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Comment: Already being done for autoimmune disorders (Score 1) 32

by dcraw999 (#43093843) Attached to: Programming Immune Cells To Treat Disease
Re-training your immune system not to overreact to the environment started in the early 70s in the UK and is know as EPD and is still practiced. It was refined for North America usage due to the FDA laws and is known here as LDA (http://www.drshrader.com/lda_therapy.htm). It's a different method than above to teach your immune cells the difference between friend and foe, but with the same goal/results in mind.

Comment: Deductions & Don't use a CPA (Score 1) 293

by dcraw999 (#41328739) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: When Is It a Good Idea To Incorporate?
Taking lots of business-related deductions on a schedule-c supposedly makes you more likely to get audited. However, your earnings & deductions under a corporate tax return are small relative to the universe of corporate returns making an audit highly unlikely. So bottom line - if you plan on taking business deductions, go the corporate route. You can probably save enough going the s-corp route by taking some of your comp in dividends to pay for the "accountant" person doing your corporate tax return & quarterly stuff. Look for small business accountants who are not CPAs - you'll get the same work done and pay less. You really don't need a CPA when you're small. Call around and tell them your expected revenues and that you'll want them to prepare "all the quarterlies" and the corporate tax return. You can do your own personal taxes by dropping the k-1 income from the corp onto your 1040. My guess is that you could find someone to do that for about $500/yr.

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