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Comment: Re:Hahah (Score 1) 13

The attitude sort of makes sense coupled with the weird sig - not being able to tell the difference between science and economics so not being able to make sense of juvenile versus adult criminal treatment goes with the territory.
Yes it's a personal attack but you wanted big boy games with consequences didn't you?

Comment: Oh really now? (Score 1) 442

by dbIII (#49604633) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold
Very strong words - why exactly? Would you like high school CS teachers to discuss porn with their students or do you have some other motivation for your sad attempt at bullying me?
It's not the time, place or the person that should be trusted with doing it. By sheer co-incidence I'm currently reading a biography of a radio "shock-jock" who was driven out of high school teaching for having frank discussions about sex with his high school students until 3am (and other stuff that was suspected but not proven). It's not something that should be encouraged since teachers have so much influence over their students.

Comment: Re:give it up (Score 1) 32

We could also just as accurately say that Goldman Sachs stole the Greek economy among many other things.
I suppose it could always be argued that the Greek government didn't have to follow their advice, and that "sharp practice" is the American way that they should have been wary of - but it isn't what is supposed to be the American way is it?
It's the same with proposing to jail a copyright infringer for longer than a rapist or armed robber - something to be ashamed of. Just because Goldman Sachs execs like to act and think like the English nobility of the 1700s and splash money around to get mere elected representatives to do their bidding is no reason to treat those they see as their enemies as worse than the enemies of society that actually deserve to be locked up (murderers etc).

Comment: It does show the full image for me as number 4 (Score 1) 442

by dbIII (#49604291) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold
Incorrect. Image number 4 for me in a search for "lena soderberg" was this:

Don't bother with the long URL just do the search yourself.
So a fuckup by the teacher. Maybe an irrelevant storm in a teacup but the image does come up.

Comment: Kids today! (Score 1) 442

by dbIII (#49603573) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold
I got a good laugh out of your "grow up" post in response to a teacher's obvious fuckup in telling kids slightly younger than yourself to do a classroom google search for something that's likely to lead to Playboy magazine. It's pretty good advice kid, but you should try following it yourself before unleashing such a torrent of shit on someone who's just posting about an amusing classroom fuckup.

You're not a kid? Why haven't you grown up mentally then? Why are you picking on little girls?

Comment: Re:Dumb stuff (Score 1) 442

by dbIII (#49603549) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold
If it was Runaway1956's "girl on beach" in the same pose etc and you'd managed to get it in a gallery they'd have no problems bringing school groups into the gallery.
Since it's a Playboy centrefold that brings in extra baggage and implied support of that baggage, which in a school setting just sends the kids off into Bevis and Butthead mode.
The only fuckup was getting the kids to search for the image instead of supplying it.
The "they don't like their own bodies" is way off the planet since the whole discussion is about some kid finding it funny that his homework is from a centrefold.

Comment: Not the face (Score 1) 442

by dbIII (#49603501) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold
Looks like people aren't even bothering to read the summary before posting "with certainty" these days.
A teacher fucked up and told them to search. They didn't just get the "face", they got the info that it was a centrefold and suddenly all the baggage that comes with that became an issue. Storm in a teacup but even if taken seriously it's still very different to "That any classroom that has a woman's face in it is a hostile work environment" deliberate idiocy.

Comment: Come on guys stop acting stupid (Score 1) 442

by dbIII (#49603487) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold
It was cute for the first hundred posts pretending to be stupid, but then it just got old.
Of course the entire point is it's from a Playboy centrefold and the kids googled for it, then went into Bevis and Butthead mode.
The "if your precious snowflake cant handle the image of a beautiful womans face wearing a hat" tripe is missing the point by so far it may as well be on the moon.

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