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Comment: Re:Nope. Not happening. (Score 1) 100

by db10 (#49687451) Attached to: Is Big Data Leaving Hadoop Behind?

I would strongly disagree. In 1995 relational theory and practice was well understood by a large set of developers and had stable, well documented implementations. Raw Hadoop and the associated computational model is not at that level of stability, documentation and usability. In addition the relational model applies to many business problems, large and small. Hadoop is generally applicable and cost efficient only for larger, more complex problems.

you can't strongly anything as an AC, sorry buddy

Comment: Promises (Score 0) 263

by db10 (#46342665) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: When Is a Better Career Opportunity Worth a Pay Cut?
Don't be a fool, you expect what you consider you're worth, what they say they consider you're worth. It may be a gamble on future successes, but ensure a rock solid piece of the future pie if you go that route. A smiley face, promises, and a handshake doesn't mean jack shit in the real world. You can, and will, take that to the bank.

Comment: Re:Fuck Beta (Score 1) 255

by db10 (#46193619) Attached to: Big Pharma Presses US To Quash Cheap Drug Production In India
You are a fool. Persistence is the only strategy that works, and it's an honest strategy because users are passionate about this site. You want people to complain for a bit, and then fade away. Many have been on this site for over a decade, and expect some reciprocation of the loyalty for their contributions to the site over the years. Again, you are a fool and a buffoon sir. Good night.

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