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Comment Do a real test (Score 1) 265 265

If they really want to prove this they'll need to operate some kind of traffic meter on the iPhone itself, and compare that to what is reported by the carrier - but I suspect you'd have to jailbreak the phone to make that work.
And if you're going that far, you should monitor what services are generating the traffic - could just be service bloat on the phone which is no fault of the carrier unless they provide the specific build.

Comment Re:Not enough products (Score 1) 195 195

I think you are confusing the prevalence of deduplication in backup and retention with in-line deduplication of live data as it is accessed.

The algorithms to deduplicate data are one thing when you are looking at a backup window or replication cycle, but implementing them with a negligible enough impact on storage IO latency is another story entirely.

Comment Re:This is for hard disks (Score 1) 186 186

VMware's technology you are referring to is called Transparent Page Sharing, if you want to look it up.
To my knowledge they're the only major Hypervisor to have this for Windows VMs, and it is a huge contributor to their VM density leadership; I'm not sure if other Linux-based Hypervisors implement something for Linux VMs

Comment 'Real Workloads' (Score 2, Informative) 292 292

What a misleading term - I know of companies using Enterprise SSD in production precisely because it's financially sound for them to utilise the ridiculous speed improvement it provides.

Sure, it's not a lot of companies that are using this yet, but as longevity increases with better garbage collection and write-spreading algorithms as well as stabilty and feature set through maturing software and firmware it's closer than you think.

For clarity, the product wasn't SSD behind SATAII, it was FusionIO's PCI devices.

Comment Where's the XP comparison? (Score 1) 1 1

It's very nice of them to let us know that Windows 7 joins the ranks of such illuminaries as my old lawnmower and Grandmother's golfcart as better than Vista for gaming, but the real comparison is whether it's worth finally leaving XP.
Inquiring minds want to prepare for bit chomping should it be required.

Comment Having done the same thing coming from New Zealand (Score 1) 836 836

Things to watch out for:
*The cost of living varies greatly from country to country in Europe. Decide what you are here for as part of your planning. Experience, travel, savings?
*If you have a spouse or partner coming with you, some countries have unexpected pitfalls in various other industries (my partner is a teacher, tricky with qualifications and security checks)
*Contact reputable recruiters before you set your heart on a country/city. I found it best to get a few phone interviews before making my decision.
*Gatting your Visas can vary from 2 weeks to a year, depending on who and where. Plan ahead early.
*In my personal opinion, London is a good place to start. Preparation for the Olympics is in the mindset and there seems to be a lot of project work heading into the market. On the down side, people tend to get stuck there.
*Recognition of qualifications is a largely hit and miss affair it seems, particularly university degrees.
*Don't under estimate the benefits of starting off going to stay with a friend - not blowing your savings on rent because it takes you longer than expected to get your first job earning the Euro/Pound/whatever is much more important that you might think.
*Trawl the net for examples of localised resume/cv - experience has shown me that expectations vary from country to country.

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