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Comment parental rights (Score 0) 840 840

It's strange how most slahdotters are fundamentally Luddites. Controlling for genes that are linked to alcoholism or schizophrenia are no-brainer ways of employing technology. Parents already make decisions on a wide range of items that will affect their children well into adulthood from their diet to whether they will be sexually mutilated (circumcised) and society has no problems with it.

Comment Vista FS finally ships! (Score 0) 459 459

Wasn't Vista supposed to have some amazing new file system as well? At least one year it out when all the cool new features of the OS were announced. In the end nothing shipped and it took another 3 years after that to clean up the mess with Win 7. Win 8 smells like a disaster in the making.

Comment Re:The problem with WP7 is... (Score 0) 318 318

Oh yes poor Intel got really screwed and abused by Microsoft...and those suckers at Dell and HP as well. And of course the smart hardware providers like Sun and SGI who would never compromise their moral compass by using inferior MS software - they did really swell. your statements are fatuous ...if you have one ounce of business sense you can make a killing as a hardware partner with the evil empire..

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