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+ - Stealth Ship To Be Sold For Scrap->

Submitted by demonbug
demonbug (309515) writes "The Sacramento Bee is reporting that the Sea Shadow, a prototype ship built for the U.S. Navy to test stealth applications for surface ships, is to be sold for scrap. Apparently no museums were interested in taking on the singular ship, although rumor has it that Carver Media Group may be preparing a last-minute bid to save the ship from the scrap heap."
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+ - Foxconn iPad Production->

Submitted by demonbug
demonbug (309515) writes "A reporter working for American Public Media's Marketplace toured Foxconn's iPad line in their Longhua factory located in Shenzhen, providing a rare glimpse into the city-scale production facility. Video of the happy workers included. The tour was apparently provided by special assistant to the CEO Louis Woo, raising the question of whether it is Foxconn or Apple that is run by Puppeteers."
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+ - FCC Commissioner joins NBC-Comcast->

Submitted by demonbug
demonbug (309515) writes "Several sources are reporting that FCC Commissioner Meredith Baker will be leaving her position at the FCC on June 3. Just four months after voting to approve the merger of NBC-Universal and Comcast, she will be taking a position as the Senior Vice President for Government Affairs (a lobbying position) with Comcast."
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