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Comment Re:Once Again, We're Beta Testing for MS (Score 1) 249

2. iPad no longer charges from USB ports. Other devices, like my Garmin GPS watch does. The iPad still syncs up with iTunes, but refuses to charge.

Motherboards that were released before or around the time that 1+ amp USB devices were the norm sometimes require an additional driver/filter that allows the USB port to go out of spec and provide the necessary amperage. This special driver is usually provided by the motherboard manufacturer.

All iPad models require 1+ amps to charge.

Comment Re:If there was a criteria for safe unlocking (Score 2) 83

Because in rocket ships and other experimental craft, as much control as possible should be deferred to the human pilot. Even to the possible detriment of the pilot.

If the pilot needs to purposefully destroy the craft to prevent greater harm or damage, even if it kills him, you do not want the equipment to respond with "I'm sorry, Dave. I can't let you do that."

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Overcoming Low-cost Competition In Web Design

Patchw0rk F0g writes: As a web developer and designer, I've been waging a small-scale war on two fronts: disingenuous design companies with low rates, and students with no infrastructure (or experience), and therefore low fees.

We've all seen them: the web design companies that offer web pages for $99.00 or less, only to provide the client with a static web page that does nothing to further their web presence needs. The client then needs to pony up further funds for a website that reflects the reality of their online needs. We've also seen the student ads on various forums, offering ridiculously low costs for web pages that fail to live up to expectations, much less the minimum requirements that are necessary in today's Google-expected RWD (responsive web design) world.

I've been developing web pages for over ten years now, and have both the requisite experience and client base to make a reasonable salary. I can't, however, develop a suitable web page for a client for a mere pittance. What suggestions would Slashdot readers have, either in the marketing forum or on the production side, to combat these substandard practitioners that beset web designers?

Comment Some people just do not get it (Score 1) 646

Some of the twits on /. think this is about restricting freedom or having some software do the job the parent is supposed to do...

At 8 years old, most kids do not want to see porn. On the internet, at any moment, you are one click away from the full spectrum of content. Believe it or not, some links even lie about their intended purpose. Hey kids, free candy. Kids will believe almost anything and have a level of trust that is unrealistic for the Internet.

It's more about filtering the noise than preventing kids from seeing the "bad stuff."

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