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Comment Re:What do non-IT people do? (Score 1) 479

i know that you have to wait some time before you connect me to a real male technician, so lets talk about us while we wait time to pass" (and other stupid things like that). The problem is that this thing may me o.k. between Greeks but i doubt it will be o.k. in many other countries.

"Excuse me Sir, can you confirm that you just asked to be connected to a Real Male Technician?, Thank you, **tappity tap** , In line with our terms and conditions we have cancelled your service with us. We don't accept customers who are Misogynistic Obnoxious Pigs, All our technicians are trained to the same exacting standards and gender plays no part in the level of service a customer will receive from our support desk. Thank you for being our customer and we hope you have better luck with your next choice of service provider"

Comment Dissappointed (Score 5, Interesting) 291

As an Australian, I am bitterly disappointed in my Government. Whilst the rest of the world is ramping up their climate protection measures, our government is ramping up their BIG Industry protection measures. This is the same government that believes that wind farms are an ugly blight on the landscape (and attempting to block many new farms) whilst allowing large coal mines to go ahead. Because a very quiet white propeller on a pole making no pollution is much more horrible to look at that a giant hole in the ground with dozens of house sized trucks dragging out overburden and dumping it in a giant dirty pile.

If you are worried about your access to coal is going to be reduced because your own Government is closing coal mines, don't worry! you can just come and buy a freighter load of coal for less than it costs to remove it from the ground!. And again, don't worry! the trucks used to extract the coal will have all the modern pollution preventing technologies applied to them.. so the environment will be protected.

Outside of the government there is an enormous ground swell of alternative energy research and technologies being installed by Joe Average in their own house.. Much to the governments disgust

Comment Re:Fellow travelers, and relax (Score 1) 293

I was on an overnight train between Cairo and Aswan in Egypt a couple of years ago. My passport was in my Pocket.. nice and safe. The passport of one of my traveling companions was in their backpack, on the shelf above their seat. In the morning they disocvered it gone. During the night, when we sleep, sombody had rifled through her bag and taken the passport and a few other things. (cant remember what else was taken).

The passport is the one thing you can loose when traveling that is going to cause serious inconvienence. without it you cant prove who you are. (Some non first world countries dont even ACCEPT non passport identification. so dont go trying to show off your drivers license issued in your home country.. )

Comment Surprisingly; I feel safer (Score 2) 381

I know its totally the wrong feeling to have, but when I see a CCTV camera I look around and feel safe.

The caveat on this is that I still see cameras in some places and think "OMG, They can see me naked!" But if I'm wandering around in (most) public places I find my brain thinking "Oh wow.. well, if I get roughened up by some nice gentlemen at least the police will be able to find the gents who did this to me and give them a stern talking to and a discouragment for that sort of future activity" [1]

I then feel guilty for thinking these 'safe' thoughts about CCTV cameras and wonder what the privacy and trust crazies [2] would think of me.

[1] please note: actual language used may infact me different.
[2] To be fair, most of the privacy and trust crazies I know are actually pretty damn fine people and ver down to earth.. except that one.. with the tin foil hat!.. DUDE! you arent fooling anybody!

Comment Re:Not really practical (Score 1) 180

Heating Material, any material, up to 420C, takes a large amount of energy and thus expense. If you can develop a microbe that will perform this operation without the massive amount of input energy then you can save a lot of money. I'm unsure what the time costs are but there would be an argument that throwing a microbe into a vat of Gold Chrloide for a week COULD be cheaper than the heat cycle.

Comment Re:I see a problem... (Score 5, Insightful) 96

In fact the little pieces of plastic are apparently microscopic pieces of plastic suspended in the entire water column over a vast area of ocean.
The author, from the documentary above, mentioned that he (she?) travelled to the alleged area to see the plastic and then learnt about the lack of visible suspended solids AND the problem with the local sea life drinking the water and filtering the plastic particles into their own systems.

Comment Popularity (Score 1) 525

Probably the best way is to be popular within the group or at least NOT unpopular. As a popular person, your manager will see you as sombody who gets along with everybody else. This is espeically important in a "Star Team" group where all members are performing brilliantly. The manager will look at the people who get along and rate them higher than the people who are a little different. The manager will grade down the 'unpopular' staff because they always seem to be in conflict or the naysayers or such.

The above was my personal experience. I learnt pretty quickly in my career that I didnt really "fit in". whilst I got the work done I always got lower gradings on these kinds of things.

I would like to say that its something you can change but often its not somethign you can conciously change. Its your personality. it's who you are. there is no real changing of that. The reality is probably that the only way you could improve your rateing is move to a department where there are people less popular than you.

Hmm. wow that sounds really dodgey, doesnt it! :) Excuse me, I have to go and put in a job application that's just come up on the companys internal job board.


Sci-Fi/Fantasy Artist Jean 'Moebius' Giraud Dies At 73 64

Dr Herbert West writes: "According to io9, 'Today is an incredibly sad day for fans of comic books, concept art, and downright anything science fiction. Artist Jean 'Moebius' Giraud, who provided some of the most stunning scifi and fantasy art ever to grace a page, has succumbed to illness at the age of 73.' It's pretty hard to overstate the impact he had on film, comic books, and illustration in general. You can name most any fantasy or science fiction related piece of culture from the last 30 or 40 years, and chances are he provided concept art for it or was involved in some way. Alien, Dune, Heavy Metal, Tron (original AND the new one), The Abyss, Masters of the Universe, The Fifth Element, Willow... the list goes on. With the recent passing of Ralph McQuarrie, it's been a tough week for scifi and fantasy artists."

Solar Car Speed Record Smashed 72

An anonymous reader writes with word from Australia that "There's a new world record for the fastest solar-powered land vehicle: 88 km/h average speed over one kilometre in a lightweight car that uses about the same power as a toaster." As the article goes on to explain, this solar racer, built last year by students from the University of New South Wales, managed to nab that speed record earlier this month on an Australian navy base airstrip.

200 Students Admit Cheating After Professor's Online Rant 693

Over 200 University of Central Florida students admitted to cheating on a midterm exam after their professor figured out at least a third of his class had cheated. In a lecture posted on YouTube, Professor Richard Quinn told the students that he had done a statistical analysis of the grades and was using other methods to identify the cheats, but instead of turning the list over to the university authorities he offered the following deal: "I don't want to have to explain to your parents why you didn't graduate, so I went to the Dean and I made a deal. The deal is you can either wait it out and hope that we don't identify you, or you can identify yourself to your lab instructor and you can complete the rest of the course and the grade you get in the course is the grade you earned in the course."

Could CA Violent Game Law Lead To an Industry Exodus? 142

donniebaseball23 writes "Oral arguments for the California games law are set to begin on November 2. It's a hugely important court case for the industry, and if the Supreme Court sides with the legislators it could lead to an exodus of talent from the games business, says one attorney. 'Certainly less games would be produced and there would be a corresponding job loss,' said Patrick Sweeney, who leads the Video Game practice at Reed Smith LLP. 'But I expect the impact will likely be significantly deeper. I believe the independent development community would be severely impacted. Innovation, both from a creative and technological aspect, would also be stifled. The companies, brands and individuals that we should be embracing as the visionaries of this creative and collaborative industry will migrate their talents to a more expressive medium.' Meanwhile, Dr. Cheryl K. Olson, author of Grand Theft Childhood, notes that even if California gets its way, it could backfire."

Australian Politician Caught Viewing Porn 150

destinyland writes "An Australian Parliament member has resigned after admitting he'd used government computers to access porn and gambling sites. McLeay 'gave an uncomfortable press conference outside Parliament House,' notes one technology site, 'during which he admitted he had acted in a standard not expected of cabinet ministers.' Paul McLeay was also the Minister for Mineral and Forest Resources as well as the Minister for Ports and Waterways. In resigning, he apologized to his constituents and parliamentary colleagues, as well as to his wife and family."

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