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Comment Re:It is a waste of human effort (Score 1) 351

I am not talking about religious propaganda but normal business advertising. So you are telling me when you walk down the streets of any bigger city in Panama, Costa Rica or Mexico that you don't see business signs....opened a newspaper and not see business's coupons...or even opened the nice little pamphlet that the hotels place in the rooms telling about local recreation or restaurants?

To date, I have see all of the above in Belize, Guyana, countless Caribbean islands, Japan and Thailand.

Comment Re:It is a waste of human effort (Score 4, Insightful) 351

I am not sure if you are trolling or not, but I guess I will bite so here goes. I believe you have "highest" and "lowest" confused. The highest form of advertising is when you connect a buyer and a seller to which both strike a deal (purchase) that both feel satisfied. The lowest (your highest) is basically fraud where a seller completely misleads the buyer as to what they are going to purchase....and there are laws against such deals. If you truly feel that advertising is a "...disgusting artifact of our culture of greed..." then I can tell you have never been involved in actually starting/running/growing a business because without some form of advertising, typically it just won't happen. Now, you slam on capitalism is quite funny since there is a considerable amount of advertising in non-capitalistic countries...or haven't you been out much.

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