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Comment Speakers (Score 1) 433

Everyone rushes to the explanation of the DAC, skipping right past the analog signal converter found in every sound system. The speakers themselves. Sure the DAC rounds it all out, but then anything left (if any) is then pushed through a magnet and cone that then turns the recording into sound waves. Sound WAVES not sound STEPS.

Comment Who am I supposed to believe? (Score 0) 615

1) Some scientists believe there in NO Global warming.
2) Most scientists believe Global Warming is happening.
3) Among those, probably most believe that Man contributes to this warming.
4) Among those, even fewer believe than Man contributes a lot to global warming.
5) Many of that group believe Mans contribution is going to result in a catastrophe.

What I hear from these groups is:
1) The science is not completed. We need further study.
2) The science is not completed. We need further study.
3) The science is not completed. We need further study.
4) The science is not completed. We need further study. Start to become concerned and consider radical changes.
5) The science is complete. Panic. The other scientists are hacks, don't believe them. Radical changes NOW!

Who am I supposed to believe here?

Comment Re:Great and fair (Score 0) 500

Your bicycle, feet, and mass transit use the roads. AFAIK no mass transit system in America, and only a few in the world, makes a profit. So my tax dollars are subsidizing your ride on said mass transit. Kinda break even I would say, you pay for my car usage of the road, I pay for your bus.

Comment Re:all wrong questions (Score 0) 500

Seriously, the same folks that worry so about Orwellian 1984 style government have brought us the Nanny State. Fools can't even see that it is the same thing, and they created it. They sit here today supporting it, while in the same breath bemoaning that the conservatives want to control our lives. And since we obviously don't want that, vote for our Nanny State.


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