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Comment: You don't say. (Score 1) 304

by demon driver (#46756255) Attached to: Is Crimea In Russia? Internet Companies Have Different Answers

Guess the percentage of currently existing and valid borders that weren't.

And while the Crimea case may be dubious according to international law, it is utter hypocrisy to insist upon that only when it happens in a part of the former Soviet Union and, this time, serves Russia, while Western countries fell all over themselves when it came to accepting the self-proclaimed status for each and every former Yugoslavian region, ripening it for all the economical exploitation by Western capital which was about to happen.

Comment: StarOffice 5.2 (Score 1) 192

If it'd still reliably run on 64-bit systems, my suggestion would be to try and get a copy of StarOffice 5.2, the ancestor. No version of OpenOffice[.org] or LibreOffice has met my demands as well yet. Unfortunately, it doesn't. So what I'm doing today is running StarOffice 5.2 on 32-bit systems, like my netbook, and OpenOffice 3.3 on 64-bit systems, which is the latest of the StarOffice descendants still capable of saving documents in StarOffice 5 compatible format. (StarOffice 5 binary formats are still fully readable with current versions of OpenOffice and LibreOffice, for that matter.)

Comment: There really is a trick (Score 1) 73

by demon driver (#45228427) Attached to: The Fascinating Science Behind Beer Foam

There is a working trick, and it works because the real eruption needs slightly longer than one microsecond (remember, TFA said it's one microsecond until the first bubble implodes, and one bubble doesn't make an eruption yet): as fast as you can, grab the bottle, put it to your mouth, and drink! Many years ago, there was a time I was quite good at it... It doesn't even need much training, only a minimum of alertness and quick response. Which, of course, deteriorates with the amount of beer you've already drunk...

Comment: Re:Illegal, Not Undocumented. (Score 0) 391

by demon driver (#45187393) Attached to: What Employee Lock-In Means At Facebook

"Why are illegal immigrants being called undocumented?" Because, if to use correct language is more than just a pretense for anti-humanist, misanthropic political propaganda, there is no such thing as an illegal person, which is what the term illegal immigrant amounts to. There may be an offense called illegal immigration, but that doesn't make the offending person any more illegal than theft, speeding or tax fraud.

Comment: Not even a bit flimsy (Score 1) 266

by demon driver (#45089457) Attached to: Azerbaijan Election Results Released Before Voting Had Even Started

That's how internet presentations of election results ARE developed and tested: with current data as far as possible, meaning of course current candidates, too, but with old results. Many years ago, I could get an inside look into the internals of the web presentation software for certain elections within a European country, and that's just how it was done. If they would have accidentally put the test results online, that's what it would have looked there, too. (Perhaps people should form a habit of testing elections using extremely improbable made-up test data...)

Comment: Excellent! One item of criticism: no library sync (Score 4, Informative) 193

by demon driver (#44668127) Attached to: Calibre Version 1.0 Released After 7 Years of Development

Library sync is still a major problem, because it becomes virtually impossible once you start adding books to different libraries.

While calibre /can/ run in server mode, which in theory could very much eliminate the need for synchronizing libraries, the web frontend isn't quite as good as the normal calibre UI, so I don't like the option too much.

Right now, I'm keeping my primary calibre library on a netbook, I don't add books in any other library, and I synchronize other libraries by simply copying from the netbook.

That said, calibre is nevertheless THE all-in-one solution for everything I need to do with e-books, and it's truly excellent.

Comment: PDF is problematic by design (Score 2) 193

by demon driver (#44668093) Attached to: Calibre Version 1.0 Released After 7 Years of Development

PDF is generally problematic. One of the reasons is that PDF is pre-formatted with hard line breaks which have to be eliminated to get dynamically flowed paragraphs, and it is quite impossible for a machine to perfectly know without understanding the context whether a specific re-flow is in order or not.

That said, I find the PRS-T2's built-in PDF reflow feature, while far from perfect, better than the PC based conversion solutions I happened to look at so far. I always try to get a "native" epub version of a book I want to read in the first place, though.

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