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Comment: Re:Ha! (Score 1) 171

by dedeman (#33322420) Attached to: Military Personnel Weigh In On Being Taliban In <em>Medal of Honor</em>
Thank you for posting what I wuold have said.

I've actually been called a war profiteer by someone with no idea what they were talking about. Things play out pretty simlply to the person with no experience or stake in the military, or armed conflict.

To the simple mind, anyone working for the military in any capacity, is a "war profiteer", from the 18 yr old infantryman, to the lunch lady serving food on a base back in the US.

A video game manufacturer, or a movie studio, or X cultural enterprise depicting armed conflict does not have a stake in the creation or continuation of armed conflict profit, and as such, are not profiteers.

I tire of people who insist that media which deals in the depiction of conflict are somehow predetorial.

Comment: Re:Seems perfectly fair to me (Score 1) 327

by dedeman (#26944449) Attached to: Wisconsin Passes Digital Download Tax
Ooh, I know, I know!

Because unless the state is providing some sort of service to the entity from which you are downloading content, it should not expect to receive money from that entity. You know, things like roads, police, utilities, etc. That's what taxes are for, you know.

Unless that brick and mortar store is located within the state, then I hesitantly agree with you.

Perhaps our ideas of what constitutes "fair" differ. If "fair" to you is giving the state whatever taxes it legislates that you owe, then yes, that this proposal is "fair".

Comment: Re:You're either with us or against us... (Score 1) 1656

by dedeman (#26534135) Attached to: Barack Obama Sworn In As 44th President of the US

Be happy. be hopeful. Or shut up and let the rest of us be happy and hopeful.

Sounds rather like "You're either with us or against us... "

No, it sounds nothing like that. The latter is an exclusive statement, and a false dichotomy. The idea that several want to be happy and hopeful, and the (voting) minority want to be disdainful about the outcome of the election is in no way "for us or against us". I think you've intentionally misinterpreted that idea.

Comment: Re:IT would almost be funny... (Score 1) 269

by dedeman (#26351481) Attached to: State Secrets Defense Rejected In Wiretapping Case
Can you name any country that has been "taken over" by Islam in the last few hundred years, that hasn't had a majority Muslim influence prior? From what I've heard, Qatar and the UAE are pretty secular/liberal. Besides, these all sound like characteristics of countries that have been "overrun" by Christianity too. Nice partisanship though. It has nothing to do with the original story.

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