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Comment: Re:anyone who has your 16-digit card number (Score 2) 130

by deKernel (#48312583) Attached to: American Express Seeks To Swap Card Numbers For Secure Tokens

Actually CVV values are located in the track data which only proves you either have a copy of the card or the original. The second "fix" was CVV2 values which are printed on the back of the cards. This was to prove the card is in the hands of the person, but if that number has been comprised (which is darn easy) then all bets are off.

Comment: Re:Where do I sign up? (Score 1, Insightful) 327

There are several reasons why I would opt-out. First off, I could get a far better return if I had a professional invest that money. Second, I am not adding to a fund that Congress can "borrow from" whenever they want. Third, I abhor the idea that I am just adding to the massive atrocity called the Federal Government.

What really irritates me is that the monster has gotten to the point where it just can't go away because such a large percentage of our population has gotten so damn lazy that they now plan on relying on Social Security for their income during retirement.

Regarding the mortgage assertion....NOBODY FORCED YOU TO SIGN THE PAPERS!!!!!!!! When you sign up for debt, you pay it or pay the consequences.

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