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Comment: Re:Students + Anonimity (Score 1) 234

by deadweight (#49486537) Attached to: Can Online Reporting System Help Prevent Sexual Assaults On Campus?
"the website is not public" Of all places on the planet, a college is the LAST place I would expect this information to stay private ROFLMAO. Can you imagine how much fun it will be when your name gets leaked as having 312 rape complaints AND a record of a police interview for sex crimes? The frat at UVA sure had some fun clearing their name of an obviously made up rape claim.

Comment: Re:Jamming not Hacking (Score 1) 460

by deadweight (#49425299) Attached to: Planes Without Pilots
You are NOT sending an airplane to a different airport messing with the ILS. Making the large assumption you can send a false signal without the receiver on the other end just popping up an errror flag from 2 competing signals, you can make the plane go too far left - right - up -down in relation to the desired path to the runway and thus make it miss the runway and perhaps crash. Depending on what equipment was on the airplane, it would be more or less obvious to the pilot. If you are backing up the ILS with a GPS derrived glideslope it would be fairly obvious. You would have to be fairly close to the airport to do this. At least one airplane was wrecked with way in WW II by the Germans sneaking a transmitter near an airfield.

Comment: Re:What a stupid piece. (Score 1) 317

Peat bogs are the start of plants > coal. I am pretty sure we can make more in a billion years or so ;) In several sci-fi books, future people marvel that petroleum was once burned as fuel. In a few hundred years apparently it is vastly more valuable as a feedstock for organic chemical processes than as - horrors - just burning it LOL.

"If you want to eat hippopatomus, you've got to pay the freight." -- attributed to an IBM guy, about why IBM software uses so much memory