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Submission RockPaperShotgun call for Worldwide Release Dates->

deanbmmv writes: Crysis 2 comes out today! And Lego Star Wars III! Hooray! Except of course, only if you drawl your vowels. These two big games are out in America only today. Crysis 2 reaches Australia on Thursday, and the finally completes its journey to Europe by Friday. Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is taking a three day journey to Europe to reach us by Friday, before then walking to Australia to eventually be released eight days after its US launch. We’ve had enough.

No Oceans is RPS’s campaign to have the UK release day for games changed to Tuesday, to come into line with North America. Which will be a lot of work. It means convincing retail to change their delivery days, and reschedule their systems. But we think it’s worth it, both for them and for customers. Here’s why.

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Submission Nintendo CEO Likened to Head of Record Company->

donniebaseball23 writes: The games industry is moving towards digital, and social and mobile platforms are booming. Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata seems to be in denial about their impact. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter compared Mr. Iwata to a president of a record company. "I'm not sure that Nintendo can do much to stave off competition from mobile and social games; I view Mr. Iwata's presentation to game developers at GDC last month as analogous to a record company president speaking to recording artists 10 years ago," he told IndustryGamers, "and lamenting that Apple's iTunes store would lead to their demise, as it cheapened the value proposition of music CDs by offering $1 downloads."
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Consultants are mystical people who ask a company for a number and then give it back to them.