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Comment: Re:What a stupid piece. (Score 1) 317

Peat bogs are the start of plants > coal. I am pretty sure we can make more in a billion years or so ;) In several sci-fi books, future people marvel that petroleum was once burned as fuel. In a few hundred years apparently it is vastly more valuable as a feedstock for organic chemical processes than as - horrors - just burning it LOL.

Comment: Re:Auto-drive on treacherous sections? (Score 1) 341

Just got back from a trip to downtown Philadelphia. I ahd to get around parts of a wrecked car, a stalled truck, and then run a light that was on permanent red - after waiting for the other 20 people ahead of me to realize it was never going to change and do likewise. So how is Mr RoboCar going to do THAT? How long would it wait for a green light? Would it crash into a fender in the road or stop for a McDs bag?

Comment: Re:I feel for them... (Score 0) 273

We made do as an isolated militarily insignificant power from 1918 to 1941. In early December we learned how bad an idea that was. Policy from 1945 onwards has been to NEVER look so weak as to draw an attack. I know a whole bunch of people around the world wish the USA would be Canada - Southen Section, but that all changes when shit hits the fan and someone needs their ass saved (again).

Comment: Re:$30 Timex (Score 1) 389

You are not quite right on the depth rating. Granted I have never taken a watch below about 60 meters, but that rating is for static conditons, i.e. still water and not touching any controls. Being in rough water, surf, banging the watch around, etc. can all flood a watch well above the rated depth. 200 or 300 meter ratings have a real advantage when diving or surfing. That said, I tend to stick to the $30-$60 Casios and get my money's worth out of them.

Comment: Re:Last straw? (Score 1) 533

You need to read General Giap's book. He knew full well the North Vietnamese had not one hope in hell of beating the USA in a war. He said the war will be won on the streets of Washington DC, not in Vietnam. He was 100% correct. By being an ongoing large PITA that would not quit no matter how many times we kicked his ass combined with the war becoming massively unpopular back home, he knew sooner or later we would decide we had "won" enough times and go home. And we did.

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