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Comment: Cool, but I wont call it "a creation" (Score 1) 448

by deconvolution (#25243719) Attached to: Ultrasound Machine Ages Wine
This gadget looks cool. However, Using ultrasound to improving the taste of wine & spirit like aged ones has been studied for years. It is classified as one of physical aging acceleration approaches and others including microwave, magnetic & electric fields, laser, etc and there is NOT any one approach being approved to improve every products with a general parameter settings. At least I heard of the ultrasound methods have been tested in the spirit produced from my hometown in China and it seems not dramatically improve the taste.

I believe that the major wine & spirit makers HAVE tested & applied for their products by these approaches for many years. In terms of our hometown case, commonly they applied a set of aging acceleration process to all their new products to improve the taste. For example, the one we often drink is mixed by naturally aged spirits with artificial accelerated new spirits in certain percentage. Regarding our experience the taste only has minor differences with the full naturally aged ones.

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An anonymous reader writes "Oxford University is using facebook to investigate "trashings" (dousing classmates in eggs, flour and genereally making a mess) when the students involved post the pictures online. The school has taken to emailing the students fines from $80 to $200 for breaking the rules. In my mind this sounds like the school is playing judge, jury and executioner. What happens when it was all in good fun, no property damage involved and the clean up is a hot shower? I fear where this is turning to. Where someone can get judged by merely a picture."
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