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Comment Re:Why animals can't be given human rights. (Score 1) 166 166

Animals kill for sport all the time. Have you ever seen a cat play with a mouse or bird? They typically injure the prey to slow it down, then let it go and catch it over and over again, until finally they kill it. In many cases, they do not eat the prey at the end.

Have you ever seen a dog get loose in a chicken coup? They will kill every single chicken in there, delighted that after all the birds they have chased, these ones can't simply fly away.

The list goes on and on - but predators almost universally kill for sport as well as food. The question is - should we as humans be held to a higher standard.

And this is where and how we as a species created Adolf Hitler and Ted Bundy. Animals do not have a conscious understanding of their motivation to kill and some humans do not develop the level of self awareness necessary to chose to have an awareness or understanding of social morality either that or they distort it in their mind and see only a narrow future with themselves at the center of the universe.

When we permit dictators to have power then we revert to an amoral state dominated by those who are the biggest and meanest bastards The Putins, Stalins, Hitlers, Pol Pots and the rest of the amoral dictators that we have had to tolerate will continue to plague our society as a species on this earth for long after I am gone from this planet. But I can see an end in sight as we finally begin to overcome our primitive animal social structures.

This is how we came to where we are as a species and we are still very primitive in social terms. By now we could easily be traveling to Mars if the current group of dictators were ousted and true democracy happens in China, Russia soon. You notice that I group them all together because they have made the decision that they are above social morality and therefore others are wrong and they are right because otherwise they would not be in power. It is obvious that the human species needs to unite to advance beyond this planet but we still have a hell of a long way to go!

Chimps, wolves and most other higher mammals that are social preditors do not have self awareness as a species and are driven only by the socially primitive need for dominance and submission the same as a dictatorship is. We on the other hand can evolve as a species and direct our own evolution away from primitive dominance oriented natural selection. The eugenicists and fascist strong men of the early twentieth century were wrong, social morality can be achieved peacefully without the need for war and struggle. Yes tyrants have risen from the ashes and cursed us but they will fade to dust as we evolve away from being a primitive animal. This is the true gift of higher human evolution that has given us communication and an advancing social morality that only real democracy can achieve.

Is democracy in reality socialism? This is a loaded question that chimps and wolves do not worry about but it seems to be a fixation with Americans, hopefully more and more of them will eventually figure things out! The poor Russians are still struggling to understand that they can get by without a Tsar for heavens sake. Let us hope they do not chose to crown a chimp for life the way they have with Putin!

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 479 479

You mean Ballmer? I doubt he would understand. And someone who writes letters like this certainly wouldn't.

Thanks for posting a link to that barf bag inducing ramble of corporate speak spew. It was a revelation considering it came just before the big ax in Redmond last year! These guys just don't get it, if you are going to get out the knife and do major cutting then tell the employees the friggin' truth you jack ass. As you can see from the latest bottom line figures the temporary boost in revenue created by the ax job was considerable and I am sure Elop is getting his blood money as is the entire crowd that Ballmer brought in to do the dirty work.

The Walmart Nation inspired corporate greed of these so called execs is astounding. They won't be satisfied until they can use slave labor to produce products. The down side is even though the economy looks like it is rebounding because of corporate cuts the actual level of poverty in cities is increasing. Real inflation has again started to run amok because of these assholes and the average wage slave is much worse off. The plastic debt load and rabid consumerism which these people pander to and rely upon is going to kill us. We are living in a false economy and the next crash is going to be a doozy to say the least it will make 2008 look like the good times. China is just figuring this problem out and within a year it is going to be in free fall.

I fully understand why Windows 10 is free, even if only 20% of the suckers that "upgrade" for free use the new "Microsoft Store" and actually use the Microsoft cloud to sync devices, the coding labor force and salaries can be cut even more in Redmond. All this while Microsoft tries to pull a Walmart style race to the bottom by cutting labor costs at the same time that they claim that there is a shortage of trained workers. It is about the same as New York dumping garbage in the sea or like in Canada where we now export raw logs more than we produce product. Sooner or later taking the easy way out will come back to bite corporate America and Microsoft is now as caught up in the race to the bottom as is the auto industry!

We are going to pay heavily for the throw away society we are creating and the first casualty is going to be the work force.[crystal_balls] Windows and Microsoft will eventually fail because it is rapidly beginning to fail at creating equitable employment the same as what is happening with many over blown major corporations[/crystal_balls]

Comment Re:Copyright? (Score 3, Informative) 57 57

There's no music on this disc, only greetings by unknown people who probably signed off to NASA anyway.

Wrong. They even put Glenn Gould on the disk so Sony most likely will be selling records and interstellar performance rights to the aliens who come to earth to find out who the hell played the piano like that and what why it has evil discordant humming in the background!

My favourite piece is the gavotte en rondeaux from partita 3 of Bach which I play on the guitar. But as far as the RIAA and US .gov revisions of who owns music goes WHO GIVES A SHIT? They are the worst bunch of fuckwad backward minded asshole aliens on this or any planet IMO. In a few hundred years the truly great music performances of this planet will most likely only be available on the voyageur space craft.

Comment Re:I've already uninstalled the windows 10 nag ico (Score 1) 374 374

Yes, yes, I'm sure you're special, your computer never gets a virus, never has a problem.

Like I said, most people overrate their own abilities. But not you, I'm sure you're special.

The worst attitude in the world is "it won't happen to me".

I suppose you'll be totally safe going back to DOS 5.0. The same logic that says "I don't wanna upgrade, I want to keep my Windows Version XXX forever!" is the same one that people said back then.

Has nothing to do with windows and has nothing to do with being special. Windows has become a religion so has the belief that it takes specialists to service a computer operating system. And that is the whole point the techs removing virus thing is the biggest scam of all, C cleaner, My Clean PC and all the other garbage that goes on with the Windows ecosystem is a charade. A very lucrative charade but a scam non the less. There is absolutely no reason why Windows 10 cannot easily be made to work well on older equipment. If the Linux kernel along with GNU software can run safely on old gear like my IBM t42 that I am posting this from then the only reason why a scaled down re-release of windows, lets call it windows SPARTAN could not be created for sale by Microsoft for older gear instead of the current methodology.

Not everyone is suckered in by the flash and sparkle smoke and mirrors and scare tactics used by the Windows device snake oil industry!

Comment Re:I've already uninstalled the windows 10 nag ico (Score 1) 374 374

The complaint is that I don't want to change my OS if I don't want to, and that should be my choice - plain and simple.

It is your choice... plain and simple...

However, if you wish to remain connected to the Internet, at some point you're going to have to upgrade if you have any sense.

No amount of "safe surfing" is going to make up for the fact that XP is EOL and 7 will be EOL in 2020.

So don't upgrade, keep using whatever you're using, but be mindful of the consequences.

In my experience, most people overrate their own abilities and skills and underrate the threat. I've cleaned too many infected PCs to be ignorant of the threat.

This is freakin' hilarious. With the reasoning you are using obviously the only thing keeping Microsoft afloat is the pc cleaning business. Therefore combating the evil digital bits is the whole basis for the industry which would make sense because the user can be fleeced every imagined upgrade cycle. There must be really good money in creating annoyances for digital distribution. Essentially what you are saying it is only the black hats that are keeping Microsoft in business.

I USE MY CLEAN PC but it is my own creation and comes on a usb stick that will run good ol' DD cleaner. She is faithful and always works here is her address; dd if=/dev/* of=/dev/sda

I have never had any problems with windows trojans or virus software. But I can see how it keeps the Charlestons of the industry in business!

Comment Re:MS Paint (Score 1) 290 290

Perhaps normal people and businesses in general just want to get shit done... But it seems like the hipsters always end up running the show. Somehow companies like Microsoft see that as innovation. After all, trying to enforce Metro on 8 was pretty much a hipster move. Not very good for usability or familiarity in my experience. Then masses of people trying to get shit done had to inform the hipsters at Microsoft that this was a really dumb idea. It's different so it must be good!!!!!!!

Honestly I don't care much about the icons though. Metro was much more annoying. My problem is I don't really know of a good way to change to a different theme for windows. I prefer the colors and contrast of Windows 7 and the previous versions. Instead, Windows 10 TP comes default with funky colors. I don't want a purple desktop. I'm not a 12-year old girl. Reminds me of the Windows XP Fisher Price interface, except that was less annoying, AND you could change it back to windows classic. I'm aware you can change colors, but I've not had good success finding a clean set of colors that have good contrast without hurting the eyes. I don't want to have to spend time coming up with a theme that doesn't look stupid. And maybe I don't care for flat-mode.

Get yourself a wheel with the complimentary colours and pick the drab shades in compliments to the highlighted edges. What happens is the eye does not strain to compensate for the differentiation of the compliments. Instead your eye focuses on the field faster and there is a less jarring effect. This is essentially design eye pablem technique instead of jarring candy effects and is how designers manage to keep their interior designs from annoying prospective customers with jarring visuals.

That was the problem with the red jabbing designs of Win8. When you snap back to the start screen tiles your brain just goes "WTF are you doing?" with this sudden flash of a square box full of sudden choices that I must now consider. It jarred the shit out of users and slowed them down to say the least. At least Windows ten has changed that pile of bullshit. It is actually quite easy to use without having to be so called intuitive by poking you in the eye with the choices you have to make. Cortana search works to an extent for those who do not have a clue. Voice command makes the OS usable for the visually impaired but is not an essential part of the GUI. They are listening to users this time around and are creating an OS that is user friendly enough with all the essential stuff still there for the user that knows how to do things like use and create active directories, format remote volumes, manage data connections etc.

Microsoft is late to the party listening to the core user base but it does seem as if a dose of laxative was give to the stagnant design teams and there was a major shake up in the BSOD Microsmerf yes man culture that prevented innovation at Microsoft during the Ballmer era.

Comment Re:Tiles and Apps don't work? (Score 1) 290 290

Tiles and Apps don't work? Well, that is at least some good news. Hopefully applications and the start menu work, though.

As it stands how and what you chose to remove or the start is completely up to you. You can pin applications that you use frequently and leave the ones that you don't in the "all programs" choice. Start in 10 is a huge improvement over the layout of any previous version of windows. You can remove excess baggage from the task bar on demand as well and this improves startup performance.

All of the craps that require a tile that talks to the internet like; news, sports, weather, store, onedrive can easily be removed from the start. So can edge and IE 11 is actually quite good for a change and you can still set it up old school. Edge with was called Spartan for some stupid reason is decent with HTML5 and you can ditch flashplayer and use the net just fine the same as Chrome or Firefox.

As far as hardware compatibility goes well My old semi pro but really great M-audio 24/96 delta soundcard is still supported by a windows 7 64 bit driver from Avid that works fine even though it is unscircum.... (OOPS) unsigned by Microsoft.

On a long in the tooth government discard 2009-10 Lenovo core two duo 8400 with intel onboard graphics and a display port out Windows 10 ten boots from a spinning Sata2 7200rpm HDD to full user access without indexing the hell out of the drive after I login and does on average in 30 seconds from cold boot. People can dis Microsoft for many things but they are wrong if they think this is not a version of Windows that is decent, they have actually been listening this time. Somewhat.

Comment Microshafted to the max (Score 1) 129 129

Very possible considering the fact that the entire Canadian government web infrastructure and most of the Provincial ones have all become dedicated Microsoft centric infrastructures. The same thing goes for all the crown Corps like the CBC and most universities so the acquisition and dismemberment of BlackBerry at the hands of Microsoft would come as no surprise at all.

It has been the goal of Microsoft to dominate all digital communications in the western world and as far as possible elsewhere. The acquisition, absorption and decimation of all who have stood in the way is almost complete. Acquiring and then dismantling BB makes perfect sense then making certain that there is no competition in Canada other than Google for corporate mail and communications is the icing on the cake for Redmond. Their tactics of using their OS domination position to corner the information market are obvious and very disturbing. ALL HAIL the new and open MICROSOFT! Same as the old.

The statues of the fallen ( and some soon to die as well)


Corel (Word Perfect)

IBM AIX, Lotus software etc and any attempt they made to network businesses with software other than windows based infrastructure


HP Unix

good ol' BSD based Hot Mail


And a huge number of others who have tried to compete against Microsoft in the digital information technology market. The Scroogle campaign has not to date done much to Bing the Google thing but it is obvious that the campaign to undermine, defame and absorb them is still alive and screwing over the market place! Milo Minderbinder has nothing on Microsoft!

Comment Secrecy in security is not always a good thing. (Score 4, Insightful) 34 34

Even if Snowden had never blown the whistle on how the culture of secrecy can run amok and abuse privacy, eventually the NSA would have been caught out because of the Hubris a culture of closed doors creates. This latest revelation about how they tried to do man in the middle attacks on android and IOS devices only goes to prove the fact that the more closed the source is the more vulnerable it is to abuse in the long term. The first post to this thread is woefully wrong and was evidently posted by a zombie in his parents basement trying to score points with his friends.

That being said culturally we are being morally bankrupted more by a culture of fear and secrecy than hackers. Gag orders only work to cause public distrust in the long run and so does a lack of transparency.

The vulnerabilities in these devices will not cause problems long term because their code is transparent the same thing cannot be said about closed source devices. Fortunately Microsoft is transparent and does appreciate users telling them about security flaws otherwise I would never use a Windows device again. Naturally the flaws that exist are harder to fix but at least they do try to make their products and OSes bullet proof from the NSA. Touch wood.

Comment Remember the clicker tv? (Score 1) 77 77

We had to get up and change the channel when I was a teenager. But my best friend didn't they could afford a new-fangled clicker tv. I swear this is true, one day I smoked up, got creative and learned to imitate the clicker sound perfectly and change the channel. I got so good at it when we did the keep up with the Jones' routine that I drove my parents nuts to the point of distraction by throwing the sound and changing the channel on the Electrohome or turning it on or off but that one was really tricky to do. I can see that in the future there are more interesting challenges ahead for those of use who love to mess with the works just for fun.

Thank you Google! I will go out and practice my dog whistle techniques. Like some I am not from this planet I think some of us were put here just for the purpose of shit and giggles.

Comment Re:Did the study include Linux? (Score 1) 109 109


Certainly not, but perhaps low adoption rate of BSD and Linux on the desktop indicates that the average computer user does not have the attention span necessary to use real operating systems. Thus you have finger painting kindergarten software and OSes like Win8, Android and IOS dominating a market of consumers with lower attention spans than Goldfish. Most of whom could be out classed running Linux or BSD by a trained Rhesus Macaque or properly trained PE teacher for that matter!

Comment Re:Averages (Score 1) 109 109

No, you don't understand. This study is the run-up point to draft legislation that will pour Ritalin into the nations water supply. Fluoridation set the precedent.

I know which stock I will be purchasing tomorrow.

Your attention span has been altered by your precious bodily fluids being polluted by the Commies. Here is proof of the conspiracy! remember to deny your essence to women, then your attention span will return to normal. Naturally if you are using computer to stimulate your senses all bets are off. As far as Ritalin is concerned it can easily be replaced by an XBOX in every living room a cell phone in every pocket and thousands of true believers walking down the street playing this

"I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens." -- Woody Allen