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Comment Re:Everyone has to learn about it. (Score 1) 193

Talented programmers don't copy-paste code from search results. They do the search to learn the facts they are lacking, so they can code the solution themselves. The sort of person who can't think a problem through, and so routinely just googles a solution and uses it as-is, is precisely the sort of person who should not be programming for a living.

Sorry for being an elitist ass, but the job is hard, and not everybody is cut-out for it. Too much dependence on MSSQL by Danny Droptables is a clear sign that you belong in another industry.

There corrected the error of your logic.

Comment Good for Microsoft. (Score 0) 15

A really good move to restore some faith in the programming community. Machine learning is a field that is much more complicated than desktop programming or user gui software design and will drive the very future of computers. The more programmers that can be stimulated to do research in the field of machine learning the better IMO. Far better than spawning nothing but hyped up "web programmers" which is what Microsoft was all about a few years back with all the .Net/mono crap they push on everyone.

Comment Re:Old games are for luddites. (Score 1) 106

Modern gamers game using apps.

Some older games are better at not creating as much video distraction and tension in the player and can be a good way to ease stress for some people. I remember my father at 76 years old getting a kick out of playing Pac Man on an old console for the first time in the late 1990s. He had late stage prostate cancer and was on heavy morphine for the pain. He was not capable of playing bridge or chess with us any longer. But sitting there with him with an old console I found in a second hand store he had a blast!

The current popularity of simple games on cell phones and tablets like angry birds and the like are just one exception that proves my point. High resolution complicated games that require huge computing resources are for kids and game geeks not the general public who do not take today's expensive video games seriously.

Comment Re:fighting carbon pollution? (Score 1) 369

See article 1, section, clause 5 of the US Constitution - "No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State." Thus there are zero export taxes in the US. It's not like it's hard to find the export tax rates for countries. And it's not hard to learn about foreign free trade zones in the US. But hey, I know it's just facts and reality - don't let that stop you from your little, delusional rant! Education is a terrible thing when you have an agenda to push...

Well said and extrapolated! Particularly your quip "Education is a terrible thing when you have an agenda to push" If you do not mind I will use it elsewhere. It cuts to the core of why we need to continue the fight against all political entities that are based upon male domination like the Talaban that exist only by violent brutal intolerance for the benefit of the so called "leaders". The same is true with the petrochemical industrial complex which is controlling far to great a portion of the world's economy. They need to be exposed for what they, are a conglomerate group who really could care less about human life as long as they control the planet.

Who are the they? I can look in the mirror and at times see one myself as I drive my car willy-nilly everywhere. I keenly remember seeing a hippy Volkswagen van once in about 96' with a tattered bumper sticker long after the defeat of Bush after the first and the pseudo religious oil conflict with Sadam over Kuwait (first gulf war). The bumper sticker boldly stated: (NO BLOOD FOR OIL!). The funny part was that it was sitting there running and dripping oil from the engine all over the pavement where it was parked. The oil was going directly down into a storm sewer catchment that lead directly to a fish bearing creek. At the time I was doing environmental stream survey work for logging cut blocks. To cut a long story short I went home and looked in the mirror and realized that poor ol' Al Gore who was recently berated in the press for his anti pollution stance was on to something and there was no chance in hell of him every gaining power. We are all subject to the whim of our ignorance and education can help heal this inner wound. But the greatest failing of the student is always an inability to listen, thus we ignore Rachel Carson and other luminaries like Al Gore at our own intellectual peril!

Comment Re:Restore Dr. Patricia Sutherland (Score 1) 197

While you're at it, Canada, let her resume her research in Baffin Island.

She was fired because of the complaints of some thin-skinned lowlings who don't have what it takes to work with someone like her.

If you have to scold her, if you have to tell her to chill out, do so. But don't shut down scientific research just because of stupid personal problems.

Sending anyone back to Baffin Island will definitely make them chill out.

Comment Re:Do Canadian Scientists respect the public? (Score 2) 197

I have to wonder if the muzzling will begin again, once the scientists start disagreeing with a liberal party policy? If, for example, it turns out that gun control doesn't actually do anything to stop crime - and that enforcement of it, much like with drugs, is basically wasted money - will the liberal party go, "Oh... I guess we were wrong about that"?

It's all sunshine and roses right now, but the scientists aren't actually saying anything that goes against the liberal party ideology at the moment. The real test of them putting their money where their mouth is, would be when they continue to support open discourse and dialogue even when it disagrees with what the party believes.

Whoa up there Tex! Put your gun back in your holster you are talkin' to the sheriff 'a Rock Ridge.

Firstly gun control has nothing to do with crime prevention. What you are suggesting is in essence removing the all license plates from cars when you really think about what you are saying here. In Canada we simply require that a license to purchase firearms is required the same way a drivers license is required to drive cars. You commit a crime with a gun and you lose your license to carry them plain and simple. A common sense policy, something which the religious right wing dolts who are scared by the politically motivated NRA firearms industry lobby in the good 'ol US of A just don't seem to be able comprehend.

Comment Finally a foot pedal for hands free applications! (Score 1) 221

The only reason devices that can display printed sheet music like tablets and e-ink readers are not popular is that they are essentially useless for sight reading. A foot pedal for page turns could easily create a reader for musicians. It would catch on like wild fire and the music publishers could finally start to distribute good editions again. I have been saying this for years and no one listens, it is the usual routine with industry not seeing the forest for the trees that are still being cut to print music.

Forget everything you assume about whether or not there is a market for large format e-readers. Categorically there is and all it would take is a foot pedal. So simple but currently the great music publishing houses are in crisis because of digital equipment and unless they get on the program and start to distribute standard editions in digital form they will all die and be bought out by the large corporate bastards who have essentially ham strung the music publishing industry with senseless worries about DRM. All they have succeeded in doing is to force musicians to cheat and file share scans of music and in doing so have also greatly degraded the once esteemed high art of printed music notation and distribution. Precious few are only now realizing the mistake they made with their fears about their copyrights being broken.

I will gladly pay reasonable amounts for well edited digital sheet music, in fact I still buy from the best publishers that are still around. If I can also not have to waste money on the ink and printing racket so I can play music that is out of print I would be in heaven. I know most real musicians who read and understand the importance of well done sheet music will also do the same and pay for decent music editions in digital format.

There is much more than just books and the literary arts at a cross roads because of today's technology! Lets get together and put the ink and paper out of business once and for all, I say it has become archaic and far to costly environmentally and socially.

Comment Re:More government (Score 1) 12

Every time a governing body gets involved, things get more complicated

Every time a governing body is lacking, things get more complicated. And then one emerges anyway.

The question always ends up being: in whose interest do those with effective governorship act?

I promise you,

Donate $10/month and I promise you Paradise.

it really is possible for people to cooperate with each other to achieve this.

Do you mean "cooperate" or "compete"? Democratic government is a form of cooperation, you realise? one citizen, one share.

This isn't an anti-enterprise post, just an anti-anti-government one. Pure ideology (e.g. "free market!" and "command economy!") is for modellers, storytellers and fanatics. The modeller knows they're simplifying the problem. The storyteller knows they're making things up completely. The fanatic, unfortunately, realises neither.

From someone who was 10 years old and was inspired by this speech that is oft forgotten and belittled in the bejeweled halls of anti-government fanatics like some of todays right wing sudo nazis and especially assholes that spout anti-government nonsense. They really need to have their motives and agendas closely scrutinized by the electorate again. What we need is someone like a Kennedy again to step forward and roast these assholes over the coals in public debate the way Nixon was exposed in 1960.

Great leaders inspire great things for mankind, the current group of anti-government leaders are an oxymoron! To quote Mr. Trump's most used bit of bullshit leadership technique, we all need to say in one voice "YOUR ALL FUCKING FIRED!" The way we did with Nixon if we ever catch on to what these so called business people are really up to with a blatant attempt to buy another Presidency the way they did with Reagan. Do they really think people are that stupid all of the time? Not that the rest of the Republican ticket is any better this time around either, yes they had once had a real leader in Lincoln, but how the once great in spirit have all fallen to the allure of the coin!

It is not the time to hold back on the future and live in an oil and blood soaked past. I can only pray that soon a time will come when someone again inspires the cooperation ventures like space exploration, a change to a real environmental economy, with the technology to eliminate waste and most of all great science ventures in all the fields that made landing on the moon possible!

Politics is being abused by those who have lead by deliberately inciting economic terror and other tactics like the ones used by Dick Chaney and Co. Even George Bush senior is finally starting to realize the real problems that these money driven assholes are creating for the economy and the world in the long term. At least the not so great actor Ronald Reagan, who became a president and asked Mr Gorbachev to "tear down that wall" admitted that it was economically important to do science right and it was this that made us great, even as his supporters ripped and tore up Nasa!

Unfortunately what I envision happening instead is a secret state visit to the international space station by both Putin and someone like Jeb or Trump to carve up the world economy in secret as they nuke the Chinese and a few other states that get in the way of their friend's enterprises. Dick Chaney can tag along, I am sure him and a few others will all be doing something in the background to oversee the talks!

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 108

hmmm, interesting read


While it's true that these areas have a higher concentration of plastic than other parts of the ocean, much of the debris found in these areas are small bits of plastic (microplastics) that are suspended throughout the water column. A comparison I like to use is that the debris is more like flecks of pepper floating throughout a bowl of soup, rather than a skim of fat that accumulates (or sits) on the surface.

That is precisely the problem, because the plastic breaks down into tidbits and some of the really nasty toxic ones become indistinguishable from the food that fish eat. Further to that sockeye salmon and other Oncorhynchus and fish everywhere are starting to show up with bellies full of plastics http://www.npafc.org/new/publi...

Naturally the ocean gyres are slowly churning the plastics into smaller and smaller pieces and they are also breaking into bits on shorelines of islands and the continents. So it is not as if there is a great garbage dump out there but the truth is that there is a level of ongoing human caused pollution that is will eventually do permanent damage to much more than the ocean's key ecosystems.

The alarmist videos and Fox News style environmental news shows do not show the real extent of the problem. They are not scientifically sound and are not really informing the public about the real problem with the world dominating petro industrial complex. Unfortunately the real problems are much more insidious and hidden as the quote I appended coming from your link clearly indicates.

Perhaps it is far better instead to scare the shit out of people with videos like this one. Hopefully the extent of the real damage going on will finally be recognized by J. Q. Public, before another Bush league petro president takes over the reigns of power.

Even Obama has stated that a lack action to change our attitudes towards the abuse of our shared environment by not being able to halt the dismissal of science, largely by the rich industry lobbies in Washington, is one of the greatest regrets he will have when he surrenders the reigns of power. Truth is it does not matter who becomes the President anymore the government is now run by the industry lobbies not the people and certainly not by truth!

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 2) 108

OK, don't print little pirate treasure chests for zebra-fish aquaria, got it.

Who cares? The problems with chemical stupidity are not just about one species of fish. Unfortunately a large portion of our population relies upon the riches of the sea. If we keep screwing up the oceans with out industrial waste, especially discarded by products and plastic garbage we will see a rapid collapse of the entire ocean biosphere. It will mean starvation on a huge scale. Your statement bespeaks volumes about the utter public ignorance of key biological systems that have given us life. You can claim ignorance because most people do not even care about what is happening because of unrestrained garbage in our oceans, those who know the truth about the unregulated dumping of toxic plastic garbage that is causing the garbage patches do not have the luxury of ignorance that you enjoy.

As you bury your head in the beach sand it is almost certain that you will also be covered in little pieces of plastic that are starting to kill fish on a global scale. large plastics the big pictureabout how and why plastics are killing more and more marine life as they break down into smaller and smaller pieces and are eaten by smaller and smaller organisms.

With the oil and plastic industry now dictating our future it is entirely possible that our chemical stupidity will cause global starvation in the next century. Either we pay attention to the environment on a global scale or we will suffer the consequences of shitting in our own nest to the extent that our environment will simply kill us off. Here is hoping that eventually we can create closed systems with the plastic industry but right now the recycling of plastics and the science to stop the toxic destruction of our world is not a priority, within the next 40 years we either stop putting toxins in the ocean or we will not survive as a species. End of story.

Comment Re:Link to Reuters News Story... (Score 3, Interesting) 161

Really, the driveway, my 6.7L turbocharged Scoprion diesel engine just got 22mph heading to and from Duluth and the twin cities. And all with with no black soot what so ever in the tail pipe, looks just like the day I bought it, shiny new metal inside the exhaust.

As compared to 50-60 miles per gallon on a euroweeny? Yes the euroweeny diesel made a tiny amount more smoke and oxides of N. BUT THE FUCKING GAS HOG MONSTER TRUCK ENGINE JUST PUT a butt tonne more carbon dioxide per mile driven into the atmosphere so fuck off with the gas guzzling bullshit. Move to California and watch it burn, send your dollars to the oil industry and then complain when Bush the Third gets into power and the price of oil goes through the roof again. Short sighted bunch of fucking morons that can't see the forest for the trees. In fact they couldn't care less about the decline of Western Red Cedar happening all alone the west coast of North America. And the steady decline in the West Coast fisheries the severe drought that will eventually hurt the entire rain cycle of the entire Rockie Mountain and Coast Ranges.

Total and complete environmentally stupid morons piled on with more completely ignorant blind and stupid morons and that is the total sum of the issue.

Volkswagen cheating just so it could create an engine that would get better fuel economy is a symptom of the problem. We have our fucking heads screwed on so wrong that we waste resources and think that spewing more carbon dioxide in the air is the answer. I want to know how badly the Euroweeny diesels and Jap turbos that get the same kind of performance and fuel economy actually create NO2 and soot. I am almost willing to bet that on a per gallon basis it is almost the same as the big cummins that everybody thinks is eco friendly. I am almost certain that the amount of soot and NO2 per mile is less in the Euroweeny. So I call bullshit and hefferdust on the who eco diesel scam that we are being sold by Chrysler and the American auto industry.

Comment Re:This guy can decode it no problem! (Score 1) 142

We go ice fishing up my way. Well, the locals/natives do. I used to go ice drinking but I don't drink any more. I've never once tried to fish through the ice unless you count jigging for smelts which, I guess, sort of qualifies as fishing and I did not even do that for long. I was mostly hell bent on getting drunk - which is all I've ever done out in the ice shacks. Some of them are pretty nice, too. In fact, I've gotten drunk in lots of ice shacks and not once really fished to the best of my recollection. No alien abductions though.

We go ice fishing up my way. Well, the locals/natives do. I used to go ice drinking but I don't drink any more. I've never once tried to fish through the ice unless you count jigging for smelts which, I guess, sort of qualifies as fishing and I did not even do that for long. I was mostly hell bent on getting drunk - which is all I've ever done out in the ice shacks. Some of them are pretty nice, too. In fact, I've gotten drunk in lots of ice shacks and not once really fished to the best of my recollection. No alien abductions though.

I highly encourage those who ice fish to get drunk, drive their gear out on the lake, drill as many holes as possible all around their shack! Sorry if my humor went way over your head, next time duck.

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