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Comment: media lab (Score 1) 187

by demon411 (#27139903) Attached to: Demo of a New "Sixth Sense" Technology
I took a class with Pranav where he presented TapuMa http://fluid.media.mit.edu/projects.php?action=details&id=53 as his final project. The idea seemed cool, put down a pair an object on the map and it showed you relevant locations. In fact, I think most of his projects had something or another to do with maps. This new project of his incorporates pieces of tangible interfaces as well as fluid interaction (ambient interfaces) and smart agents

Comment: get rid of physical? (Score 1) 194

by demon411 (#16639155) Attached to: "Interface-Free" Touch Screen at TED
from the video "there is no reason in this day and age we should be conforming to a physical device" The whole idea of Tangible Interfaces is to exploit our natural ability to manipulate physical objects. In fact the guy that developed the minority report stuff, John Underkoffler, was big in Tangible Interfaces when he was a student at mit media lab. In my opinion, physical objects aren't being used enough in interfaces. I do like the fact that touchscreen interfaces gets rid of the indirection than occurs when you use a mouse to move a cursor to manipulate some icon.

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