I won't even look at files people try to share with me through Google. I just say, "Sorry, I don't use Google drive!" I feel so strongly about it I don't even care if it loses me business or friends.

You think Google wants your brains? You just wait until Win 10 launches and practically insists on MSN and THE CLOUD, Xbox for media integration, your mic as a default on device with cortana and sparton, ten tentacles hooked into your nuts and brains for every web service that defaults to bing, the news according to Microsoft, search according to Microsoft, the real web browser relegated to "Windows Accessories". Mark my words if you think Google is invasive with trying to control every aspect of your data and digital communications just wait the real beast is about to be released on the unsuspecting masses of slavering digital consumers!

Comment: Re:truly an inspiration. (Score 1) 463

Just how many Islamists have we killed in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why exactly are we there again?

I bet the body count for Iraqi Islamists killed by US Christians is far higher than the body count of all Christians killed by Islamists over the last 10 years.

The point was; religion and political affiliations are a feeble excuse for the real reasons why we engage in war which inevitably leads to genocides. Genocide and war is an animal base response and is beneath us as a species. Beware of politicians and religious figures that debate this fact. You either ascribe to the theory that we have the ability to evolve beyond war or we continue the primitive struggle for dominance which is coded into us. The equation is simple real humans have choice not to allow war and genocide base humans as primative animals do not.

Comment: Re:truly an inspiration. (Score 1) 463

Yes, but poll numbers show Muslims think Jihad in the name of Islam is perfectly potty, just as long as it isn't Muslims getting whacked. Also, Muslims believe political power comes from Allah, most Western (and Christian, I might add) nations believe political power comes from the people. As long as Muslims indulge themselves in this belief of Allah and political power, they will have no problem killing off non-Muslims, and they will never assimilate into Western nations. They will, instead, look at Western nations as nations not yet taken over.

And the Muslim saying, "if Allah wills it" shows just how morally bankrupt they are. They will never lift themselves above dictatorships or dictatorships masquerading as theocracies. And don't bother pointing at Indonesia as a counterpoint, they periodically have pogroms targeting non-Muslims.

Down to the brass tacks, it is all about dominance and the struggle for resources. We conveniently excuse our brutal primitive tribalism in the name of God, Allah or whatever theology or political system which is publicly currently the rage. Who knows in twenty years Tom Cruise and Scientology might rule the human mind and be used as an excuse to cause wars over resources.

The long and the short of it all is that, killing in the name of God, Allah, the Buddha is blasphemy and bullshit because it is just an excuse for being a mindless coward who subscribes to the religion falsely At least the Nazi's admitted that war was a struggle for resources as they slaughtered the innocent. We are not an advanced species because we are cowards who cannot learn to cope with the fact that we will have to learn to live together to advance as a species!

Comment: Re:Wonder how Spartan will do? (Score 1) 53

You know the most exciting thing about Windows 10 is Spartan. Everything else is just Windows and except for being a re fresh again of Windows 8. I am not
looking forward to Windows 10 except for Spartan. Early feedbacks tells a story of a browser that is really focused on the here and now. I give Microsoft praise
for finally dumping IE for something truly new. I hope its not going to end up riddled with bad code and poorly implemented security. I would think not, given Microsoft's better commitment to security. Although I have been disappointed on how Microsoft of late has pretty dropped the ball on its Security Essentials and Defender products. Will Microsoft throw Spartan out there and forget about it? Or can Microsoft innovate consistently or even gain back any browser users lost to other browsers? I know myself I am fed up with Internet Explorer and anything has to be better.

Sparton will be good for those who are visually impaired. It is designed for voice command. I am thinking of attaching a mic and seeing if I can have some fun with it. But as far as a work desktop interface goes, I do not think that in places like banks, doctors offices and all the other places where professionals use IE and Chrome and things like Citrix every day for real world work you will see them sitting at their desks talking to Sparton and as a file explorer to get their serious work done. The keyboard is not going away any time soon, neither is the mouse because touch screen typing is for finger painters not serious work and that is why many major banks are still USING XP it was still the cheapest and best terminal OS.

Microsoft would shoot themselves in the foot miss and kill themselves if they completely if they do not support mouse and keyboard with Windows 10 and do it really well as a workplace terminal replacement for XP and 7. We will see if they manage to support enough old gear and pull it off. But with this OS I can tell you that 2 gig of ram is now almost impossible and is worse than 7 starter edition so all the 1 gig and 2 gig XP and 7 desktops will have to be dumped. Either they develop it to run on limited resources or they are going be in for a world of hurt next year when they try to peddle it to their real core fan base which is business and governments.

Comment: Re:Sad news.. Internet Explorer dead at 19 (Score 1) 53

Turns out it is not dead it will rise from the grave and go for brains. The Sparton will have to fight it to the death, seeing that Sparton has no brain to go after, it might just win because you cannot uninstall it either once you cross the line and use a brain dead browser with no home button by default that just keeps popping up all over the place in ten billion window panes that you need to swat at to close or go crazy with the single back button to use!

Bugs shmugs it will work fine for touch screens but on the workplace desktop it will suck! Got news for you Internut Exploiter is still there it is just hidden in preview 10061. The truth is Internet Explorer on 10 is very good indeed and is just a more advanced windowing gui using the same core system dlls. Sparton is a mish mashup of explorer with voice command interpretation capabilities. So any bug that effects the core html/xml etc rendering dlls will effect either browser.

They would shoot themselves in both feet at the same time if they drop IE completely for the final release because Sparton is very much designed for touch screens not advanced use by keyboard and mouse. Sparton will work fine for some things on the desktop but it will be a steep learning curve for the work place users so IE will still reign supreme in places like Government Offices, Banks and the like where it is a religion and the users are zombies who cannot cope with any change!

Comment: Re:What? (Score 1) 53

I threw that intentionally there to give the summary some 1995 feeling. Hehheh.

Hey Microsoft did('nt) fix the start menu OH NOES I AM HAVING AN ACID FLASH BACK VIDEO which is the default player you can still turn off flash in Sparton if you don't want to have Windows 10. There give me the money I fixed a security hole in Sparton for you!

Comment: Legacy code is going to be an issue (Score 1) 53

I am running the preview and here is what is going on currently;

Right now many drivers that rely upon things like AMD Catalyst are causing issues. The reason is legacy code that is being dropped or at best slow to update. For instance the ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 video card is causing serious issues. Sparton is essentially a browser that is windows explorer so it is just a system integration experience like Chrome OS so anything the calls for legacy driver code for high definition net streaming is problematic system wide.

If AMD does not update some very common radeon drivers for Windows 10 or if the legacy drivers that worked in Win7 cannot be successfully used in Windows 10 then there is going to be a butt tonne of CHEAP great laptops available for us Linux users to scoop up for peanuts! This means either a pile of laptops from 2010-2011 will all be boat anchors or users will just ignore Win10. Tweet #cheap_linux_gear_2016 LOL. Naw Microsoft wouldn't do that would they?

Comment: Re:We design our hardware, why not wetware? (Score 2) 182

You focus on the wrong word. Go back one more. Suck on *this* rock. Singular, specific. Mars is a second point of existence, where a catastrophic event would need to be several magnitudes larger (Sol going nova, for example), rather than just nuclear holocaust, to wipe out humans. Move beyond the solar system, and we would have more chance of surviving what nature throws at us, and what we throw at each other.

Well put, if I had mod points you would get em! Rather than expounding and expanding upon the theme, but what the heck here goes my karma...

One thing that always struck me as sickening was the implications of a ban on nuclear testing in outer space. If one considers the potential for extra atmospheric atomic power, testing nuclear technology in space is essential. The vacuum of space is the only safe place to constructively explode or experiment with dangerous fissile radioactive materials. Cooling reactions is not a problem neither is super-heating things without causing atmospheric pollution problems. Therefore the technology of metallurgy could advance as rapidly as our computer tech has, so could propulsion tech!

Notice there is no ban on the use of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere or where ever on planet earth during war currently proposed and supported by any of the club of nations that posses nuclear technology. Unless we get to this point of cooperation as a species and we develop as a species in a cooperative way we will never become what we were put here to be. Somehow we cannot simply come to understand the only reason why we kill each other in war has always been caused by primitive tribalism and the fight for resources, religion and social politics are just convenient excuses for the truth about wars.

The human body will need to evolve very quickly to adapt to space in fact we could become a low gravity entity. FOR all those who are scared of these assumptions, consider this question. If we have a brain and all these things are indeed possible then why do we doom ourselves to extinction by not cooperating and rapidly evolving beyond this planet! If all we do with genetics is consume the resources and over populate the planet then indeed we are doomed as a species. Our destiny is to replace ourselves with a species that does not rely upon resources that are not sustainable long term

Here is a link to a picture of a proposed prototype replacement humans

Comment: Re:I Don't See A Problem (Score 1) 182

It's a clump of cells. It can't in any way be described as a human being. It has the potential to become a human being, but you could say the same thing about sperm and eggs. A lot of the debate seems to centre around whether an embryo has a soul or not. It doesn't. Neither does a fully grown human.

It's good to see the Chinese advancing human knowledge since we in the west are too scared to do anything in case somebody dies or somebody is offended. I'm 100% certain the first man on Mars will be a Chinaman. In the west we'd first have to conduct a study to determine the proper makeup of the crew in terms of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, etc. The project would then focus far too much on safety leading to it going tens of billions over budget and decades late. Meanwhile the Chinese will be focusing on getting things done.

Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great..... when a sperm is wasted....GOD GETS QUITE IRATE!

Now if I only could have put a condom on my Cock I would not have had to sell you all for medical experiments!!

Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great..... and when a sperm is wasted....GOD GETS QUITE IRATE!

This message is more interesting than modifying embryos to ensure a viable blastocyst. Secondly this in no way could eliminate a disease within a population that carries the genes and does not only replicate by artificial means. But we here in the west discourage humans at a very young age against artificial reproduction methods and warn them that they could easily go blind if they over populate by this method. So I suspect that the Confucian influence in a similar way inhibits the populace from experimenting with non productive means of reproduction the same way it does in some American religious communities where the enjoyment of sex for pleasure is still considered immoral!

Comment: Beware windows bloat intel! (Score 1) 174

by deviated_prevert (#49530179) Attached to: Intel 'Compute Stick' PC-Over-HDMI Dongle Launched, Tested

I am running a tech preview of 10 and it blows up to over 30 gig in a very short period of time without even downloading movies and the like. Unless 8.1 has disk space limits on install expect your customers to run out of room on the stick in a hurry. The Ubuntu users with less room most likely will not have these issues as they will be smart enough to use expansion cards for storage and Ubuntu does not blow up like a balloon with gobs of update rescue backups.

What I predict will happen is that typical windows users will diss this device because it uses a touch screen centric OS on what will be mostly televisions meaning that the single usb port will have to be occupied by mouse and keyboard for the device to work at all. Secondly it means carrying around these accessories.

All that being said I would buy one of the windows ones only if you can run full a blown linux on it. It could be a killer VLC media end point on my home network with Linux.

Comment: Re:What about us poor Windows USERS? (Score 1) 88

by deviated_prevert (#49525633) Attached to: AMD Publishes New 'AMDGPU' Linux Graphics Driver

I don't know about AMD, but NVidia's Windows drivers are just as up-to-date as their Linux drivers.

AMD drops support for old cards from their proprietary drivers with extreme prejudice. nVidia literally supports cards for years longer than AMD. nVidia also provides direct mobile driver downloads; AMD sometimes provides these, and sometimes hides them. AMD also took all their old architectural documentation down from their website, for a while there every search I made which led to a document on their site was 404ing. Fuck AMD sideways.

You got it, the anon cowherds obviously didn't. I have a really nice gigabyte am2+ mobo which supports hdmi with a radeon which is no longer supported because of there is no kernel 3 series linux driver available from amd and the generic one with mesa sucks, no googleearth etc or effective hdmi mode switching and sensing. So I have to shut off the gpu and run an older Nvidia card which is well supported on it to make it work with anything later than Windows Vista. The onboard radeon is pooched for 3d graphics in both linux and windows because of the way they dropped support for the gpu chip and refused to release the code!

That experience put me off the clowns at AMD for good!

BTW I was being facetious, I am a linux geek, the point was that it does seem that we are becoming more of a test bed target for opengl than windows users are for those who did rtfa the software is for hardware that has not even been released yet and linux kernel 4.2!

Comment: What about us poor Windows USERS? (Score 0) 88

by deviated_prevert (#49517587) Attached to: AMD Publishes New 'AMDGPU' Linux Graphics Driver

Everyone complains about AMD and NVIDIA drivers always being released for hippy Linux kernel gurus who run super fast advanced linux kernel based software. HELL THIS DRIVER SOFTWARE IS FOR LINUX KERNEL AND HARDWARE WHICH have not even been released yet! In the mean time us poor suckers that run the latest and greatest from Windows are stuck with drivers that at best might work only with directX drivers for the same hardware that is older than the hills. I guess you linux guys are the real lab rats when it comes to AMD devices and software!

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