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Comment: Re:Racism gotten to the point (Score 5, Informative) 474

by dbet (#42790853) Attached to: Racism In Online Ad Targeting
Uh, no. Race exists in all species, it is a subdivision of that species, just like species is a subdivision of a genus. In dogs we call them breeds. Where the boundaries lie between races is somewhat arbitrary. Between these groups, physical and biological differences are the rule, not the exception. If it helps you to call them "ethnicities", go right ahead, because those differences are smaller but still exist.

This doesn't mean an individual is defined by his or her race, only that they tend toward different means than those of other races. Nor does it excuse discrimination under the law, or treating members of some races poorly simply because they're a member of that race.

This is scientific, biological reality. Even if all the races died except for one, in 50,000 years there would be multiple races again, provided different populations were allowed to separate entirely for a while.

Comment: Re:Wrong (Score 3, Informative) 307

by dbet (#42718403) Attached to: How Proxied Torrents Could End ISP Subpoenas
Not necessarily. Keep in mind they never go after "doanloaders", only uploaders. It's just that with torrents, they've made the argument that everyone in the swarm is an uploader.

Also, if 2 people share a file, there are several nodes between them that also share that file, but no one is ever sued except the end user. With a place like Torrent tracker sites, they've made the argument that they of course know they're trading illegal files, that they have received take-down requests and ignored them. Even places like Youtube are expected to ban things on request.

Now enter proxy torrenting. Who do they send a take-down request to? Even if they can pin an upload to a specific address, they need to show that you knew you were trading "The Avengers" which you almost certainly didn't.

It's a legal mountain.

Comment: Re:The exception proves the exception (Score 1, Flamebait) 506

by dbet (#42599605) Attached to: Missouri Republican Wants Violent Video Game Tax
Yes, the U.S. has lots of gun deaths.

This is an acceptable price of having the freedom to own guns.

Just like there is lots of domestic violence. This is the price of the freedom of cohabitation.

There's no problem with violence in America. It's going down. Steadily. For years.

You can drop it even more if you end the drug war.

We like guns. And we hate child murder. Anyone would. But we just don't think we ought to do ANYTHING POSSIBLE to prevent it.

You can't even prevent violence in prisons where ALL your rights are suspended.

Reasonable steps to limit violence are a good thing, but we're already taking them, and THEY WORK.

So chill.

Comment: Re:I'm still trying to wrap my brain around... (Score 2) 346

by dbet (#42147167) Attached to: FBI Dad's Misadventures With Spyware Exposed School Principal's Child Porn
I'm trying to wrap my brain around how a principal could be so stupid. It's a public computer that gets passed around. I wouldn't look at *regular* porn on that thing. Nor would I visit a banking web site (yes it's HTTPS, but boot keyloggers exist).

"Pull the trigger and you're garbage." -- Lady Blue