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Comment: Re:They're stupid (Score 1) 1025

by decep (#41108653) Attached to: Study Finds Unvaccinated Students Putting Other Students At Risk

Too much rote learning, and not enough learning how to learn and learning how to think.

Actually, I have found it is exactly the opposite. Those that are against vacinations are the "free thinkers." People really need to be told "you are an idiot" and that is what is missing from education.

Comment: Some people just do not get it (Score 1) 646

Some of the twits on /. think this is about restricting freedom or having some software do the job the parent is supposed to do...

At 8 years old, most kids do not want to see porn. On the internet, at any moment, you are one click away from the full spectrum of content. Believe it or not, some links even lie about their intended purpose. Hey kids, free candy. Kids will believe almost anything and have a level of trust that is unrealistic for the Internet.

It's more about filtering the noise than preventing kids from seeing the "bad stuff."

Comment: Re:Not our experience (Score 2) 142

by decep (#37308766) Attached to: Linux Kernel Moves To Github

I assume you used the VMWare Converter P2V tool to move your servers, which works very well for Windows and not as well for Linux. VMWare Converter fiddles with the underlying Windows configuration so the image will work well on VMWare.

If you had used a Linux cloning tool, such as Clonezilla, you probably would have had a different experience. Of course, some older distros such as RHEL4/CentOS4 also did stupid things like the initrd would only contain the SCSI driver it needs to boot on specific hardware. Sometimes you would have to go back to the original hardware and tell it to store/load the SCSI driver for VMWare.

Sometimes it pays to have better sys-admins.

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