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Comment Re:Raised cycle paths (Score 1) 258

You might be thinking of the High Line in New York. They converted an unused section of elevated rail line into a scenic pedestrian walkway/park: Looks pretty cool. Cycling isn't allowed, but the same concept would work for bike paths.

Comment Re:Oh the irony (Score 1) 111

The host name is provided by the client during the TLS negotiation. If the server were to go first, so-to-speak, it might have to send hundreds or more host names if it's hosting a lot of sites, and that would be slow and an ugly information leak (to be able to hit one IP address and discover all of the sites behind it).

Comment Re:As a recent buyer of a mid-2014 MBP (Score 1) 204

Happened to me a long time ago, but even worse. Just two months after buying my first new MacBook Pro, Apple switched from PowerPC to Intel. I still feel slighted about that, but I got 6 years of good use out of it. Still works fine as long as it's plugged in. And the software is horribly out of date, of course.

Comment Not as bad as I initially thought (Score 1) 135

I know it's dangerous to base opinions on summaries, but the summary says "during recovery mode boots". So, at least it doesn't seem to be as bad as autorunning files on a usb stick, which used to be pretty common.

It is certainly a serious vulnerability, but considering the number of times I've done a recovery mode boot, I'm not overly concerned about it.

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