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Comment: Re:Oh good Lord (Score 1) 426

by dbitter1 (#48795263) Attached to: Chevrolet Unveils 200-Mile Bolt EV At Detroit Auto Show

Wow... Mr AC, you are missing so many aspects of Tesla. I don't disagree... they DO have style... but there are other aspects...

The P85D has a 3.2s 0-60. The "launch" as it is called is, literally, breathtaking... there are no jumps as you'd grind through gears on a standard transmission, and the only noise is a quiet hum. You are smashed into your seat with about 0.9 - 1.3G acceleration (depending on whose equipment you are using) for nearly the whole time. Yes, there are ICE vehicles that destroy that, but they cost ~$800+K. Please... someone show me a mass manufactured ICE for $140 that does that.

The car gets software updates for new features and functionality- most for FREE. Some for safety... a small concern with an isolated battery fire, and they retrofitted the fleet with titanium armor on parts of the battery pack. Yes, it is an armored car.

If you get the "tech package" option you can adjust suspension automatically. Bottom out on a parking ramp? Fix it once, the car will remember to raise itself via GPS the next time you are there.

The high end cars are all racing for autopilot... take a look at what Tesla has done. The street vehicles don't have all the parts, but the hardware is there, and they are getting closer each day.

See my comment above on the Supercharger network. Free power, at an obnoxiously high charge rate (up to ~120KW), at hundreds of places around the world. Road trips are no problem, without ever setting foot in a gas station.

And to your point the Model S qualifies for the highest end "Luxury" category of Uber in cities that do it (like LA).

Comment: Re:Auto Dealerships to distribute the Big 3 autos. (Score 4, Informative) 426

by dbitter1 (#48792681) Attached to: Chevrolet Unveils 200-Mile Bolt EV At Detroit Auto Show

which seems poised to place this vehicle in front of more potential customers than the Tesla.

Meh. Tesla sells every single car it makes and has a waitlist backlog months (or years for the M/X) long. That is with NO advertising. Whoopdy do, more eyes.

Additionally, Tesla has the (current) checkmate of the supercharger network. I know that likely won't be free to the M/3, but I assure you it does a great job of squelching range anxiety... something the other guys remain hobbled by.

And for the commuters... I welcome *ANY* (safe) electrical vehicle at any price range. We will fix the coal/gas power plants later, and it will be transparent. Lets get these ICE cars out of here. WAAAY too much energy lost in the ICE reaction. Especially for city driving, regenerative braking is a lifesaver... think of not only individual vehicles, but city busses... large vehicles ideally suited for high torque electrical motors, where regenerative braking can recover a lot of that.

Comment: Re:environment (Score 1) 525

by dbitter1 (#48499399) Attached to: Montana Lawmakers Propose 85 Mph Speed Limit On Interstates

Just out of curiosity, what were you driving?

It makes the point that some cars are safer at 120MPH+ than others are at 50. Even driving on the... uh... high end of US limits in my car (A4 3.2) was night and day in feel and road handling from driving my wife's car (embarrassing Honda) at half the speed. I would shudder to drive something like a Cadillac where everything is hidden from you in handling; I'd be dead in a ditch before I broke 75.

Comment: Re:Montana used to have no speed limit at all... (Score 1) 525

by dbitter1 (#48499295) Attached to: Montana Lawmakers Propose 85 Mph Speed Limit On Interstates

In the days of no [Montana] speed limit, it was enforced... a $5 "excess fuel consumption" ticket. You could only get one a day, and you'd tape it to your window to let the other fine law enforcement folks know you'd paid your tax for the day.

But to answer your question, yes, there is a buffer. The amount varies by jurisdiction, and of course, you can spend time fighting any ticket if you want. One famous example was a person busted by Laser radar, and they took it to court... the device was not calibrated. They had them point it at a wall, and it read "3 MPH". The defense attorney asked the prosecuting attorney to go touch the wall and verify that it was indeed, not moving. Case dismissed.

Comment: Re:Pretty obvious (Score 1) 115

by dbitter1 (#47697571) Attached to: Feds: Red Light Camera Firm Paid For Chicago Official's Car, Condo

LOL. You must not live here, or be really obtuse.

First... the three seconds thing... nope, they aren't actually 3s. "somehow" they are slightly shorter:


Next... the "majority" of situations are, technically, illegal... but I'd take a lot more reservation than you do about "dangerous and inconsiderate". Nearly all the violations are right-hand-turn-on-red. It is .... uh... coincidental how many of the RLC-protected intersections have NTOR signs... and very seldom ever do they not. I suppose you could argue this is for "safety", but it is still very coincidental. Most of them are VERY easy intersections, where you can clearly see traffic coming with no complications whatsoever.

The whole RLC deal stinks. The speed cameras are worse. Yes, they may improve safety in some situations. But in the majority, it is a revenue grab.

Comment: Re:last days of broadcast tv (Score 1) 169

by dbitter1 (#45856549) Attached to: ABC Kills Next-Day Streaming For Non-Subscribers

Have you seen https://www.simple.tv/ ? Not free, yes, but breaks the bonds of Tivo, and a great start to commercializing the concept of a custom DVR. Easy enough for my mom to understand.

(And I have no ownership interest in the company nor do I get any commissions from saying this. Just want to help nail the lid on cable TV)

Comment: Re:so besides all that (Score 1) 161

by dbitter1 (#44695705) Attached to: Tesla Model S REST API Authentication Flaws

The advantage of electric motors, which you allude to, is that the max power (150 kw, 200 hp, whatever) is available immediately, rather than only once engine revs climb high enough like in a petrol engine.

Nitpick - The torque on an electric motor vs RPM varies significantly based on winding type. For some motors, like a DC series-wound, you have an incredible amount of torque at 0 RPM (which is why they are used for starter motors). There are others - such as AC synchronous motors- that have nearly any torque at startup, and are usually built with a second motor on the same shaft to try to get the unit turning under load. Given a constant power source (i.e. voltage) the internal resistance (and hence current draw, and hence, by definition, power) will vary over RPM.

That said, on average, I think we all agree the torque curve is WAY more impressive than either a diesel or a gasoline engine (both of which have different torque curves).

Comment: Uhm... not really impressive (Score 5, Interesting) 207

by dbitter1 (#44476653) Attached to: MIT Students Release Code To 3D-Print High Security Keys

Former locksmith here. The Primus (and nearly all of the other high security keys) are simply relying on patent protection to keep people from duplicating the keys. Any locksmith worth his/her salt already has key machines that could reproduce them onto a chunk of brass (worst case) or just onto a normal key blank.

If you want to see something that would impress me, look at a German company - DOM - that has a design that includes a floating ball bearing in the key, which is integral to making the lock work. If they could make THAT with a printer, I'd be impressed.

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