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Comment Re:Link to Reuters News Story... (Score 3, Interesting) 161

Really, the driveway, my 6.7L turbocharged Scoprion diesel engine just got 22mph heading to and from Duluth and the twin cities. And all with with no black soot what so ever in the tail pipe, looks just like the day I bought it, shiny new metal inside the exhaust.

As compared to 50-60 miles per gallon on a euroweeny? Yes the euroweeny diesel made a tiny amount more smoke and oxides of N. BUT THE FUCKING GAS HOG MONSTER TRUCK ENGINE JUST PUT a butt tonne more carbon dioxide per mile driven into the atmosphere so fuck off with the gas guzzling bullshit. Move to California and watch it burn, send your dollars to the oil industry and then complain when Bush the Third gets into power and the price of oil goes through the roof again. Short sighted bunch of fucking morons that can't see the forest for the trees. In fact they couldn't care less about the decline of Western Red Cedar happening all alone the west coast of North America. And the steady decline in the West Coast fisheries the severe drought that will eventually hurt the entire rain cycle of the entire Rockie Mountain and Coast Ranges.

Total and complete environmentally stupid morons piled on with more completely ignorant blind and stupid morons and that is the total sum of the issue.

Volkswagen cheating just so it could create an engine that would get better fuel economy is a symptom of the problem. We have our fucking heads screwed on so wrong that we waste resources and think that spewing more carbon dioxide in the air is the answer. I want to know how badly the Euroweeny diesels and Jap turbos that get the same kind of performance and fuel economy actually create NO2 and soot. I am almost willing to bet that on a per gallon basis it is almost the same as the big cummins that everybody thinks is eco friendly. I am almost certain that the amount of soot and NO2 per mile is less in the Euroweeny. So I call bullshit and hefferdust on the who eco diesel scam that we are being sold by Chrysler and the American auto industry.

Comment Re:This guy can decode it no problem! (Score 1) 142

We go ice fishing up my way. Well, the locals/natives do. I used to go ice drinking but I don't drink any more. I've never once tried to fish through the ice unless you count jigging for smelts which, I guess, sort of qualifies as fishing and I did not even do that for long. I was mostly hell bent on getting drunk - which is all I've ever done out in the ice shacks. Some of them are pretty nice, too. In fact, I've gotten drunk in lots of ice shacks and not once really fished to the best of my recollection. No alien abductions though.

We go ice fishing up my way. Well, the locals/natives do. I used to go ice drinking but I don't drink any more. I've never once tried to fish through the ice unless you count jigging for smelts which, I guess, sort of qualifies as fishing and I did not even do that for long. I was mostly hell bent on getting drunk - which is all I've ever done out in the ice shacks. Some of them are pretty nice, too. In fact, I've gotten drunk in lots of ice shacks and not once really fished to the best of my recollection. No alien abductions though.

I highly encourage those who ice fish to get drunk, drive their gear out on the lake, drill as many holes as possible all around their shack! Sorry if my humor went way over your head, next time duck.

Comment Re:So what. (Score 1) 348

Let's start World War One Hundred Eleven?

111 or III who gives a shit, funny how the mind works and you can easily do slips on the keyboard that reflect your anger at the rich assholes that run the world from their jets. Why not just elect John Batiste Emanuel Zorg and be done with it. Milo Minderbinder and a myriad of others would all love the title of supreme leader.

What would make more sense is to elect a Gay republican who is married and have two men in the Whitehouse at the same time. Now that would make a good TV show, call it the First Man instead of First Lady.

Comment So what. (Score 1) 348

I am sure all the stuff in the e-mails didn't help Bin Laden did it? Sure bring on Jeb Bush and lets start WW111 who gives a shit. Just maybe the Chinese and the Russians saw that Obama was going after Bin Laden. Point is that if someone in Pakistan did then they did not believe it that is for freaking sure.

Either that or Hillary was smart enough to not let the real secrets out and only let out stuff that no one could verify or better still confused the hell out of them. By all means bring on another Bush or Trump war monger session we need more brainz in Washington, hell a good war will help the economy and help drive up the price of oil again. Whoaaaa what I great environmental thought elect a war monger so that oil is only used for war and domestically it has to be rationed. Heck even coal could become a strategic commodity during a bloody enough conflict. Who know a good war could really get the economy on the right track and make the 1% Lear jet set crowd really happy!

Comment Re:This guy can decode it no problem! (Score 1) 142

Observation: Some people have too much free time.

I was abducted while fishing when I was 12 years old so I know something about it. Put it this way it takes more than a tin foil hat to block their signals. So in my free time I fish like a mad man and communicate. But I prefer chironomid fishing just after ice off. In winter it is too hard to cut a hole in the ice long enough to get in a good cast!

Comment Meh (Score 1) 54

I suggest that faceplant institutes a third button for commenting on posts and call it MEH. A more considerate naming choice than a WGAS button. (who gives a shit) which is what most posts on faceplant usually deserve. After all, who really cares if your grandmothers cat hoiked up a giant hair ball that looked like a cooked Johnsonville Brat sausage this morning, replete with pictures!

Comment An huge opening for Win10 phones in Russia? (Score 1) 126

All Microsoft would have to do is open an assembly plant somewhere in Russia and BINGo. The number two search engine could overnight become the number one, well at least in the land of Putin. No need for Microsoft to worry about being anti competitive for a change, Windows phones could quickly become a much loved underdog of the east as Android suddenly becomes the wicked witch of the west. I would not at all be surprised if all of a sudden something of this magnitude happens in the cell phone industry the way the Google hate is spreading in the EU and Russia.

A move like this makes one hell of a lot more sense politically and economically than the ridiculous "scroogle" bullshit campaign launched by Steve Ballmer. I am sure that if the right amount of grease was applied to corrupt Russian politicians Microsoft could quickly make in roads into the market there. Perhaps a concerted effort like this is the only way Windows phones can finally gain real traction in the market place. They definitely are out of it in the West, I do not even see an offering of the product in the Best Buy flyers or on the Telco's lists of products. AND where the hell are Nokia/Microsoft phones in the media they seem to have completely disappeared this year. I am sure that they are not just going to be sold at the Microsoft brick and mortar stores.

A good advertising ploy would be to have a bunch of old Russian tanks run over a bunch of Androids in front of the new Microsoft stores and factory in Moscow. I am sure that the underfunded Russian military would love to do the acting and supply the gear for the commercials!

Comment Re:Get back to us on that... (Score 1) 275

... when we have neutrino or gravitational wave telescopes capable of detecting such signals. Which we don't. Current neutrino observatories are very crude, and we have yet to detect gravitational waves of any kind.

Perhaps the physics we are applying are incomplete. Let us theorize instead. For one, what if there are wave lengths of extreme length, then how do you detect them? Can a wave be of such a great length that the phase change occurs faster than the speed of light and might this be the only form of energy that can bend space as we think of it? If you do the math the phase change of a long wave does happen over the distance of the wave length at speeds faster than C.

BUT HOW do you detect extremely long waves traveling in the vacuum of space? Certainly a pool of water down in a mine or in under arctic ice is not the answer. IT WILL TAKE very long space based arrays of nodes to detect long wave signals. The wave lengths of extreme long waves in space will be calculated by the speed of light multiplied by the coefficient of the frequency. So there will be resonance nodes that occur at fixed distances relative to the primary wave of long wave signals. These signals will not actually be bending space they will be using the shape of space to move faster than light.

So until we get our shit together and start to explore outer space again we do not stand a chance of discovering how to communicate over long distances. AND this is why Seti has failed, there is no point in using light speed signals to communicate long distance it is too slow and is like using the pony express to deliver the mail when what is really needed is the telegraph! We will find that the other intelligent life within the cosmos will want to chat but until we unite as a species and learn to live off the planet there is no chance of setting up communications. Perhaps this is our true destiny and we will evolve to live in space if we ever learn to control our passion for killing each other off and learn to communicate with each other as a species!

Comment Correlation with other types of bonds in nature. (Score 5, Interesting) 74

If we define a knot as being a configuration which simply joins strings together at a position is space then the problem of how things work and in what sequence becomes more clear. For instance if you can visualize a blood knot or a spider hitch or bimini twist in your mind then you can see the points at which the friction occurs and how the knot is lock stopped and how it works. For an experience fisherman this can become fairly easy but only with practice, for someone who never ties complex knots or conceives of how they might fail this is a very difficult task.

It will be really interesting to see the mathematical advances that come from the study of more complex knots. It is altogether possible that new algorithms that will apply to other disciplines will emerge from the study being undertaken. We might even discover insights into the knotting of proteins and other chains that produce strings that knot. What works at the microscopic scale down to the molecular level will work completely differently on the larger scale and that difference should be something that can be quantified. Knots are a fascinating study and even the primitive human was fascinated by them, they were one of the first essential skills that the human race developed. Without the study of knots we would not have clothing is the first thing that comes to my mind. Who knows where the study of knots on a mathematical level can lead us.

Comment Re:Wildlife is already dying (Score 2) 125

Just look at this. From nat. geo. Polar bear deaths

Fucking sad.

Fixed the link for ya. And well quoted point well taken but the implications of what is happening to the arctic are much further reaching than just the sudden extinction of the top predators!

And that is the whole issue in a nut shell. What is even more concerning is as the sea ice changes so does the ecosystem that supports the arctic cod that requires sea ice habitat. This in turn supports the summer populations of sea birds, seals and the food web of the arctic. So it gets much worse than that in a hurry. The entire food web of the arctic is now in chaos and we will see increased extinctions, the polar bears will be the first because they are at the top of the food web. Then the seals and finally the sea bird populations will crash.

The whales that live off krill will die off as the krill population crashes due to changes in currents. In some places there will be minor increases in local populations of specific species but by and large the large animals will all die off.

Our ocean fishery is doomed because of rapid climate change and within the next 20 years it will become obvious that what we have done to the environment of planet earth is going to starve us off as well. There is no stopping the coming extinction cycles. The only realistic solution is for us to evolve as a species and that evolution must be artificial. We need to genetically modify ourselves to survive. A body that can survive in low gravity is the answer, essentially a space cadet or grey alien like body with very light bone structure and a high resistance to extreme g forces seems the most sensible modifications. Perhaps this guy is right! I guess that is why my favourite movie of all time is a doomsday one. I consider myself lucky to be of the last generation that could have prevented the global extinctions and instead chose to go out with our collective heads in the oil sands of time believing that paving the planet would lead to a bright future! We have ignored the obvious warnings and we are doomed because of our greed and stupidity. The human race is not worth saving because it did not learn to rise above greed and the ensuing acts of war that tribalism creates. Our chance to become a single species is past and we instead are again falling into a narrow minded self serving tribal economic chaos which we call capitalism. We have lost the only chance we had to rise above greed and strife. Mother nature is about to cull the herd and it will be brutal because we are incapable of thinking beyond ourselves as individuals regardless of skull and bones and secret hand shakes and all the other bullshit that we delude ourselves with the human race is going to evolve and that evolution is not something which we have control over!

Comment Re:The Arctic is NOT doomed (Score 0) 125

When was the last time you were in Alaska? Care to take a guess what the AK in my name stands for? Oh, and you know they have a rail now through boggy and mountainous areas, right? And apparently there are no trains in New Orleans either, surrounded by bog and all that.

The delta of the Mackenzie River will be swamped so will the deltas of many Russian rivers that flow into the low artic.

How is that relevant to building railroads, or Alaska? Sounds like you are upset with Canadians and take it out on anyone who mentions Alaska too. Tundra isn't hard to build over. In WWII, the US military built roads over tundra without issue when the US was being invaded by Japan. The Glenn Highway (Alaska Highway 1) was built in its present location during WWII, as the Japanese bombed and occupied US territory in Alaska. Roads through tundra aren't hard. Railways take more digging, though. But same basic principles apply. Been done many times before. The reason Canada doesn't do it is because they are too cheap to build usable roads. Just drive on the rivers after the freeze. Expensive doesn't mean "hard".

I got it the only place in the real world that is north of 60 is Alaska. Only morons think of the world only in terms of how climate change effects the USA. Alaska is different topographically from most of northern Canada and Siberia and certainly is not going to benefit from climate change or the opening of the north west passage. The truth is that the majority of Alaskan population is close to the sea and most people do not live in Alaska where the climate is cold and do not live on tundra or on permafrost. Lose of the pacific fishery is about to occur because of changes to ocean surface temps all the way up to the pan handle. A huge bubble of warm water is sitting off the West Coast of North America. What this will do in a very short few years along with over fishing makes the loss of the grand banks over the hundreds of years of over fishing look like a passive action. The pacific fishery is no where near as large as was the Atlantic and even though it took hundreds of years to destroy it it will only take a few more to do the same on the West Coast

The American attitude toward the environment we all share is almost as bad as the Canadian attitudes and will only change when the disasters that climate change and our shared environmental stupidity bring become too difficult to dismiss.

The El Nino cycle causing drought in the West is going to go on for another 3 years and then there will be a radical switch to La Nina but without the essential cold currents that meant major up-welling of plankton on the west coast! When this happens the hurricanes on the east coast of the US will ramp up again and this time New York and New Joisy might not be so lucky. Even New Orleans might get it again, who knows if Jeb gets elected then there might even be disaster money for Texas and Florida if it gets the hit this time around. It is a roll of the dice but for certain there will be major storm damage the likes of which we have never seen in the next 10 years.

The dismissal of climate change and the American attitudes toward the environment are as bad and ignorant as the Scopes monkey trials and reflect the unfortunate overall ignorance and stupidity of the wealthy in the US. They could care less about the future and this shows because they dismiss the science the same way the American religious nuts dismissed Darwin! Yes we are in for a rude awakening and huge economic and social changes and the rich will be in the same boat as the poor this time around because starvation is starvation, you can't eat gold or paper. The rich might survive a little longer than the poor when things get really bad but then again they will have no one to feed them so they will eventually die off as well. They will just suffer longer, which I guess is only fitting.

Comment Re:The Arctic is NOT doomed (Score 2) 125

Yes and sections of the CPR go over muskeg in Northern Ontario. But we are taking about a completely different logistical challenge when it comes to permafrost that can become lakes over vast distances. There are vast stretches of frozen mush that run for hundreds of miles in both North America and Northern Siberia. What will happen as this thaws out is not well understood. As small sections of it melt what happens now is the dead plant material sinks and presto you have a lake. So what happens when huge areas of it thaw is that huge lakes will suddenly form where there once was vegetation living on top of mushy ice.

I have worked the oil fields up north and can tell you that come May you are shut down for the summer and the shut down times are getting longer and longer and the ice road season is getting shorter. The interior of British Columbia has lost the pine forest because of climate change and that change is moving further and further north every year. This year the wild fire season showed what we are in for. But unfortunately the vast majority of Americans are morons that ignore what is really happening to the environment until something actually happens to them.

People who do not have a freaking clue are making statements about what is going on. The climate change that is happening is undeniable and if it accelerates because of methane coming out of the tundra then the results are going to be changes that will effect the worlds food supply. Drought in the American south west and the winter food production in California and elsewhere is already causing drastic increases in food costs.

The answer that Ronald Frump and others are putting forward is more of the same bullshit that caused these problems in the first place. Unless we get our act together there is going to be food shortages and unrest in the next 10 years. We cannot afford not to act the other choice is very disturbing and will lead to social chaos that we will not be able to cope with regardless of who has the guns!

People who think that climate change is suddenly going to open up the north are absolute fools and need to be ostracized and exposed for the Charlestons they really are! Especially the ones that think that a new North West passage is going to lead to financial gain and an increase in world trade. As we lose the oceans fisheries and people begin to starve then come back and talk to me. Our greed and stupidity has caused these things, more greed and stupidity will not fix them but most definitely eventually will lead to lower population levels!

Comment Re:The Arctic is NOT doomed (Score 2) 125

What a miss informed bunch of absolute bullshit. Have you ever seen tundra or what permafrost really is? Obviously many here have no freaking clue as to the nature of the north.

What replaces permafrost is bog and that bog is impossible to put a rail line over period. Millions of square hectares of bog is what we will see as the permafrost melts. A rise in sea levels and near the arctic ocean a decrease in land mass. The delta of the Mackenzie River will be swamped so will the deltas of many Russian rivers that flow into the low artic. The amount of slow seepage to the ocean from the melting permafrost is incredible. As the glacier cover over Greenland calves to the sea the effect will increase.

You think the last problem with flooding in New York and New Joisy was bad, just wait you ain't seen nothing yet. But that is ok you can just move up to Canada and take advantage of the new land created eh! What a bunch of freaking morons.

By documenting what is happening from space and what happens in the upper atmosphere and working in combination with data that is land based at least Nasa is helping to accurately document what is happening and the rate at which we can expect the coast lines to change in the near future! Perhaps all you idiots in the states should do is just elect another moron like Jeb or better still Ronald Frump, you can bet either one will put Nasa in its place and make America great again by teaching everyone to stick their head into the Canadian oil sands and kiss their ass goodbye. DRILL BABY DRILL, frac the shit out of the planet who cares if New York sinks.