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Comment Re:Troll (Score 1) 537 537

No, the secret is to take that money from a primary industry and spend it in ways that benefit the country.
Scotland is also "a small, homogeneous population" with "lots of offshore oil" but the oil money was used to finance a shift of the UK as a manufacturing economy to England as a service economy with a focus on financial services. One approach was a success for many and the other made a small percentage of the people in one part of the UK very very rich.
It could be argued that neither the "Socialist" or "Tory" ideology had anything to do with the difference - merely the difference between acting in the interest of the Nation instead of the interests of some individuals the rulers owe favours to. Good governance versus running things like a fabled jungle despot - the "ism" doesn't have much to do with it.

So the Norwegians with "a small, homogeneous population" did OK but the Scottish were so badly screwed over that their arses are still spouting blood decades later.

Comment Re:Why is that illegal? (Score 1) 224 224

The old situation of managing a problem (eg. hiring more telephone switchboard operators) to providing a solution to a problem (eg. automatic phone exchange). With a vast majority of management from the ranks of accountants, economists etc instead of a technical background it's really obvious that the former is what is usually going to happen.

Comment Re:HIPAA is irrelevant... attacks are past stoppin (Score 2) 60 60

It was the same guy that put an open drink can down on a large live UPS after someone let him into the server room so it's possible that stupidity has killed him by now.
Turns out the "new" phone system is a ten year old model - so telnet in with no password to change the settings and he wanted us to unblock and port forward telnet to the thing. I wonder if he convinced someone else in another place and who is getting free calls out of diverting through hacked phone systems?

So yes, these sort of people are around trying to convince anyone who will listen to punch huge holes through security to make it easier for them to support their crap devices. See the Target hack via an alarm system as an example.

Comment Playing the Trump card (Score 1) 102 102

I lost around 200 bitcoins in the first "crash"; it was very early on. Not widely reported.

I hope this guy spends some time in the slammer.

People also forget that such things happen with more than just Bitcoins. I wonder how much was lost when "The Donald" had his crash, and then somehow lept back up as rich as before as if he had just moved other people's money into a secret account.
There are a lot of such crooks about.

Comment Outcome as expected (Score 1) 102 102

Given the mass incompetence of how Gox was run

If people didn't mangle the name there should be no surprise - it's "MT GOX" as in "Magic The Gathering Online eXchange" - a card trading site for fucks sake people.
Typos like the one in the summary ("mount" Gox) and people referring to it as Gox without knowing why are part of the confusion that led to a reputation the site did not deserve. Hobby level bitcoin stuff behaved as expected. "Mass incompetence" in only perceived by people that thought it was a bank or some other thing it is not. It's like accusing a terrier for being incompetent because it can't do a drum solo.

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