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Comment Re:Actually, the common saying... (Score 0) 333

Actually it is what drove me to linux. Due to a sound bug I never managed to properly shut down Win95, it would bluescreen on exit when playing the default exit sound. I only found that out in hindsight long after I had given up on it and moved on to better things.
Start me up ... it makes a grown man cry.
There was a long list of other things that rendered it a disappointment compared with OS/2, Macs, linux and even Ataris and Amigas FFS. I powered up an old laptop at work with Win95 on it last year and that reminded me of what a pile of shit it was - and ugly too.

Comment Now that is bullshit! (Score 1) 740

systemd is not an init system. It's a service manager. Mischaracterization makes your opinions seem ignorant.

Nothing more hilarious than "correcting" someone and getting it wrong!

Don't take it from me - cure your ignorance by reading what Lennart wrote about his init system at the early stages:

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 740

PulseAudio didn't work for your specific case.

PulseAudio does not work for a lot of specific cases and has very poor logging to solve those specific cases.
Hence it's reputation.
Hence Lennart's reputation.

and cope with such incredibly complicated and unlikely edge cases like plugging in headphones.

Or PulseAudio plugging in a monitor - oh wait - the ALSA situation was easy to fix if it happened and not a showstopper with not even an error message.

I certainly haven't had a problem with it on any machine in the past 5 years.

A few years after Lennart moved his focus to systemd.
That alone should show why some do not trust systemd yet.

Comment Re:Lead the horse to the source (Score 1) 1037

I think no one can disagree that you are inexperienced.

What an utterly pathetic shotgun attempt at bullying in the hope you hit someone younger. I suspect that if you had studied harder you could have had what was required to enrol so that I could teach you a few things about engineering a couple of years before slashdot started - that's how ridiculously far off the mark you are.

Comment Re:a fucking mess... (Score 1) 740

All so RH can sell a few more support contracts to the corporate world

The corporate world is still on RHEL5 where X is as fast as it should be or on RHEL6 where at least the applications still work even if they are not as quick remotely. The newer stuff with systemd isn't yet on the radar for vendors that have corporate software that wants to do stuff with "init" even if it is just to check if the software is licenced.

Comment Re:Security (Score 1) 740

The only linux server I saw that had been rooted was one where the lazy software developer that ended up looking after it decided to give every email user a full shell, let users have three letter passwords, let it be accessed by ssh from anywhere, put a compiler on it and fucked up the permissions of config files ("chmod a+rwx /etc/*") so that he didn't have to switch to root or sudo to edit them. Luckily about the first thing the script kiddies did with it was portscanned another machine that was under adult supervision, so it was found before becoming a spambot.

So that's what on earth people can do to get their machines rooted - be idiots five times over.

On the MS side there was the patch that made MS Exchange an open mail relay by default, so you only had to be an idiot once over in that case, and unfortunately the contractor was that.

With systemd I'm starting to think that being an idiot once over will be enough as well.

Comment Re:Security (Score 1) 740

In a couple weeks there won't even be a way to get it running on Chrome, if you want to.

Yes I keep getting "the internet is broken and this PDF file is broken" from a couple of people that will not use anything other than Chrome. If it wasn't for all that malware out there taking advantage of shit Adobe and other code having a fallback "dangerous mode" would make sense.

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