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Comment: Re:fight it out in court (Score 1) 481

I propose something else: all police wear cameras and audio recording 100% of the time, and a zero tolerance for police who do not adhere to the law, and dismissal/criminal charges are the outcome. Any police officer who turned off his recording stuff is presumed to be lying.

Remove the ability to turn the cameras off. Same with the ability to erase what has been recorded. Anything less than that is just inviting abuse.

Comment: Re:So they got their reservation using deception? (Score 1) 1007

by dcollins117 (#48244185) Attached to: Creationism Conference at Michigan State University Stirs Unease

Would you silence a dissenting view?

I would not. I would let them to speak in public so that everyone can see what idiots they are, and sieze the opportunity to mercilessly ridicule them.

I am reminded of a similar situation several years back when the Smith College Republicans invited Ann Coulter to spout her particular brand of idiocy on campus. "Coincidently", that night Tristan Taormino was also invited on campus to discuss her book The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women. There's something unmistakably brilliant, almost poetic, about that particular juxtaposition.

I implore the students at MSU to not miss this wonderful opportunity for levity.

Comment: Re:Performance issues? (Score 1) 170

The inner partitions with awful performance are where my media goes (movies, music, photos).

Hmm. I keep my media (movies, music, & photos) on an external USB drive. It's probably the slowest of all my storage devices and it works just fine. I'm sure there are higher latencies than your setup but I certainly never noticed them.

Comment: Re:Yeah yeah (Score 4, Insightful) 114

As a bonus, putting these criminals in jail will also most likely stop all this complaining about a prisoner shortage.

I have a better idea. Why don't we put police who routinely break the law by conducting warrantless searches in the vacant jail cells. Two birds, one stone.

Comment: Re:Public safety is not the issue (Score 4, Insightful) 284

by dcollins117 (#48163463) Attached to: FBI Director Continues His Campaign Against Encryption

The issue is the balance between public safety and personal privacy.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches is not just a nice idea, it is codified by the founding fathers as a fundamental principle differentiating this country from others..

The only "issue" is whether you agree with this principle, or not.

Comment: Re:Competition urgently needed (Score 1) 149

by dcollins117 (#48143035) Attached to: ISPs Violating Net Neutrality To Block Encryption

As long as the ISPs retain monopoly positions, they will be able to do as they please (or as the NSA pleases to make them do).

I'm hopeful that wireless speeds will continue to increase and become more reliable. If I can connect with my neighbors, and they can connect with their neighbors and so on, we have the beginnings of a decentralised network. The sooner the companies relying on monopolistic control of wired internet access become irrelevant, the better.