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Comment: N-Gage on the Nokia N-series (Score 1) 303

by deeweef (#30986808) Attached to: Why Has No One Made a Great Gaming Phone?
I'm not excactly a gaming connoisseur (IANAGC :) ), but I found some of the N-gage (the platform, not the phone, and not Java-games) games for the Nokia N-series phones quite good; especially the Tekken-clone 'One'. Currently I'm rather addicted to 'Million Dollar Poker', and also played a lot of 'Guitar Hero' and Age of Empires 3.

Comment: Re:Does anyone REALLY take Dvorak seriously? (Score 1) 770

by deeweef (#29859717) Attached to: A Tale of Two Windows 7s
C'mon! Sure Jason Calacanis is arrogant, but he's also very entertaining and funny as hell, and likes to stir things up and fears nothing. Same goes for John C. You should check out Too bad they can't stand each other any more. Twit isn't the same when only one of them are on at the same time...

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