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Comment Re:Good god. (Score 1) 253

My Toyota had the unintended acceleration issue. I made my way to the dealership with a lot of early upshifts to 5th, shutting off the engine, and banging the pedal with my foot. After about 15 minutes the mechanic and the manager came in to the waiting room trying very hard not to laugh. They held up my floor mat and pointed out how the frayed edge of it was tangling up in the gas pedal. One new floor mat and I was on my way :)

Comment Re:not the real question (Score 1) 200

The data connections on my boat use opto-isolators to keep any receiver of the GPS data from corrupting it or loading down the transmitter until the signal drops too low to be read. The LED-photo transistor pair is completely incapable of sending data two directions.

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