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Comment: Re:Mint analogy (Score 4, Informative) 99 99

Do you really think that all US dollars that are in circulation have physical representation? We are already paying with virtual money that is nothing more than a number written in a database field somewhere in [insert name of your bank here] servers.
Data Storage

+ - Up to 10% of CD-Rs fail within a few years!-> 1 1

crazyeyes writes: "Here's an interesting look at how fragile CD-Rs are :

In the past, hard disk drives were small (in capacity) and costly. To make up for the lack of affordable storage, many turned to CD-Rs. As it became common to store backups and personal pictures, videos, etc. on CD-Rs, the lifespan of these discs became a concern.

According to manufacturers, CD-Rs should last for decades. Some even quoted an upper limit of 120 years based on accelerated aging tests! That sure is a long time, isn't it? But will CD-Rs really last that long?


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