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Comment Re:Or just make the diesels hybrids (Score 1) 184

GENERAL Electric officially unveiled its prototype hybrid road switcher at Los Angeles Union Station on May 24, one of the first outings of a locomotive which GE says has taken five years and $250m to develop. Numbered 2010 to indicate the year when GE plans to roll out its first production hybrid loco, the 'Evolution Hybrid' looks and operates like a standard ES44 series loco but is equipped with on-board batteries to capture and store energy dissipated during dynamic braking. The stored energy is then at the disposal of the locomotive crew, and is able to provide an additional 2 000 hp for short periods before the batteries need recharging. GE estimates the stored energy should reduce fuel consumption and emissions by as much as 10% compared to the standard road switchers currently in production.

Comment Re:stop the handouts to the rich (Score 1) 444

I think you are talking "old money". I have old money relatives that look - on the surface - poorer than I am. I wouldn't be caught dead in one of their ratty old rustbucket Volvo 240s, but they have more money than God. The type I am talking about are engaged in an endless dick-waving contest and really need that extra $$ to be a little bit richer than their perceived competition. Think "Gordon Gecko" or the like.

Comment Re:memory loss defence? (Score 1) 602

I *would sign this* for the fun of it! You are so right. Sit down and crank the porn! You know I can't work without 3-women-and-2-donkey-porn running. Have issues with basic stuff like forgetting del *.* and dir are not the same commands. Forget your password about 300 times a day and open a ticket each time to get it reset. Don't shower the whole time. Etc Etc ROFLMAO

Comment Re:stop the handouts to the rich (Score 1) 444

Thread creep, but my dogs will do nothing of the kind with dog food. I really can't say what ONE of them would do with unlimited angus steak, but TWO or MORE of them will eat it as fast as they can to keep the other dog(s) from getting it. There is a metaphor in here somewhere, I think the overlord class sees money as a zero-sum game where they win if they get the most.

Comment Re:We trust what Uber says now? (Score 1) 103

Just so you know, your Randian paradise airline system was tried long ago. It killed so many people the better airlines were BEGGING the government to step in before this whole newfangled flying machine thing just collapsed and died due to public mistrust. $10,000,000 per SEAT? OMFG I am rolling on the floor. It is extraordinarily difficult to get 10% of that and most of my quotes are for $1,000,000 for the entire plane and that is instantly void the second I take off on a 135 flight absent the right certs. I happen to be certified myself to pilot 135 flights and it was not an easy thing to do. Look up "The day the music died" for the reason these rules were invented.

Comment Re:We trust what Uber says now? (Score 1) 103

1 - track record is I am not dead that you know of. 2 - My financials are not available to you and what that has to do with my airplane I am not sure. It has 2 wings and most of the paint is still on. Are you one of those demanding passengers that wants me to clean it too? 3 - I have no valid insurance because no insurance company in the world will cover part 135 or 121 flights done without proper 135/121 inspections and rated pilots.

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