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Comment Ok..on to Rand Paul for 2016! (Score 1, Insightful) 745

I think most centralist will side with Paul on many issues. Who wants the leader of the free world to look like a Treasure troll who's losing his hair right? But since the invention of TV, the prettier candidate has always won since JFK. Gore vs. Bush was probably the only exception. But who knows what really happened with Florida right?

I think Rand Paul will be a serious contender for the GOP ticket in 2016. He'll have many of the views that make Ron popular, but better looking and be serious considered for the ticket.

Comment It's much more complicated that than. (Score 2, Interesting) 203

Ok.. so you got the major record labels together.. how do you agree to split the revenue fairly?

You'll have to work out a system probably based on who ever gets the most plays, which song is most popular, etc... And of course not all artists are worth the same, correct? You got songs many years old, competing against songs that are just released. Then how do you factor in the appreciation premiums? I'm sure a Antoni Bachelli is worth much more in the eyes of the people than a Britney Spears.

Then you'll get a system where the independent artists will get totally screwed. Their play percentage is much lower than the big record labels and of course they don't have the big wigs and high price lawyers on their side. At least with song purchase models it's easy to map where that 99 cents should go to.

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