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Comment: Upgrade from f11 left system totally broken (Score 1) 236

by (#30136512) Attached to: Fedora 12 Released

Fedora was constantly broken, sound broken since f11, other misc breakages once in 1-3 months.

Vista is very stable, one update caused infinite reboot, also found some rendering bugs.

Ubuntu is the best, the worst problem in years was it forgot static IP during upgrade

Snow Leopard seems poorly tested, bundled app from Apple crashes, some settings don't work (still very short experience)

It's just my experience, using all systems for the same tasks, development of Lightsmark. The message is clear: ditch Fedora, get Ubuntu.

Comment: Why rabbit may never catch turtle (Score 1) 483

by (#29961968) Attached to: IT Snake Oil — Six Tech Cure-Alls That Went Bunk
Rabbit advances closer to the turtle but he is still not at the same position. Then he advances smaller bit, but he is still not there.
And this is why AI may never exist... oh really?

Of course there will be strong AI and there will be people refusing to acknowledge they lost top position in evolution of intelligence. When machines start treating us like we treat less intelligent animals, I'm sure some people will loudly complain.

Comment: Lightsprint, realtime global illumination (Score 1) 292

by (#20701591) Attached to: Real-time Raytracing For PC Games Almost A Reality
Other techniques produce more realistic lighting, see realtime global illumination by Lightsprint. Lightsprint uses raytracing only for indirect lighting where it really helps, direct lighting uses rasterization/GPU. It's much more efficient this way.

Intel is not crazy, they would do the same, but they are not interested in helping AMD/Nvidia GPU sales. So they continue propagating wrong technique.

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