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Comment spawn multiple paths (Score 1) 708

It's likely that you'll get canned there, sooner or later.
I'm in a similar situation, but temporarily sidelined caring for my folks (dementia). I recently had a boss who's been managing tech since '63. He started at 5am and finished around 7PM, every day.

Scenario out all the options. A non tech path. A tech/detail path, a management path. A path in a segment that doesn't exist yet. A path that's a total fresh start.
We tend to believe we're in control of more than we are. Whatever you do, it may not matter.
You're going to work past the current of Social Security, because it'll be a higher age by the time we get there.
Your work life will likely end about age 70-72.
Social demographers expect that you will have 2 or possibly 3 careers between now and then.
(and post in forums with a younger median age)

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