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Comment: Re:Plus the audio version (Score 2) 81

by deains (#45244125) Attached to: Google Updates ReCAPTCHA With Easier CAPTCHAs For Humans

On those ones have you ever tried hitting the button that's supposed to say the captcha out loud just in case you can't read it?(Which is most of the time) I swear it sounds like some sort of inhuman moaning straight from the Necronomicon that would be more appropriate to summon some sort of demon.

And thus, Inglip was born.

Comment: Re:What's the big deal (Score 2) 421

TBH I think the issue about the bank notes themselves is fairly peripheral to all this. The "people" (for want of a better word) sending these abusive tweets probably couldn't care less about who's on the back of their money, they just simply hate women and so will take any opportunity to threaten, belittle and abuse them anonymously. This article in the Telegraph kinda gives some insight:

Comment: Re:Will make them angry? (Score 3, Insightful) 403

by deains (#44141211) Attached to: You Will Get DirectX 11.2 Only With Windows 8.1

Pretty much this. If you need to make big, structural changes to an OS, backporting it is gonna cause all sorts of problems. Can you imagine if they produduced a service pack upgrade for XP, or an older version of Windows and broke compatibility with tons of classic games? There'd be uproar. And that's not even considering the corporate sector. Basically, breaking existing functionality is generally a bad move, and MS isn't quite that stupid yet.

Comment: Re:So... (Score 4, Insightful) 99

by deains (#43065623) Attached to: UK Court Orders Block of Three Torrent Sites

There are a million and one proxies for Pirate Bay that are accessible in the UK. As far as I know none of these have been shut down by authorities since TPB itself was banned in the country. So if we assume the same model here then chances are proxy sites will be left alone.
Nothing to say the BPI/government (more or less the same thing now) might not change tack of course.

Computers can figure out all kinds of problems, except the things in the world that just don't add up.