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Comment: Re:Not my fault (Score 1) 517

by deathy_epl+ccs (#27889763) Attached to: Should Developers Be Liable For Their Code?
There's a pretty gigantic middle ground, though, between the gigantic corporations that can afford to spend a fortune on their development cycle and the open source software... a group of companies that produce software, but can't afford to pay for perfection out of the gate. It's unfortunate, but it is a direct result of the increasing complexity of software and its interactions with other parts of your system and the network in general.

Comment: Re:With such a clear definition of the scale requi (Score 1) 149

by deathy_epl+ccs (#26765467) Attached to: ACTA Could Make Nonprofit P2Ps Face Criminal Penalties
You operate under the assumption that the international courts are as likely to react in a sane manner... My gut says that the content industries will just start filing in the international equivalent of the east Texas court where they file them in the U.S.

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