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Comment Patents acquired by illegal behavior (Score 2) 61

Microsoft was convicted of committing monopolization in the PC arena. During the time frame of their illegal activity they surely submitted patents with ill gained money or people or knowledge. I think Motorola should bring this up in court. Its like a bank robber taking the stolen money and investing it. The bank robber gets caught and convicted... and spends some time on parole then ends up keeping all its ill gained investments along with interest. That this not right. The money and property obtained by a criminal activity should be taken away from the criminal. Plus, as part of the settlement with the US government Microsoft was required to open some of its application interfaces to competitors. That part may have been done to some degree, but more likely the argument could be made that Microsoft is capitalizing off of illegal behavior from the past and its settlement doesn't didn't go far enough.

Comment its not a backdoor its a peephole (Score 1) 450

Bush says we don't torture..
and we did. so its not a backdoor... its ah... a peephole.... or something. and ya Microsoft didn't put it in.... cause then some employees there would know too much and have to be ... ehmmm rebooted. Instead they allowed the peephole to be put in. And they can honest say they didn't do it, nor do they know anything about it... its not torture... I mean a backdoor cause the defination of that is nothing that anyone else would think it means. No matter... I'm a Mac.

Comment Re:Microsoft about to kill another industry? (Score 1) 465

yes so true. MS doesn't mind coming out with a weak product... It makes current Vendors feel safe... they mock it. But little by little the MS product takes over... usually not because its better, but rather its free or bundled or way cheaper. But... then MS did create the Virus protection industry by creating such a crapy OS.

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