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Music Labels Working On Digital Album Format 250

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the i-bet-it-wont-be-open dept.
Nerdfest writes to mention that just weeks after Apple announced their new "Cocktail" digital album project, the four big record companies are moving forward with their own project dubbed "CMX." The new digital album will feature songs, lyrics, videos, liner notes, and artwork. "However, this may be of little interest if CMX isn't compatible with iTunes, the default music software for iPods, iPhones and Apple computers. Whereas labels are eager to resuscitate the album format in an age of singles, Apple is concerned with selling hardware, including a tablet computer rumored to be launching this fall. The major labels plan to launch CMX, which is just a working title for the format, in November. It will reportedly be 'soft-launched' with a few select releases."

Comment: It would disable 'non-essential hardware component (Score 2, Funny) 226

by deft (#28321335) Attached to: Apple Patent To Safeguard 911 Cellphone Calls

"It would disable 'non-essential hardware components' and applications on the phone, reduce power to the screen and potentially reduce the phone's processor speed. It also would make it harder to disconnect the call".

That sounds alot like verizons business model for all their phones, emergency or not. Then you just pay more for to get them back.

Comment: wow, pretty biased (Score 5, Insightful) 194

by deft (#28067495) Attached to: Microsoft Blocks Messenger In Five Embargoed Countries

I'm not a lover or hater of MS, but I know when a article is biased.

Right after the writer says "it's not clear that Microsoft was ordered to make this change, so what made the company decide that US-embargoed countries aren't worthy of Messenger? Why now?".

If it's not clear, why assume they chose? Why say they aren't worthy... clearly MS thought they were for some time. MS gets no good from blocking it, they just want users. Maybe their lawyers had been arguing with the government and finally there was a decision.

Noone knows... which means don't conclude anything. More info needed.

Comment: THAT'S NOT TANG!! (Score 2, Funny) 349

by deft (#28040951) Attached to: Space Station Crew Drinks Recycled Urine

Here's a video chad carter did on the development of this system Chads a trained physicist and a improv actor here in LA... brilliant. I laugh every time.

That's Not Tang: The NASA Urine Recycler took 10 years to develop. Watch the testing videos.


The Electronic Police State 206

Posted by kdawson
from the watching-you dept.
gerddie writes "Cryptohippie has published what may be called a first attempt to describe the 'electronic police state' (PDF). Based on information available from different organizations such as Electronic Privacy Information Center, Reporters Without Borders, and Freedom House, countries were rated on 17 criteria with regard to how close they are already to an electronic police state. The rankings are for 2008. Not too surprisingly, one finds China, North Korea, Belarus, and Russia at the top of the list. But the next slots are occupied by the UK (England and Wales), the US, Singapore, Israel, France, and Germany." This is a good start, but it would be good to see details of their methodology. They do provide the raw data (in XLS format), but no indication of the weightings they apply to the elements of "electronic police state" behavior they are scoring.

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