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Comment: Re:The Station Wagon Was Killed by CAFE Standards (Score 1) 205

by deadweight (#47502747) Attached to: New Toyota Helps You Yell At the Kids
A friend of mine got an Odyssey once. We were all wanting to drive it when we thought he meant the Hondy off road ATV Odyssey thing. Once we found out it was a van we threatened to take his man card away forever. They DO have a stigma even though the thing was GREAT for hauling people and stuff and we all used it between insults LOL. OTOH I had a BMW station wagon that was just as fun to drive - if not more so - than the sedan version, good decent MPG, hauled ass, AND could haul a bunch'o crap. I loved that car :)

Comment: Re:Gots to find more ways to avoid taxes (Score 1) 533

by deadweight (#47469553) Attached to: Rand Paul and Silicon Valley's Shifting Political Climate
I take it you are unfamiliar with the history of coal miner unions? Corporations have used PLENTY of violence. You may want to look up The Battle of Blair Mountain. It got so out of hand the frigging ARMY had to go settle it down. Sample of what went on: Mining families lived under the terror of Baldwin-Felts detective agents who were professional strikebreakers under the hire of coal operators. During that dispute, agents drove a heavily armored train through a tent colony at night, opening fire on women, men, and children with a machine gun.[9] They would repeat this type of tactic during the Ludlow Massacre in Colorado the next year, with even more disastrous results.[10]

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by deadweight (#47112707) Attached to: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds
WHAT problem is very real? In my experience a bunch of nerds might be rude to women, but about the last people to be a physical threat to them. A lot of the "brogrammer" fake macho bullshit is very much a defensive reaction to being treated as invisible or an obstacle when they actually encounter real live females. They got no game, so they talk trash.....

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by deadweight (#47067035) Attached to: U.S. Drone Attack Strategy Against Al-Qaeda May Be Wrong
What you CAN do is make it MUCH harder to do day-to-day operations. If you know a phone call or email will result in a drone strike, you send letters by courier. You now have almost perfect security and also are running at 19th century speeds. Also note the really smart people are NEVER the ones blowing themselves up. If getting killed is the price for being Al Queda #2, then the best canditates will be looking to work at other firms.

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