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Comment: Re:But... Ummm... (Score 1) 60

by dc8e6589a1e4fb80f1f8 (#34581608) Attached to: Calculator Networking With CALCnet and Doors CS

TI's advantage is in their software. Anyone who has actually tried to get through a math course using a general-purpose computer knows what I'm talking about. Sure, Maple, Matlab, and Mathematica will all compute faster on my $300 netbook than my $200 TI-89, but it's so much easier to enter the equation into the TI, the total time spent is less.

If anyone has had a different experience, please share with me your resources for learning how to use the software.

(It's not like I'm bad with computers, either; one time I found it easier to write a C++ program than learn the equivalent Maple code.)

Comment: Re:It doesn't matter... (Score 1) 355

by dc8e6589a1e4fb80f1f8 (#27516457) Attached to: Climate Engineering As US Policy?

Usually, the intelligence agencies do warantless wiretapping behind closed doors on people they know to be criminals. They at least try to cover it up and pretend to obey the constitution. Bush blatantly disobeyed the constitution and blatantly spied on his own people. Obama attacked this policy yet continued it. Of course, it's not like the federal government seizing new powers in violation of the constitution is anything new either. Lincoln suspended habeas corpus.

Comment: Re:Obama Policies Will Bankrupt USA Tsarkon Report (Score 1) 160

by dc8e6589a1e4fb80f1f8 (#27340679) Attached to: Pwn2Own 2009 Winner Charlie Miller Interviewed

You're making conservatives look like rabid nutsos every time you mention "conspirators" or a left-wing media. You're making conservatives look like rabid nutsos every time you troll on Slashdot.

Also, the USA is already bankrupt and has been for decades. Look how much national debt Obaba inherited.

I know I shouldn't feed the trolls and I'll get modded -1 Offtopic, but I just don't care all that much about my Slashdot karma score.

"There... I've run rings 'round you logically" -- Monty Python's Flying Circus