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Comment Re:sunk costs are NO excuse (Score 1) 320

The Polish pilots flying for Britain would hang around the egress routes back to Germany and attack the homebound aircraft that were low on fuel and ammo. To the great annoyance of the RAF, the Poles didn't care so much for stopping them on the way in as killing as many as they could on the way out. I think the P-51 pilots likewise didn't fight the 262s in the air so much as attack them while they were taking off and landing. (digression, some people have the certs and plans for the Me-262 and FW-190 and were making sporadic attempts to build more. No idea how far they got)

Comment sunk costs are NO excuse (Score 5, Insightful) 320

Can we PLEASE cancel the F-35 and develop airplanes we can actually use? The F-35 reminds me of a sci-fi book where alien horde A has primitive ships, but a lot of them. They also are not too bright and throw more ships at every battle. Their enemies, alien horde B, keep coming up with new inventions and more amazing ships. Their ships get so expensive even losing a few bankrupts them and they surrender.

Comment Re:Why does the FBI continue to engage in witchcra (Score 2) 262

+100. I knew a girl - yes a girl, she was 1 16 year old intern - who quit a job at XXX agency because the polygraph operator was excessively interested in her masturbation habits. They couldn't have cared less about the male interns (rolls eyes)

Comment 5 to 60 (Score 1) 280

I just went from 5 to 60. it is very nice, now we can have two HD video streams, my work going on over VPN, my VOIP phone, and maybe a browser or two going in the house without issue. On 5 that was too much. I could get 100 but so far 60 handles everything. What is not mentioned is 1 GB fiber to every house does nothing if the other end of the connection sucks.

Comment Re:Good god. (Score 1) 253

My Toyota had the unintended acceleration issue. I made my way to the dealership with a lot of early upshifts to 5th, shutting off the engine, and banging the pedal with my foot. After about 15 minutes the mechanic and the manager came in to the waiting room trying very hard not to laugh. They held up my floor mat and pointed out how the frayed edge of it was tangling up in the gas pedal. One new floor mat and I was on my way :)

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