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Comment: Re:ummm (Score 1) 483 483

I think there is no way that you're going to be able to spread this system. If the system is even mildly expensive then people will realize what's going on fast enough (no pun intended) that after a few days nobody'll be speeding on that road and you won't get enough money for the next set up. While they will go the designated speed on that road/stretch/whatever, they'll make up the time by going faster on the others.

Comment: The only way they could've tested this... (Score 1) 267 267 if they invented a TIME MACHINE!! Alternatively they've been hiding their now-modern (previously hyper-advanced) computer in a cave and they've just now reached the 100 year mark. We need to start spelunking to find someone testing out a 500 Year SD Card...

Top Ten Things Overheard At The ANSI C Draft Committee Meetings: (5) All right, who's the wiseguy who stuck this trigraph stuff in here?