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Comment Re:weasel words (Score 0) 92

I skipped the Discovery link to avoid hype and went directly to the Harvard link.

Disappointing. One expects a certain sobriety from scientists and yet something is terribly wrong here. The article is peppered with weasel words: an unusually vague 'theory'; and words like: could, might, if, potentially, would, and the ever dreadful 'assumes'. Let's hope that the actual paper will have a more solid foundation.

What the hell do expect when academia at places like Harvard has become little more than "publish or die" rat race. The quality of the paper does not matter for shit anymore what matters is the paper that it is written on and the fact that it was published. I doubt that pier review means anything near as much as it once did in the gilded halls of Harvard. In fact most likely if a negative pier review occurs it is quickly suppressed in the Deans office if the so called academic has rich parents or relations!

It is almost as if Dr Venkman has tenure as far as some so called research goes. It is blatantly obvious that the rich are completely calling the shots in the top universities these days. I am not at all surprised that foot ball at Harvard is not top notch because the rich parents usually do not have kids that can play football worth shit. Harvard has become is a place to put rich kids so that they can put that Harvard on their CV to impress the CEOs political movers and shakers and other upper class society peoples that their parents introduce them to after they "graduate". Skull and Bones and BULLSHIT is the real order of the day.

Comment It will not spur anything other than greed. (Score 1) 10

Most medical research that is publicly funded winds up being used by the drug corporations to line the pockets of a few very rich people. Take for example the recent cures for hep c. Much of the primary research into the HCV rna structure and thus the secondary chemical binding processes was done on the public purse. The result is medicines that can cure the disease at over 1000 dollars a pill that in reality cost the company very small amounts of money to actually produce. One company even paid 11 billion for a drug chemical patent and even though the process used by the new chemical is not something which can be patented they now have to recoup huge amounts of dollars to pay for so called "Intellectual Property Rights".

No wonder why the Indians just said screw you we will bring out a generic of this chemical and you can eat your stupid IP patent. The attitude toward research being a magic box that will line the pockets of the already rich because they can afford to buy a monopoly on something is not new! In fact Queen Elizabeth 1 had the foresight to stop much of the practice and her change to so called "property right monopolies upon commerce" which is the same thing as "intellectual property" made a huge difference and spurred on the Renaissance. We are heading backwards by creating a ruling class of rich people again that insists upon owning the "rights" to enterprise and it is killing our economy and will lead to financial and social upheaval and revolutions! Elizabeth was one smart cookie she saw that the rich had not learned how to do anything other than use their gold to dominate others and this was and is destructive to an advanced society, always was and always will be!

Enough of my rant, but the current economic trend in the US is very scary because we have lost our way as a people and have begun to create a class war that we cannot stop because of the acceptance of greed on a social level.

Comment Re:So now we have a new paradox... (Score 1) 166

No its not,

Yeah, I know that is the wrong "its" and should be it's... sometimes it's just a typo.

so its come down to that again. Its not that an important issue to many, however its a very touchy subject every time its on the event horizon here on slashdog!

Comment Re:so? (Score 1) 166

chuck norris doesn't escape from black holes.

they escape from HIM.

Everything "escapes" from Chuck Norris. The Big Bang was caused by one of his round-house kicks.

Wrong they were created when Bruce Lee accidentally farted. And that is why Hawking radiation is hard to intercept and read. Which only happens in the distorted time space long before the event horizon forms around black holes and is only created at energy levels much closer to the energy levels required to create the time space distortion created by a Bruce Lee fart not just a cheezy Chuck Norris kick!

Comment Re:Crap. (Score 1) 150

You better believe I have an ax to grind.

I work with Linux every day, professionally. As soon as the system gets under 100% CPU or memory pressure it crashes. In Solaris (or any Illumos derivative), for that I have mdb, and I can debug a crashed kernel (and make it run again) with kdb. In Linux, that is science fiction.

At home I have Xubuntu. The piece of crap is so slow and bloated, it's become just like Windows. It started out relatively usable, and the more updates were applied, the slower it got. Many of the updates regularly had failure issues during boot. If I were not forced to (company policy) by idiots, I would never run Linux in production. What. A. Piece. Of. Crap.!

Virtualization technology in Linux? Crap. GNU userland? Does not correspond to any industry norm or standard - crap (recursive grep(1), or TApe ARchiver, tar(1) which supports compression, anyone?) - crap. Backward compatibility in Linux? Crap. Post mortem debugging? Crap. System startup, with million different solutions? Crap.

Crap, crap, crap! But hey, it's all the rage!!! Yes, you better believe I have an Ax to grind. And not just one ax!

Real neckbeards RUN SLACKWARE! A real OS, Ubuntu based OSes are for blind trogs who cannot write a shell script for shit or even mess with .config files for that matter. What a sorry state of affairs for linux when the pions start to become sysadmins, almost as bad as the so called MS sys admins that can't use Power-shell for shit, but not quite! Take a stress pill and take comfort in your crappy gui tools. Eventually you will figure it out why you can't get your shit done efficiently, either that or someone will for you!

Comment Re:The real message is lost on you (Score 1) 467

IN THE REAL world the guy busting into a room has the gun at the ready

Maybe. Or maybe not. I've used a gun in self defence. A man was trying to break into my home. I called the police, then confronted him and told him to leave. When he didn't, I brandished my gun. And then he left. I doubt that's all that unusual. Likely more so than the type of home invasion you describe.

ASK ANY experienced police officer and they will tell you that over 60 percent of guns that wind up on the street are stolen from property crimes

And how would your average police know that? They hardly know the laws they're tasked to enforce. The US ATF has, surprisingly, looked into this. They believe stolen guns account for 1 in 10 guns used in crimes. The largest source is straw purchases. Then corrupt federally licensed gun dealers.

You are the exception. And indeed gun trade shows have become a nightmare. But equally the recent movement to reward those who turn in unlicensed guns shows that the majority of Americans in the inner cities would rather eat than buy bullets and do shit crime for a living. So I am not at all completely down on the future of the US cities. As for poor officer training well that is certainly a problem as is the military taking recruits that only join so that they can learn how to play at bang bang shoot shoot. As in all fields in life the bad can overtake the good if we turn and close our eyes to what is happening. "When constabulary work is to be done, to be done a policeman's lot is not a happy one, happy one" is a truism that many forget and unfortunately our leadership can also be corrupted, but the more educated the public becomes the more difficult it becomes for the inferior to reach the heights of leadership. The exception to that rule might happen if Trump gets elected though.LOL

Comment Re:The Real World (Score 1) 467

Being a frothing anti-gun lunatic, I'm pretty sure you'll not even read the link - but here in the REAL REAL WORLD the police chief of Detroit is asking law abidining citizens to arm themselves to take back the city from criminals:

The Real World Of Detroit and Guns

Yes it is very unfortunate that our greed and stupidity has spawned cities that are on the verge of collapse. However a wild west show ain't gonna solve the problem. It takes one hell of a lot more courage to confront evil without a gun. If someone holds a gun to your head consider this fact very carefully. Perhaps you can tell the one who would kill you that they are the one that is taking the easy way out of their problems. It is very true that it is easy to kill but requires even greater courage and inner strength not to!

Very much the same as using nuclear weapons to decide wars is not a good idea, escalating an already dangerous situation to a point of critical mass will only cause an explosion not a resolution. Unless that very explosion of violence is the goal in the first place.

The gun lobby in the states as well as the tendency to rape and pillage the economy by legal means could very well lead to unstoppable inner city nuclear gun wars. The only way around this is compassionate governance and equally good human fellowship not a tribal like collapse. Non violent discourse founded upon enlightened social and private enterprise is the only way to finally advance beyond primitive tribal society.

The founders of the US understood this principle but some forget this fact or really do not believe in Government of the People by the People and for the People.

Here in Canada we greatly respect the founding principles of the US and the corollary that Lincoln observed, but absolutely deplore the anti government movement being promulgated by the right wing tribal KKK crowd that for centuries has hindered real progress in the US.

Things could get worse though the US could elect someone like Trump and really screw things up. "YOUR'E FIRED SUCKER!" And equally don't ever forget the ability to run for more than 2 terms of office is just a convention in the states and if someone with enough pull and unlimited ambition to create a new dynasty did take office it might be very hard to get rid of a dictator. The same thing that has happened in Russia lately!

Comment Re:The real message is lost on you (Score 1) 467

Wow, yet another Canadian who heartily enjoys looking down on Americans. You know, if I didn't know so many Canadians in real life, I'd think most of them were douchebags like you. You prejudiced types are very vocal and visible online, and it gives your country a bad name.

Hint: in the future, avoid the "citified" insult, it sounds a hell of a lot like you're racist against inner city African-Americans.

Trouble is not with inner city youth in the states in fact that is where I feel most comfortable traveling. The trouble with the States is the rich moron white red neck gun lobby that is prejudiced as hell against the African-Americans and always has been sucker! Same as our local branch of the redneck KKK up here in Canada, they veil themselves as being patriotic but in reality it is just a veil for blatant racism. UP here they call themselves the extreme right "Conservatives" by and large. They are usually the ones that fail to advance if they go into the military and are pissed off at "Liberals" all the time but by and large seem to succeed in business because they learn how to kiss ass early on in life. These are not the type that could have become a US Marine because their life is far too self centered and they have coward like personalities.

You know the type I mean, the classic red neck that much like the villain in Animal House wants to be a George Patton but in truth does not have the balls to pull it off! No the trouble is that the US gun lobby is the only industry that produces product in the States that still makes money and the production of that product is still over valued. What needs to happen to help stabilize the crime situation and fight terrorism world wide is to have all our hand gun production sent off shore where labour is dirt cheap that way we could easily have good cheap hand guns in Walmart for a 1/4 of the price of what the good quality ones cost! TELL THIS TO AN NRA lobby artist and watch them squirm! The American fire arms industry would just love to be able to pull a RubberMaid and get their product produce for a tenth of the price it does right now.

The gun lobby in the states is a huge problem and Mr Obama is completely correct in stating that it causes more problems than it solves when it comes to a sensible set of rules regarding fire arms!

What are you going to tell your children and grandchildren about why they are required have to wear bullet proof vest when they go to school. This is what is going to happen to the all american family if the NRA continues to cloud the issues, "Johnny DON"T FORGET to practice your grade one marksmanship and gun cleaning, your teacher tells me that you are getting behind in military training, I don't give a rats ass if you are doing well in your quantum physics classes but a six year old that can't even shot straight is a real embarrassment to the family name!"

Comment Re:The real message is lost on you (Score 4, Interesting) 467

And yet the NRA thinks that the "average person" with a firearm is the solution to the problem.

Do you think one of the marines (in critical condition) would have been shot in the neck if he had been armed himself? Would even any other civilians had been shot when the first shots fired were from someone trained not to hit people if needed vs. someone trying to hit anyone?

It's absurd to say this shows you can always do without a gun when two marines in the prime of their life take out a gunman they know is exiting from a very small space.

What if you are not two cut marines and there's a guy with a gun who just swings around a corner? What if you are a woman alone and there's someone with a knife telling you to strip your clothes off? What if you are home alone and three guys bust the door open wide and storm inside your house? There are a lot of situations where a gun is much better than most other things, including being unarmed - and the very case you claim is proof of how you "don't need guns" is one of them.

The whole good guy with a gun bullshit you argue here falls apart in one hell of a hurry in the real world. IN THE REAL world the guy busting into a room has the gun at the ready and guess what sucker? HE HAS THE DROP ON YOU. Better still your move to get a gun in another room in a lockup so your kid does not blow his brothers brains out by accident, is not going to cut it.

What you are suggesting is having granny sitting on the porch 24/7 with a shotgun for security to keep the trespassers out. HERE are the real facts about why arming the hell out of the public is not how to stop crime; ASK ANY experienced police officer and they will tell you that over 60 percent of guns that wind up on the street are stolen from property crimes and that most bad guy incidents like home invasions and burglaries are not helped by the home owner or any resident using a firearm to either scare off or defend their life and property. AMERICANS are stupid idiots when it comes to fire arms, the truth is unless you are packing 24/7 and it is loaded and at the ready a handgun is useless for protection. So essentially the NRA is correct lets get rid of the morons, let every one pack a piece and make it mandatory. BANG BANG SHOOT SHOOT happiness is warm gun OOH OOH.

The moronic comments here do not surprise me at all but they are an insult to the courage and skill of the Marines that put their lives at risk stopping another idiot with a gun! Idiots with guns confronting idiots with guns is not the answer here, never has been and never will be.

I HUNT and use firearms and have done so since I was a little kid. Most citified morons that worship the almighty hand gun can't even shot a grouse in the head with a 22 short the way we did when we were kids. I am Canadian and the American attitude towards guns is one very good reason why all of you should have your vehicles searched at the border. Like an American uncle of mine that took pride in showing off his 38 that he packed in his glove box loaded all the time just in case some mad trapper or savage wild man attacked while he visited us in our igloos, we all laughed like hell at him cause with a real gun he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn and the hand gun he had and shot off all the time was so far beyond his abilities that I would duck when he blasted away because you never knew if he was gonna double on the trigger and pop two off on recoil! So PEOPLE WHO do nothing but watch movies and tv and think they can use firearms should not be allowed anywhere near them and this especially goes for most arm chair Clint Eastwoods which is what most NRA members and supporters are!

Comment Re:I am the first to support this... (Score 1) 54

But, the MoU that the CCS and their CEO, and I expect SEO, EOC, PSS companies, PABs are all locked up into the same thing. It's obvious that the MOoP will go to the aforementioned people and organisations. There needs to be a PAOE regarding this decision which essentially equates to UVL giving Oracle PAPT. In the olden days, PO effectively influenced the issue of PMCs and if a PMC was enacted there would be a public outcry. Perhaps if people were given more fact then PAPT, MOoP and ESAs would be less prevalent. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case.

The GOV of UK SMON has run amok. And the PMON responsible for this decision has been sleeping with all things Larry again. I suspect the next stop for Oracle is quick trip to Ottawa before the CONS get the boot by JQ PUBLIC. Us canucks are just as stupid and hooked in as the brits when it comes to major software acquisitions. Hell a quick scramble of the books caused by a "software upgrade" here in Canada could go a long way in helping to hide the real costs of government in terms of tax dollars just before the election.

Here we are even tolerating the sudden recent phony jumps in gasoline prices that jack up the public purse just before an election without a whisper of dissent. Even as the price of oil tanks our gas goes up regardless of consumption or refinery capacity. We are that easy to fool!

It seems the current motto of our government is "if it ain't broke lets break it!" So I would not be surprised if Ottawa had sudden nondescript software issues with the public accounting systems. That way who ever comes to power will be in for a shock when they see the real books. It has happened in the past and seems to be a sport more than anything else when a political party that was in power gets into trouble just before an election. Someone should alert Larry to the business potential here, he could easily make more cash in a hurry instead of waiting on the courts to make a decision about how much cash Google should fork over! ORACLE is turning into a garbage collection company not a software house I guess that is why they bought out Sun in the first place. ;-?

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 221

can the compiler compile itself so that the result can also compile itself?

As far as C compiling itself goes, GCC won't be doing that any more, it is moving to C++.

Just maybe someone will create a tool chain in Go that will create spontaneous executable code from code and the Go compiler will successfully do what Bill Gates and Microsoft tried to do with Windows, that is inject itself into every single computing device on the planet. Who knows? maybe in a few years all one will have to do is put any device on the net and it will instantly have a little baby Google interfaces created and injected into it to make it work. This would could scare the heck out of all the tin foil hat crowd here that dissis google all the time.. Perhaps Google Go in the future can create instant custom coded interfaces that will completely eliminate the need for things like the Windows operating system. All you do is put your device on the net and call for a set of functions to be added to it and you can tailor make the programs and how they work in seconds all by yourself.

HMM self creating code interfaces, on the net and available to be custom added to any device you so choose instead of having the manufacturers and software house dictate how the devices work, just let the consumers create their own. Interesting concept N'est Pas? Thank heavens Google is not an evil company that is hell bent on taking over the world the way Microsoft was!

Comment Re:They Lie (Score 2) 417

I don't believe you. In the 70's it was going to be an ice age, now it is going to be a heat wave. Is the data real or manipulated?

Face it we just do not have a friggin' clue as to what is actually going to happen as the climate swings wildly with an increased oscillation as the oceans heat up and the poles thaw out. Obviously the more energy you put into the ocean and atmosphere the more the currents will change in unpredictable ways. Like bad computer code with too many variables the possibilities are highly unpredictable.

For one it is entirely possible that increases in global temperatures causing forest fires across the boreal forest zone of the northern hemisphere will put enough particulate into the air that a mini ice age similar to a nuclear winter might happen. We cannot be certain about the outcomes of global warming. BUT we have some evidence that major events that put large amounts of particulate into the atmosphere in a short period of time can and do cause mini ice ages. One occurred in the early 18th century and it lasted about 15 years, caused wars over farm lands and minor starvation in Europe and the Russian Steps. The climate did suddenly become colder in a hurry after a number of large volcanic events, one of which occurred in the Western Canada, basically blocked the suns uv rays for over a year. So it is entirely possible that there is a natural reaction to over heating of the earths atmosphere and crust that can cause high altitude dust that puts a damper on the warming. Call it a pressure relief valve system that we just don't quite understand yet.

Either way if global warming continues the bread basket of the US is in trouble big time because of global warming. The Colorado river is about to experience incredible flooding as El Nino dumps winter monsoons on the Rockies without snow. Flooding can be as bad for the farm economy as drought and what is about to occur is landslides on a monumental scale all over the West Coast of North America.

Either way we are about to pay a terrible price for out ecological greed and stupidity. In a way the coming disasters will finally wake people up but the irony is as people wake up to what fossil fuels have done they very well might be on the verge of having to turn to them even more to save themselves from a mini ice age! The swings in climate will occur in both directions. Here is another sobering thought, the dust from automobile tires and paved road ways will be more than just a problem for aquatic life in drainage systems. I predict that tire dust and road dust in dry climate large cities will become the number one cause of respiratory illness and surpass even smoking in cities like Los Angeles as the number one cause of lung illnesses. Within a few years the smart people will wear dust masks all the time and live in filter air buildings, the poor will just continue to suffer and die in the streets as always. Our combined greed and stupidity will make the black hole of Calcutta look like paradise on earth!

Comment Is the climate changing on Slashdot? (Score 0) 417

This seems unusual considering the average slashdot reader will either blame

Microsoft or Google for the rise in ocean temperatures

or will claim that it was George Bush that caused the problem

Or worse still will look for some lame excuse for why the West Coast of North America is on fire and is going to experience El Nino from hell this year with floods and no snow in the mountians.

I was surprised that the right wing morons didn't jump all over Obama for this statement here on Slashdot, after all what does he know about climate science. Thank heavens he does not get his advice from some of the posters on /. especially about climate change issues or IT tech!

Comment Re:Security (Score 1) 123

Who needs their track record on security when you've got a proven track record with abandoned embedded software? There are millions of ATMs and other embedded windows XP machines out there languishing as unsupported because they trusted Microsoft. Millions of ATM's and other embedded computer devices will be replaced not because they need to be, but because the operating system running them is no longer supported.

Any company with an ounce of care about the future would NOT use Microsoft for any embedded application. Windows 10 embedded just like XP embedded will be abandoned in the future and every company that relied on it will be forced to replace perfectly functional hardware and software.

The funny part is the embedded market frequently sees device lifetimes that far exceed Microsofts support timeframes and yet they continue to get business in the embedded marketplace. The only viable operating system for embedded systems is Linux or maybe one of the BSD's. Everything that's not FOSS will be abandoned long before the device lifetime is reached.

The funny part about the equation is that IBM would go dead dog in the middle of the road if it were not for the fact that they have huge amounts of accounts supporting a butt tonne of windows xp run atms, workstation desktops and who knows what else where ever.

In Canada the bank of Nova Scotia saves millions by using old desktops running XP long past the eol of the OS. So do many other major institutions.

Got really bad news for all the Microsoft shills here on Slashdog, XP is no where near dead it survives in many places and still runs huge amounts of infrastructure. XP has no end of life it is Microsoft's worst nightmare and a boon to IBM support services all over the place. Talk about a Zombie software invasion that makes OS2 Warp look like a real OS, XP is stinking and rotting yes but it ain't going to go away anytime soon especially considering we are on the verge of another down turn in so called IT tech. This time the down turn is going to make 2000 look like the good times.

Comment Re:Audio codecs (Score 1) 123

I've played Halo 2 on my PlayStation and Halo 5 on my Dreamcast. Whether you can play them on RPi2 depends on what audio codecs Windows 10 IoT Core supports.

Ok my last reply got modded down as a troll. But here is the whole story, the core kernel used in win 10 is very good indeed. BUT and this is a very big one, hardware support is slowly cutting out anything over 5 years of age. The WDDM 1.1 support is very limited so things like most of atom chips from 2010 are being axed. Good luck getting a pi to run directx 11 let alone 12. I am sure that pi is not going to compete with the Xbox ecosystem so essentially it will take a complete freeze over in hell before Microsoft lets it's OS compete on embedded game platforms. Especially when you consider that the main purpose of win 10 "free upgrade" is to convince the consumer to use Microsoft cloud and integrate an xbox with their new Win10 pc!

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