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Comment: Re:ADA? (Score 1) 254

by Rinikusu (#49623349) Attached to: Is It Worth Learning a Little-Known Programming Language?

What region are you in? Most of the COBOL stuff I've been exposed to are with .gov contracts. The USPS still has mainframes and the shop I used to work at had around 15 graybeards (and one quickly graying 30 something developer they poached from another team). FedEx may still have a COBOL team if they haven't migrated from their mainframes yet (they may have completed their migration to java), and that whole DC/VA corridor is apparently full of government contract companies that still write and maintain COBOL codebases. In Silicon Valley? Not so much. Maybe Sacramento, I think they still have a ton of payroll and tax stuff. Chances are, most of these positions are already filled before they even list the job. They bring some "bright" person over from accounting or they poach from the local community college that still has a COBOL class or two (Southwest Tennessee Community College, for example, still has a COBOL based track as of 2002; but not sure how it is now.. AS/400, etc).

Comment: Re:Law enforcement doing what they should do (Score 1) 251

by muridae (#49616871) Attached to: VA Tech Student Arrested For Posting Perceived Threat Via Yik Yak

See, I think the part that everyone is missing is that by posting this on April 28th, he wasn't possibly referring to the moment of silence or the traffic that the memorial gets. And there is the context, YikYak is meant to be local, so this statement was not meant to be read by people outside the Blacksburg area. And to the staff. faculty, and students-turned-townies, this read like a threat.

So the cops investigated. They warned the campus, and the student turned himself in.

Comment: Re:i don't understand the premise of the post (Score 1) 251

by muridae (#49616717) Attached to: VA Tech Student Arrested For Posting Perceived Threat Via Yik Yak

You don't seem to understand how the US system works. You might want to brush up on Article 3, and Marbury v. Madison. Now, if you don't like that the SCOTUS has review over even the Constitution, then you've had since 1803 to start an Amendment process to change that.

Until then, shouting "fire" in a crowded place stays illegal until the Court's ruling is revised or their power is amended.

Comment: Re:Poster sounds sympathetic, but sounds like thre (Score 1) 251

by muridae (#49616623) Attached to: VA Tech Student Arrested For Posting Perceived Threat Via Yik Yak

Because none of the freshmen, hell even most the senior grad students, were around for the original shooting. It's been 8 years, that's enough time for freshmen who were here to have graduated, and gotten done a combined masters/PhD. Eight years ago, those freshmen would have been in 5th grade, probably in another state! The community of Blacksburg, though, remembers; mostly because there was the escaped cop killer at the beginning of that term that had the campus locked down and people scared, and a student beheaded at the end of that term. The faculty, staff, and townies like me hear a threat like that and get worried.

Even the staff at NRVCS get worried, since that was another of the targets. I have friends working there now, and had family working there the day shit happened in '07.

Maybe if the anon student hadn't posted "another 4 16 moment is going to happen" (moment, wtf?) followed with "Just a warning" (okay, that sounds . . . threatening) then maybe people wouldn't have reacted the way they did.


Ancient Megadrought Entombed Dodos In Poisonous Fecal Cocktail 55

Posted by samzenpus
from the now-that's-a-way-to-go dept.
sciencehabit writes: Nine hundred kilometers off the east coast of Madagascar lies the tiny island paradise of Mauritius. The waters are pristine, the beaches bright white, and the average temperature hovers between 22C and 28C (72F to 82F) year-round. But conditions there may not have always been so idyllic. A new study suggests that about 4000 years ago, a prolonged drought on the island left many of the native species, such as dodo birds and giant tortoises, dead in a soup of poisonous algae and their own feces.

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